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In the following tutorial, you will learn how to unstack artwork in Procreate. This is a really useful technique for any project, as it will help you to organize your artwork according to your needs.

What You'll Learn in This Tutorial

  • How to unstack in Procreate

How to Unstack in Procreate

Step 1

Tap and hold to select the artwork that you wish to unstack in Procreate.

select document procreateselect document procreateselect document procreate

Here's where you can find the cute animal drawing that I used to exemplify how to unstack in Procreate.

procreate illustrationprocreate illustrationprocreate illustration

Step 2

Keep holding to make sure that your artwork remains selected. If you wish to add other items to your selection, simply tap them using another finger.

add selection procreateadd selection procreateadd selection procreate

Step 3

Once you're done selecting the artwork that you wish to unstack, you have two alternatives.

You can either tap the name of the stack or you can drag your selected artwork above the name of the stack. This will get you to the main artwork gallery.

unstack procreateunstack procreateunstack procreate

Step 4

Drag your selected artwork where you would like to add it, and then lift your finger.

unstack procreate documentunstack procreate documentunstack procreate document

Step 5

That's it. Now you know how to unstack artwork in Procreate.

procreate gallery unstackprocreate gallery unstackprocreate gallery unstack
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