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How to Create an Animated Logo

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What You'll Be Creating

Today, we will be looking at how to make a logo animation in just a few steps using Placeit's animated logo maker by walking through how to make a gaming logo!

Follow along with me over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

What You'll Need

You'll need the following resources to complete this project:

Find more resources on Envato Elements!

1. How to Make a Logo Animation

Step 1

Start everything off by putting in your team's information.

Over to the left, we can input both our team name and the city of origin—or a slogan or catchphrase. 

customize text  customize text  customize text

Step 2

Next, let's choose our mascot by using this search bar located on the right.

There are hundreds of mascots and images to choose from, and to preview any animation, you can hover your mouse over the icon.

If at any time you want to see your logo in action, you can go ahead and click Preview Video! This will generate a full preview of your logo, as opposed to just a still or keyframe.

choose logochoose logochoose logo

Step 3

Each logo will have different areas that we can customize.

To the right, you will see Background, Logo, and Accent. You can plug in your team colors, or just any colors you think might match well. 

Keeping with my team's frozen theme, I am going to choose a grey for the background, a very pale blue for the logo color, and an icy neon blue for my accent color here. 

change colors change colors change colors

Step 4

Finally, we can wrap everything up by choosing our font faces!

I like Barbaro for my city's name; however, I want something a bit more edgy for my team name, so let's choose Amazdoom.

Now, hit Preview Video one last time to give everything one last look over. Make any final adjustments, and then hit Download!

Preview Video Preview Video Preview Video

We've Done It!

And there you have it! A quick and easy way to animate a logo, all inside your own browser! 

Need more inspiration? Check out some more animated logos you can create below!

Animated Logo Featuring a Kitsune Mask

Represent your own ninja clan with this kitsune fox mask animated logo, with moving kunai knife and all!  

Animated Gaming Logo Featuring a Giant Robot Illustration

More of a tech lover than a ninja fan? Represent your team with this giant robot mech animated logo. Keep the sleek black and yellow color scheme, or mix it up with some color!   

Animated Logo Featuring an Illustrated Skull

Show off your team's dark side with this edgy animated skull logo, complete with a toxic bio-hazard gas mask.

Animated Logo Generator for Sports Teams Featuring an Angry Wolf

Show that you are the alpha in any competition you enter with this winter wolf animated logo. Remember, you can customize the colors to go for more of a timber wolf as well! 

Animated Sports Logo Maker Featuring an Aggressive Basilisk Illustration

Ditch the typical and go with a fantasy creature animated logo with this basilisk! Showing extra snakey vibes with an animated tongue.  

Animated Ninja Clan Logo 

Who said you can't be both deadly and beautiful? Show it off with this ninja shinobi animated logo. Another great choice for all you ninja warriors out there!

Get more logo and gaming graphics templates below!

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