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How to Add Text in Procreate

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In the following tutorial, you'll learn how to add text in Procreate. First, you'll learn about adding text to Procreate, and then we'll cover how to type in Procreate.

What You'll Learn in This Procreate Tutorial

  • How to write text in Procreate
  • How to type in Procreate
  • How to add text in Procreate

1. How to Add Text in Procreate

Adding text in Procreate is pretty simple. Just tap that wrench button, make sure that you're in the Add category, and then tap the Add Text button.

procreate add textprocreate add textprocreate add text

2. How to Write Text in Procreate

If you're using a stylus pen, you can scribble over the existing text to erase it, and then write your own.

procreate write textprocreate write textprocreate write text

3. How to Type in Procreate

Step 1

Tap that keyboard button to open the small keyboard and use it to add text to Procreate.

procreate type textprocreate type textprocreate type text

Step 2

To get access to the larger keyboard, you need to tap that Aa button to open the text settings, and then tap the keyboard button in the top-left corner.

procreate text keyboardprocreate text keyboardprocreate text keyboard
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