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20 Best Free PSD Photoshop Flyer Template Design Downloads 2021


Are flyers out of trend in 2021? Not at all! 

While online marketing has become the popular go-to marketing channel, traditional marketing options like flyer distribution must not be forgotten. Offline marketing options, like flyers, are still relevant and useful.

Jazz Night Flyer a premium template from Envato Elements
Jazz Night Flyer, a premium template from Envato Elements

Are you a small business owner, an event organizer, or a marketer who needs to up their advertising and promotional initiatives by using flyers? And are you wondering if a pre-built best PSD flyer template design is the way to go? You're in luck. This article is for you.

Flyer distribution is a tried and tested marketing tool. It's perfect for personal or business projects to: 

  • advertise an event or sales promotion
  • promote a product or service
  • announce the start of a new business

Create your next flyer advertising with a professionally designed Photoshop template. It'll look professional, grab attention, and best of all, save you loads of design time. 

This article lists the 20 best Photoshop flyer templates for various businesses. We've also got premium PSD flyer templates from Envato Elements and Photoshop flyer template designs from GraphicRiver. 

Dive in and find the best Photoshop flyer templates that suit your requirements! 

Top Photoshop Flyer Templates on Envato Elements for 2021 (With Unlimited Use)

An excellent flyer creates a great first impression and takes your marketing activities to the next level. Professionally designed premium flyer templates are creative, unique, and save you time. 

For a minimal monthly subscription, Envato Elements gives you unlimited access to thousands of the best Photoshop flyer templates, as well as a whole library of premium creative digital assets. 

Choose from thousands of top Photoshop flyer templates from Envato Elements
Choose from thousands of top Photoshop flyer templates from Envato Elements

You could try a free-to-download flyer template found online, but it may lack design quality and that wow factor. Since there are only so many free flyer templates online, it may also be a challenge for you to find a suitable template that hasn't been used by your competitors. 

By going premium, you're able to browse through thousands of options and pick a template that fits your needs perfectly. Stand out from the crowd and save hours of customization time. 

Use these digital recourses like high-quality stock photos, royalty-free music, videos, creative graphic templates, fonts, and more to improve the standard of your marketing initiatives. The marketing opportunities are endless! 

Download some of the premium best Photoshop flyer templates on Envato Elements - with unlimited access
Download some of the premium best Photoshop flyer templates on Envato Elements—with unlimited access.

Envato Elements is the best go-to if you want to get your hands on unlimited, professionally pre-built creative digital assets. It's got so much to offer for a low monthly fee.

But if a pay-per-download model suits you best for now, check out the best Photoshop flyer templates from GraphicRiver. It lets you download templates one at a time, without the commitment of a subscription. We'll also explore it in this article.

5+ Best Flyer Templates PSD From Envato Elements for 2021

Need great flyer design inspiration for your 2021 marketing? Here are some of the best premium flyer templates PSD on Envato Elements: 

1. Retro Coffee Flyer Template (PSD)

Retro Coffee Flyer

Retro Coffee Flyer Template PSD is a modern and professional PSD template made for cafes. It's an excellent option for any cafe's marketing or promotional activity. Announce the opening of your new cafe or run special monthly promotions to increase your sales. 

The template is Smart Object ready, making it easy to customize. Create your flyers and send them for print in minutes. 

2. Travel Photoshop Flyer Templates (PSD)

Travel Photoshop Flyer Templates

This Photoshop Flyer Templates set is a fully layered, professionally designed template. It's got the right mix of professionalism and fun, which is something customers look for in a travel agency. 

The flyer template for PSD comes print-ready in two different sizes: A4 (8.27x11.69) inches and US Letter (8.5x11 inches). All elements are editable and fully customizable, making it very easy to create the flyer you've got in mind. 

3. Creative Business Flyer Template PSD (AI, EPS, PSD)

Creative Business Flyer Template PSD

This creative, multipurpose template is an elegant, modern, minimalist, and professional design that's suitable for any business. It comes in A4 paper size and is print-ready with bleed included. Creative Business Flyer Template PSD comes fully layered with well-organized files that make it easy to customize in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. 

4. Barbershop Flyer PSD Template (PSD, AI)

Barbershop Flyer PSD Template

Bring in more customers to your shop by promoting your business with this creative Barbershop Flyer PSD Template. Hand out your new awesome flyer around your neighborhood and impress your potential customers. 

5. Yoga Flyer PSD Template (PSD)

Yoga Flyer PSD Template

Did you take a big step by turning your passion into a career? If so, it's important that you do all you can to make it work.

Promote your yoga classes effectively and start getting your classes booked. Yoga Flyer PSD Template helps you do just that. Edit and customize this fully layered file in Adobe Photoshop in minutes. 

6. Black Friday Sale Flyer Template (EPS, PSD)

Black Friday Sale Flyer Template

If you need a great sales flyer template, this is a fantastic option because it comes in four different sizes. This Black Friday sale flyer template has a clean and minimal design, and it's really easy to customize for any event. Some of its cool features are:

  • 4 flyer templates:
  • Flyer Letter US (8.5×11 in)
  • Flyer US (5×7 in)
  • Flyer DL (210×99 mm)
  • Flyer A5 (148×210 mm)
  • EPS vector Illustrator files
  • PSD layered Photoshop files

4 Best Premium Photoshop Flyer Templates From GraphicRiver for 2021

Is paying a single flat fee to download a premium Photoshop flyer template a better option for you at this moment? Browse through GraphicRiver, which is part of Envato Market. 

Envato Market offers a pay-per-download model. Select the flyer PSD template that you want, pay the single flat fee and download it. GraphicRiver is an excellent choice for those who are on a budget but don't want to compromise quality. 

Buy premium flyer templates one at a time from GraphicRiver
Buy premium PSD flyer templates one at a time from GraphicRiver

Check out these four unique, modern and premium flyer PSD templates from GraphicRiver to get you started:

1. Spa Flyer (PSD, AI)

Spa Flyer

This is a minimalistic and clean PSD flyer template that's perfect if you need to market your new spa business. The template includes a bleed and is fully editable. Easily change the logo, images, colors, and text content to make it your own within minutes. 

2. Corporate Multipurpose Flyer (PSD)

Corporate Multipurpose Flyer

The Corporate Multipurpose Flyer is ideal for any personal or business projects. It's creative, unique, and multipurpose. This template is easy to customize. It also comes with a user guide, making it a perfect template even for beginners. 

3. Chalkboard Flyer Template (PSD)

Chalkboard Flyer Template

Promote your bar, brewery, restaurant, cafe, or venue with this retro chalkboard flyer. As all the fonts and elements are 100% editable, you can easily customize this template to fit any industry. A unique flyer like this helps you get creative and stand out from the crowd. 

4. Fitness or Gym Flyer (PSD)

Fitness or Gym Flyer

This fitness or gym flyer template includes two designs. Both design files are professionally created and are well organized and layered. They come with a help file, include bleeds, and are print-ready. Promote your fitness center or freelance service professionally and get more signups instantly. 

20 Free PSD Flyer Templates for Download in 2021 (From Around the Web)

Premium templates come with professional designs that are well layered and easy to customize to your needs. If you get stuck at any point, you may also be able to get support from the designer. A premium template gives you everything you'd need to create the best possible flyer that looks unique and grabs attention. 

But, if you're starting your business, you may be on a tight budget. As much as you know a premium template is your best bet, it may not be an option for now. At times like this, a free PSD flyer template may be your only option. 

Let's look at 20 free PSD flyer templates from around the web:

1. Kettlebell Workout - Flyer Templates Free Download. This free PSD flyer template is suitable for fitness lessons or gym events. The design is quite simple and not distracting. 

Kettlebell Workout Flyer Templates Free Download

2. DJ Night Club - Free PSD Flyer Template. Are you a DJ or a club owner needing to promote club nights or party events? This template does the trick. 

3. Wedding Photography - Free Photoshop Flyer Templates. There are just so many wedding photographers out there. Do you need a new way to market your services? Check out this free Photoshop flyer template.

4. MMA Sports - Flyer Templates Free Download. This template is not only suitable for mixed martial art competitions, but also any boxing events. 

5. Delivery Service App - Free Flyer Templates PSD. Though this free Photoshop flyer template was designed for a delivery service app, it can easily be changed to promote any app. 

Delivery Service App - Free Flyer Templates PSD

6. Back to 80s Party - Free Flyer Templates PSD. This free Photoshop flyer template comes in handy for any event organizer who needs to promote a retro party. It features retro-styled fonts, cassettes, and CDs.

7. Corporate Flyer - Flyer Templates Free Download. This is a multipurpose free template that's suitable for any industry. It helps you list all your services and enables you to market your business to potential clients.

8. Real Estate - Free Flyer Templates PSD. As a real estate agent, start creating flyers for each property you've got under your portfolio. Sell units faster than ever. 

9. Restaurant Special Offer - Download Free. The main image of this template is a burger with fries and a drink. Include your promo details, contact number, opening hours, and also a QR code. 

Restaurant Special Offer - Download Free

10. Business - Free Flyer & Poster Download. This free PSD flyer template features three main sections: main image, our services, and other relevant information. Use a strong main image to grab attention.  

11. Gym Fitness Center - Flyer Templates Free Download. This template comes in three color options. Promote your fitness, gym, sports, wellness, or bodybuilding club with this free template.

12. Health Care - Free Flyer Templates PSD. This health care flyer design is suitable for anyone who needs to market a patient treatment service, medical, or dental clinic. 

13. Fashion Big Sale - Flyer Templates Free Download. Promote the sale of your retail or e-commerce business with this template. It uses bright, bold colors to grab attention. 

Fashion Big Sale - Flyer Templates Free Download

14. Latest Corporate Flyer Design PSD. This is a free-to-download PSD flyer template that fits various businesses needing to promote their services or products. This template comes with three color options. 

15. Modern Sale Free PSD Flyer. This free PSD flyer template helps you display all the necessary information someone needs to know about your upcoming sale. Easily feature two images of your fashion product as well. 

16. Free Pet Care Flyer Template. Here's a suitable template for businesses like a pet shop, pet clinic, pet sitting, or any pet-related business. This free PSD flyer template comes with three color options for you to pick from. 

17. Interior Design - Free Flyer Templates PSD. This free template features two interior images, service information, and contact details. The template can also be used by other businesses like architectural companies or real estate agencies.

Interior Design - Free Flyer Templates PSD

18. Free Yoga Center PSD Flyer Template. Create your informative flyer and start promoting your yoga center immediately. 

19. Accounting and Tax - Free Flyer Templates PSDThis template was designed for an accounting or tax company. But with some simple edits it becomes suitable for any business that needs an informative flyer.

20. Business Training - Free Flyer Templates PSD. This free template PSD comes with an image of a light bulb and a gradient background. It's suitable for any professional business training.  

5 Quick PSD Design Ideas to Make Great Flyers in 2021

Want to create effective flyers with a strong impact? Here are tips that'll change the way you approach designing flyers: 

1. Pick Your Perfect Template (And Edit the Content)

Leave the designing to the experts. By browsing through thousands of premium pre-built PSD flyer templates, you can see how the finished flyer will look and pick the best design for your needs. Selecting the perfect design you've got in mind lets you cut the time spent on creating your flyer. All you've got to do now is:

  • replace the images
  • add your logo
  • change the colors (if needed)
  • replace the content
  • send for print 

Just like that, you saved yourself some time, and you can focus on other parts of the business that need your attention.

2. Grab Attention

We've all gotten flyers that weren't impressive and ended up in the bin without even being read. This happens because flyers need to grab attention the minute your reader sees it. How can you achieve that? Simple, focus on these: 

  • Overall look. At a glance is the flyer attractive, and does it have the pull factor? Pick a template that grabbed your attention while browsing through loads of options. That way, you know you're starting with a design that does the trick. 
  • Headline. A short, punchy headline in larger fonts helps your reader immediately know what this flyer is about.
  • Visuals. Is there a photo or graphic that jumps out? 
  • Colors. A good template will come with good color options that'll stand out. You can also use colors to focus on specific sections or text of the flyer.

3. Leave Plenty of White Space

Less is more! Use fewer words, uncluttered visuals, and loads of white space. Make your flyer more visually appealing and easier to read by leaving plenty of white space and not cramming it with lots of words. 

Don't forget your contact details. Add them in a non-distracting manner that doesn't compete with the message of the flyer. 

Laundry Flyer is a double-sided flyer that uses plenty of white space
Laundry Flyer is a double-sided premium flyer that uses plenty of white space.

4. Have a Pre-Print Check

Once you complete your flyer, before you send it for print, look at it again with these points in mind:

  • Are there any mistakes? Get the flyer proofread for spelling mistakes and do an alignment check. 
  • Ensure your flyer has all the information you need your customer to know. 
  • Does the flyer state what do you want your reader to do next? Is there a clear call to action? 
  • Do a test print on the paper you want to use. Do this before you print the whole batch either on your own or at the printers. Be sure you're happy with the final product before you go any further. 

5. Track Your Conversions Through Flyers

Eager to know if your flyers are helping your business? The best way to track this is to have a flyer specific promotion included in your design. Offer a special price, or a discount to customers who bring in your flyer, or mention a promo code that isn't advertised anywhere else. This helps you track the number of sales that came in from your flyer distribution. 

But having said that, we do know that most marketing initiatives also have an impact on the business. Track the month-on-month sales numbers to figure this out. This learning will help with your future flyer creations. 

Food Flyer
This Food Flyer template offers a great option to include a special price or a discount

Discover More Great Flyer Templates for 2021

Want to explore more options for flyer template PSD before you make your choice? Check out more of our best flyer templates for 2021 below:

Learn More About Flyer Design

Now you've seen our top premium flyer templates, along with a nice selection of free flyer designs and some cool tips. If you'd like to learn more about what software is best to use and some design tips, check the resources below.

BONUS: don't forget to check our complete guide where you'll find even more inspiration, video tutorials, and more: Flyer Design & Templates

Get a Photoshop Flyer Template Design Today!

A good flyer that's suitable for your business can play a huge role in your marketing efforts. Print the flyers and have them distributed around your business location. Or use them on your social media. 

Here's what you should know about using a pre-built template vs. designing from scratch. It's always advisable to go with a pre-built template if you aren't a graphic designer. It helps you cut down on your design time and create the best possible flyer for your business. 

Start by looking through the collection of the best Photoshop template designs from Envato Elements and download as many as you want, all for a low monthly fee. If you're looking for a one-off Photoshop template, check out GraphicRiver, which offers a pay-per-download model. 

Can't afford to go premium just yet? We've shared a curated list of the 20 best free PSD templates found online that'll help you get through during the tight budget period. 

Work smart and create the best Photoshop flyer templates like a professional designer with a premium pre-built template! Why not download one now?

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