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25+ Best Free Flyer Templates (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.)


Looking to publicise the opening of a new restaurant or promote your upcoming car boot sale or meditation workshop? Flyers are an eye-catching and cost-effective way to successfully target potential clients, and a foolproof way of creating great flyers is to use a flyer template.

Just one of the terrific Premium Flyer Templates available at Placeit
Just one of the terrific premium Flyer Templates available at Placeit

But not just any flyer template will do. Flyer templates vary quite widely in quality and effectiveness and can range from premium templates to free templates. Today, we'll share with you over 25 free flyer templates online, as well as a few premium templates for those times when only the best will do.

Best Source for Premium Flyer Templates (With a Flyer Creator)

Let's start first with premium templates like those offered by Placeit. These high-quality flyer templates are professional, versatile, and easy to use. You can buy one template at a time if your budget is tight or choose as many flyer templates as you want for one low monthly fee. This means you can try as many templates as you want without incurring any extra costs.

One low monthly fee = unlimited access to flyer templates and to thousands of premium digital assets like:

  • mockups
  • logos
  • videos
  • various designs
  • and much more

What's more, Placeit offers a state-of-the-art flyer creator that allows you to customise your templates quickly and easily to make them your own. 

Let's take a quick look at a few of the outstanding premium flyer templates available at Placeit. You'll see what I mean.

1. Flyer Maker for Professional Cleaning Services

Flyer Maker for Professional Cleaning Services

If you're starting out in house cleaning, you need a template to let people know what services you provide. Placeit's clean, modern designs are easy to adapt to communicate your message, and if you ever get stuck, just help yourself to one of the beautiful presets found below the template, which give you many more flyer ideas.

2. Flyer Maker for Nature Cosmetics With Nature Images

Flyer Maker for Nature Cosmetics with Nature Images

Need help creating the perfect flyer for your natural cosmetic company, makeup classes, special beauty deals, and other beauty-related services? You'll be more than happy with this flyer template, which offers a number of wonderful photo backgrounds, font styles, and colour customisation options. Try it. We think you'll like it. 

3. Colorful Flyer Creator for Promotions and Trade Shows

Colorful Flyer Creator for Promotions and Trade Shows

If you need to create a flyer for an event or trade show, this is a great choice. The template and the presets you can find below it give you plenty of great flyer design ideas. What's more, you can easily make the template your own by using the flyer generator to customise it. 

4. Flyer Maker Template for Jewelry and Makeup Ad

Flyer Maker Template for Jewelry and Makeup Ad

If you're in the makeup or jewellery business and looking for the best flyers to advertise your upcoming sale, check out this flyer template and its presets. They provide you with a number of gorgeous photos of women and men modelling jewellery, but you can also upload your own photos showing your own stock and special offers. 

5. Suits Online Flyer Maker

Suits Online Flyer Maker

Looking for flyer ideas for your tailoring business? Look no further than this great template. It offers a wide array of options for customisation using the Placeit flyer generator. What's more, under the template there are a number of presets to choose from which offer more flyer design inspiration. 

6. House Improvement Company Flyer Maker

House Improvement Company Flyer Maker

One of the best flyers for home improvement and construction businesses, this is a flyer that you can not do without if you are in either industry and looking to make your own flyer. The flyer generator offers tons of flyer design ideas for easy customisation and will have your flyer ready to download in a matter of minutes.

7. Flyer Design Template for a Recruitment Company

Flyer Design Template for a Recruitment Company

Customise this fabulous template to promote your next corporate event. This extremely versatile events flyer will get you started. Use the left side of the flyer creator to add your company’s information, and tweak the colours and graphics on the right. If you want a few more flyer design ideas to choose from, try one of the presets below the flyer creator.

8. Online Flyer Maker for Meditation Classes

Online Flyer Maker for Meditation Classes

If you looking for premium flyer design templates to help you create a flyer for your upcoming meditation class, this online flyer is a great choice. Just enter your class info, select calming colours and one of the wonderful photos on offer, and you’re all set. 

9. Online Flyer Maker for Hip Hop Dance Classes

Online Flyer Maker for Meditation Classes

This is just the flyer you need to announce your next dance class. The Placeit flyer creator will help you create the most beautiful flyer possible. As is the case with the other flyer templates featured here, you have a stunning collection of images, great fonts, and useful graphics to help you personalise your flyer.

10. Online Flyer Maker for Rock Climbing

Online Flyer Maker for Rock Climbing

What makes this template so great is that everything about it communicates action. The photo of the climber in motion, the bold text with bright colour, and the awesome textured frame effects all work together to make this a great flyer template.

11. Online Flyer Maker for Flower Shops With Floral Arrangements

Online Flyer Maker for Flower Shops with Floral Arrangements

A beautiful template for flower shops to announce openings, specials, and/or promotions. The template gives you a great foundation to start from and, using the flyer maker, you can customise the template as much or as little as you need. 

12. Coffee Cup Online Flyer Maker

Coffee Cup Online Flyer Maker

Placeit offers many flyer ideas for coffee shops and cafes, but this template is one of the best flyers in that category. Customisation is easy and fast using the flyer creator. 

13. Creative Flyer Maker for Photographers

Creative Flyer Maker for Photographers

This elegant flyer design template is for photographers. It features a patterned and coloured background to which you can add a header, secondary and/or tertiary text, a selection of beautiful drawings of cameras, and a collection of clever camera-related logos. Every feature is customisable.

14. Online Flyer Design Template for a Taco Restaurant

Online Flyer Design Template for a Taco Restaurant

Looking for flyer design inspiration for your Mexican-themed restaurant? Check out this awesome template for a taco restaurant. The template is super easy to customise using the Placeit flyer generator. If this template doesn't quite work for you, don't worry—check out the presets offered with this template for other terrific flyer design ideas.

15. Flyer Design Maker for Nutrition Conference

Flyer Design Maker for Nutrition Conference

Get more flyer design inspiration with this amazing template promoting nutrition conference. You can customise the template in minutes using the flyer generator and let potential clients know you’re there to help them live a better and longer life. 

Best Free InDesign Flyer Templates

Now that you have a good idea of the kind of quality template available to you, let's look at the best free flyer templates you can find around the internet. These are useful if you need a flyer ASAP but have no budget to buy yourself a premium template. Remember, though, even the best free template is no match for the top-quality flyer templates found at Placeit. 

1. Corporate Flyer

 Corporate Flyer

This free business flyer template is part of a collection of three layouts that you can use for business purposes. It's designed using InDesign so you'll need to have a good knowledge of the software in order to edit the free flyer templates for your needs. 

2. Bi Fold Business Brochure Template

When you're looking for a free printable flyer template, you may have to think outside the box. For example, this template is billed as a brochure but can definitely be used as a flyer with a bit of tweaking in Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator. 

3. Free Multipurpose Retro Trifold Brochure Template

Get this brochure template to showcase your company. Instantly download this easy-to-edit template that uses high-quality layout and graphic files. It is free to download in multiple formats.

4. FREE InDesign Bundle

This free flyer design template comes in a bundle of ten different designs. All files are created using InDesign, so you will need good knowledge of the program to customise the files. 

5. Annual Finance Flyer Design

If you’re looking to create a flyer for your next promotional campaign, recruitment drive, or trade fair, check out this free business flyer template. All files are offered in AI and EPS, so you'll need Illustrator to edit and customise your downloads.

6. Free Retro Multipurpose Bifold Brochure Template

If you need a free flyer design template, there's nothing stopping you from adapting a brochure template like this one to your purpose. The files are offered in InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Publisher, Apple Pages, QuarkXPress, or CorelDraw. Pick your choice in order to customise the file. 

7. Free Brand A4 Flyer Mockup

Free Brand A4 Flyer Mockup

Another free flyer design template, this stylish double-sided free printable flyer template is perfect for those in the travel industry but would equally well for other industries. 

8. Flyer Design Template

Here's another free business flyer template that can be adapted to a myriad of purposes and businesses. Edit your file using Photoshop.  

9. Weekly Special Flyer Template

Use this free flyer template online for promoting the weekly specials of your establishment. Instant download anytime, anywhere, at an affordable price. Easy to edit and fully customisable in a number of different software applications, including InDesign, Illustrator, and Microsoft Word.

10. Business Flyer Blueish Black Flyer Design

This free business flyer template is designed for office-based business. You can use it to announce events like trade fairs and conferences. Or use it for direct marketing or to create brand awareness. Use Photoshop to add photos and to change the colours and fonts to reflect your brand.

11. Flyer Template Green Curves

Looking for a stylish and free flyer template online? Check this one out. The double-sided template is edited in Illustrator and can be used for a number of different marketing drives.

12. Minimal Corporate Flyer Template

This free flyer templates online makes a pretty bold statement with colour and shape and strategically placed photos and text. Edit it in Photoshop to make it your own. 

13. Free Flyer Template

 Free Flyer Template

This free business flyer template offers two different layouts in six different colours. The PSD file is well organised in layers and is fully editable in Photoshop.

14.  Sale Flyer - Microsoft Flyer Template

If you’re looking for a free event flyer template for a sales event, this might just be the flyer for you. You can let your target audience know the when, where, and what of your sales event. Also, let them know about discounts to get them excited about attending. Use this template as is or change the colours and fonts to suit your taste.

15. Fitness Flyer Design Template

This free club flyer template is designed specifically to be used by gyms, body training, or even for fitness centres. The vector file is editable in Illustrator.

16. We Have Moved New House Flyer Template PSD

This real estate flyer template is free to download. It can be adapted for house sales, moving announcements, or house-warming parties. The file is editable in PSD. 

17. Free Single US letter Flyer Mockup

A free flyer design templates featuring a US letter size flyer that come four different layouts and is presented in layered PSD files. 

18. Free Party Flyer Template

Get ready for Christmas with this free party flyer template. All the elements are well grouped and easy to edit, move, etc. The template comes in PSD format and is print ready at 300 DPI.  

19. Medical Flyer Design With Free Mockup

Medical Flyer Design With Free Mockup

A free printable flyer template for those in the medical profession, the template is organised in a layered PSD file to make it easy for you to edit. 

20. Free Electro Concert Flyer Template

This free party flyer template is specifically designed as a concert flyer consisting of a dynamic image and simple layout. The file can be edited and fully customised in Photoshop and Illustrator.

21. Flyer Sets Geometric Style White Background

This free printable flyer template can be used for any purpose, from promoting an event or sale to announcing a recruitment drive. The file is fully editable in Illustrator. 

22. Free Modern Picnic Party Flyer Template for 2020

A fun and free event flyer template designed specifically for any kind of event like a picnic, party, or barbecue. The fully editable US letter sized template is presented in a layered PSD document for your convenience. 

23. Travel Flyer Template Free Vector

This free flyer design template targets travel-related businesses. The template is editable in Illustrator, so you can add your own photos and change the text and colours to match your brand or taste. 

24. Abstract Business Flyer Template Free Vector

If you’re trying to figure out how to make a flyer for your small business, this free business flyer template is available to download and use. The template features a photo of two business people shaking hands that is partially overlayed with a yellow grid. Knowledge of Illustrator is needed to customise this file. 

25. Free Flyer Template & Examples

Free Flyer Template  Examples

Check out these free flyer templates online, which offer three different layouts for IT-related services. The files are offered in InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Publisher, Apple Pages, QuarkXPress, or CorelDraw. 

Choose the Best Flyer Template Today 

If you're cash-strapped and looking for free flyer templates, our list of the top free printable flyer templates is a good place to start. But if you need to create flyers and other graphic materials regularly, then Placeit may be worth the investment. There you can download one premium flyer template at a time for one low fee or unlimited premium templates and other resources for one low monthly fee.

Head on over to Placeit today to choose your favourite flyer template and start creating gorgeous flyers that'll catch and hold the eye of your target audience.

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