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20 Cool DJ (EDM Music) Logo Designs to Make Your Own

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As a DJ, having the right logo is a big part of branding your business. A catchy symbol, color scheme, or mascot sticks in the mind of a customer in a way that names alone never can. 

20 Cool DJ EDM Music Logo Designs 20 Cool DJ EDM Music Logo Designs 20 Cool DJ EDM Music Logo Designs
Just one of the stunning DJ Logos you'll find at Placeit. 

Today, we'll explain exactly what a logo is, share 20 cool music logos from Placeit, and show you how you can create your own DJ logo quickly and easily.  

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What Exactly Is a Logo?

Before we go any further, it's important to understand that logos come in three basic forms:

  1. An abstract symbol like the Nike swoosh or Apple’s bitten apple. 
  2. An illustrative symbol that indicates exactly what the company does, like a vacuum cleaner for a house-cleaning service or a loaf of bread for a bakery. 
  3. A font-based logo like those used by the makers of Coca Cola and Barbie that use distinct type treatments to make the font unique to the brand.

Most companies use a font-based logo to support an abstract or illustrative symbol, a combination which makes logos much easier to remember. 

Now, let’s dive in and look at 20 of the best DJ logo ideas from Placeit!

Top 20 DJ Logo Ideas

1. EDM DJ Logos Maker

EDM DJ Logos MakerEDM DJ Logos MakerEDM DJ Logos Maker

Crank up the volume with this simple, stylish DJ logo design choice. The cool modern font and dynamic soundwaves will ensure everyone knows you’re bringing the best sound in town.

2. DJ Logo Maker for Musicians

DJ Logo Maker for MusiciansDJ Logo Maker for MusiciansDJ Logo Maker for Musicians

This fun music logo design is cool and modern. Choose from a handful of different options to create the perfect vibe for your DJ service logo.

3. Cool Music Logo Maker

Cool Music Logo Maker Cool Music Logo Maker Cool Music Logo Maker

Before disc jockeys even had discs, they had records, and you can borrow from the timeless bygone era in your own logo. Be sure to explore the many icon choices included in this project.

4. DJ Music Logo Design With Circle Graphic

 DJ Music Logo Design With Circle Graphic DJ Music Logo Design With Circle Graphic DJ Music Logo Design With Circle Graphic

Bring a zen look to your DJ artwork design with this cool music logo project. Dress it up in bright colors for contrast, or keep the pastel look for the full effect. Remember to explore different fonts as well, and check out the numerous icons that are included!

5. DJ Logo Maker

DJ Logo MakerDJ Logo MakerDJ Logo Maker

This DJ music logo brings a sleek modern style to your branding. The iconography is a collection of inspired variations on the letters “DJ,” creatively rendered to grab the attention of potential customers. An eclectic font ties this mega-pack together.

6. Customized DJ Logo Maker

Customized DJ Logo MakerCustomized DJ Logo MakerCustomized DJ Logo Maker

Point your DJ logo design efforts in the right direction with this quick, no-frills music logo template. Tailored especially for EDM DJs, the high-tech font and bold green colors will instantly separate you from the crowd of fellow competitors. Try a few different backgrounds to mix up the look and feel.

7. Music Logo Ideas for DJ

Music Logo Ideas for DJMusic Logo Ideas for DJMusic Logo Ideas for DJ

This cool illustration of a DJ is a great throwback to the era of vinyl. The template is perfect if you spin a lot of 70s and 80s tunes, but it can be a fun and inspired choice for almost any type of music.

8. EDM Artist Logo Maker

EDM Artist Logo MakerEDM Artist Logo MakerEDM Artist Logo Maker

Looking for a modern take on an EDM artist logo? Look no further than this groovy custom template. Featuring a variety of sleek, minimalist icons and a catchy font, this gorgeous EDM logo makes a great first stop for anyone trying to design EDM DJ logos.

9. Band Logo Maker for DJ

Logo Maker for DJ Logo DesignsLogo Maker for DJ Logo DesignsLogo Maker for DJ Logo Designs

Retro-inspired and forever elegant, this DJ logo maker is equal parts Art Deco and 80s rock. Red and gold accents are the creative default, but you can always mix things up and explore countless other color styling options to make your new logo truly one of a kind.

10. DJ Logo Maker

DJ Logo MakerDJ Logo MakerDJ Logo Maker

The Cool Cat you’ll find here is rocking out in his own world. Promise your clients you’ll do the same for them by employing this unique branding for your own business. We’re not sure what kind of music the cat is enjoying, but we know your customers will want more!

11. Music DJ Logo Maker

Music DJ Logo MakerMusic DJ Logo MakerMusic DJ Logo Maker

For a simpler style, try this DJ logo maker choice. Featuring a multitude of symbol icons and graphics, the true power here lies in the multi-toned backgrounds and unlimited color combinations possible when you use Placeit. Simply add your DJ name, download, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

12. DJ Logo Generator

DJ Logo GeneratorDJ Logo GeneratorDJ Logo Generator

Geometric shapes can be some of the most visually stunning icons to use in your branding. Add them to your DJ music vibe in this template, which showcases a plethora of spectacular shapes, combined with bold colors. A quiet, understated font complements the design without distracting the viewer.

13. DJ Music Logo Ideas (EDM Logo)

DJ Music Logo Ideas EDM logoDJ Music Logo Ideas EDM logoDJ Music Logo Ideas EDM logo

Bring the beat to life with this funky dance DJ logo. Music and parties revolve around the people, and you, the DJ, will be the center of attention. Watch the bookings roll in with this design.

14. Modern DJ EDM Logo

Modern DJ EDM LogoModern DJ EDM LogoModern DJ EDM Logo

This party-themed EDM DJ logo template is wonderfully suited to the music business. Bring partygoers to life with the beats of the music you’re spinning, and bring incredible branding along with you by using this logo theme.

15. Logo Maker for Fancy DJ Designs

Logo Maker for Fancy DJ DesignsLogo Maker for Fancy DJ DesignsLogo Maker for Fancy DJ Designs

For a new twist on the DJ logo theme, check out this fancy template from Placeit. The design emphasizes contrast, with bright text and dark backgrounds to make the words really fly off the page. Mix and match different color choices to find what works best for your business.

16. Recording Studio Logo Maker With Soundwave Icon

Recording Studio Logo MakerRecording Studio Logo MakerRecording Studio Logo Maker

Ride a wave of sound and style to newfound prosperity by lending this soundwave mockup to your DJ music logo. It’s simple, it’s understated, and it beautifully captures the essence of a DJ’s life and work—the sharing of great music.

17. Musician Logo Maker With Three Eyed Cat Graphic

Musician Logo Maker with Cat GraphicMusician Logo Maker with Cat GraphicMusician Logo Maker with Cat Graphic

For a gritty, alternative vibe, the powerful icons in this graphic set make it stand out. And they’ll make you stand out instantly—who could forget the DJ with a three-eyed cat for an EDM logo? Or a giant hand reaching out of the ground? You get the idea. If you’re looking for a truly unique style, you’ve found it.

18. DJ Logo Ideas

DJ Logo IdeasDJ Logo IdeasDJ Logo Ideas

Take your DJ music business to the next level with this cosmic noise EDM DJ logo template. Every DJ knows the nitty-gritty technical details of their trade; emphasize the professional nature of the job with this sleek logo icon.

19. Logo Maker to Design a Podcast Cover Art

Logo Maker to Design PodcastLogo Maker to Design PodcastLogo Maker to Design Podcast

It might say podcast in the title, but you’ll find this logo theme to be a really cool choice for a DJ business as well. Podcasts and music are both sound-based; most of the iconography you’ll find here fits music and the spoken word equally well.

20. DJ Logo Ideas for Professionals

DJ Logo Ideas for ProfessionalsDJ Logo Ideas for ProfessionalsDJ Logo Ideas for Professionals

Last but not least, dive into this fun and diverse mix of DJ music party icons, fonts, colors, graphics, and more. Perhaps the perfect choice if you need an EDM logo quickly, this package provides all the creative flexibility you need to build the logo you’ve always wanted.

5 Tips for Using a DJ Logo Maker Online

As you can see, Placeit offers an incredible array of DJ music logo ideas. Once you’ve selected a project you want to use, it’s time to get started building your very own custom logo. Here are five tips for getting the best result possible. 

Choose a logo theme that fits your DJ work:

Choosing a logo at PlaceitChoosing a logo at PlaceitChoosing a logo at Placeit

Explore from the wide variety of options on Placeit, then click on one of the thumbnails to begin working with the one you want.

Change the text placeholders:

Change Placeit text placeholdersChange Placeit text placeholdersChange Placeit text placeholders

Insert your name or slogan in the text boxes here on the left side. You can also change the font by clicking on a drop-down menu.

Try changing the layout:

Change layout on PlaceitChange layout on PlaceitChange layout on Placeit

This will vary between themes, but in this case you can click to rearrange the icon placement on the logo preview.

Explore different icons:

Choose new icons on PlaceitChoose new icons on PlaceitChoose new icons on Placeit

Most templates have many different icon options for further customization. Click on one from the selections here on the right side and see how it looks.

Alter the colors and background:

Alter color scheme PlaceitAlter color scheme PlaceitAlter color scheme Placeit

This is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your logo. Adjust the colors from the drop-down menus.

When you’re finished, just click Download and start putting your logo to work!

5 Best DJ Logo Fonts

Envato now has two great subscription services to meet your design needs: Placeit and Envato Elements

With Placeit, you get unlimited access to thousands of smart templates for one low monthly fee. Create your own custom mockups, logos, videos, and designs in seconds! 

With an Envato Elements subscription, your monthly payment gives you unlimited access to our huge collection of presentation templates, WordPress themes, stock images, and more. Why not choose the subscription service that meets your needs best today? (Or sign up for both services to maximize your access to top-notch design assets.) One of my favorite aspects of Elements is custom fonts. These custom fonts are intricately designed and work perfectly for adding design flair to your next design project.

Envato Market is another source for creative resources under the Envato umbrella. Suppose you want to take a deeper dive, and use a custom DJ logo font. Let’s dive in and check out five of the best from Envato Elements and Market!

1. Nixmat - A Brand Identity Font

Nixmat a Brand Identity FontNixmat a Brand Identity FontNixmat a Brand Identity Font

Nixmat is a cool modern font designed to make any brand stand out. It combines a sleek modern vibe with a retro, almost typewritten feel. Thus, it’s perfect for a DJ logo and other marketing materials. Help files are included to get you up and running in no time.


HugMe Font ElementsHugMe Font ElementsHugMe Font Elements

Big, bold, and brash—those words perfectly describe HUGME, this edgy font from Envato Elements. It’s impossible to ignore, and similarly impossible to exclude from your next DJ logo project. No one can miss this!

3. Boneless - Plus Bonus

Boneless fontBoneless fontBoneless font

Metal, punk rock, and grunge—use this font and you’ll bring all three to mind. This gritty, slashing typeface is the perfect complement to any DJ playing heavy music. Best suited for larger printing, this font lends your DJ logo theme a sharp dose of underground credibility.

4. Adamant Typeface

Adamant TypefaceAdamant TypefaceAdamant Typeface

Adamant is a condensed, stylish typeface perfect for a wide array of applications. DJs specializing in indie and alternative tunes will be particularly attracted by the cool style they’ll find here. A full set of numbers and symbols is included for maximum utility.

5. Pandora Typeface

Pandora TypefacePandora TypefacePandora Typeface

If you’re looking for a quirky, eclectic typeface for your DJ logo, you’ve come to the right place. Pandora is a funky font befitting many different logo designs and styles. You might recognize its styling from famous album covers and band posters. What better way to spell out your name?

DJ Logo Templates From Envato Elements

Elements also offers a ton of DJ logo templates. Here are three of the best:

1. Cool Music Logo

Cool Music LogoCool Music LogoCool Music Logo

A classic music note really says it all. Put one front and center in your branding with this DJ logo template.

2. Music Logo Design

Love MusicLove MusicLove Music

Show off your love of music with this cool template from Elements. The package includes different backgrounds and layout arrangements for creative flexibility.

3. Music Logo Ideas

Cloud Music LogoCloud Music LogoCloud Music Logo

Capable of being fully edited and scaled, this DJ music logo template is a quick and easy way to boost the brand styling of your work.

Start Designing Now

The DJ business is more competitive than ever. That’s why it’s so important to stand out with your branding. As you can see, Placeit and other Envato platforms are the perfect place to start. Choose from one of hundreds of professional, ready-to-use templates, drop in your own content, and go! Watch your business grow as crowds flock to the dynamic branding you’ll offer with your new DJ logo.

If you want to learn more about logo making or find more awesome logos, check out the articles below:

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