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10 Best Photo Effects to Create Blurs, Cracks, and Shattered Glass in Photoshop

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Save yourself the trouble of learning every effect in Adobe Photoshop. Instead, use one-click actions that apply the same style with much less effort. In this round-up, I'm going to share ten of my favorite actions that simulate glass styles, including blurs, shatter, crack effects, and more, all from Envato Elements.

Envato Elements isan all-you-can-download platform for creatives, including over 500 packages of Photoshop Actions vetted for quality. All of these actions are available for download as part of the Elements subscription.

1. Shatter Glass Photoshop Action 

Shatter Glass Photoshop ActionShatter Glass Photoshop ActionShatter Glass Photoshop Action

It never feels good to break a piece of glass, but the visual effect can appear stunning. Recreate those same shattered shards with this action that can accentuate any photo.

2. Wet Glass Photoshop Action

Wet Glass Photoshop ActionWet Glass Photoshop ActionWet Glass Photoshop Action

Looking outside your window on a rainy day creates a certain mood and feel. You can recreate it even on the sunniest day with this action.

3. Wet Glass Photoshop Action 2

Wet Glass Photoshop Action 2Wet Glass Photoshop Action 2Wet Glass Photoshop Action 2

This effect reminds me of a fogged up window or glass pane. Try applying this steamy effect to your own image for a unique glass look.

4. Shatter 2

Shatter 2Shatter 2Shatter 2

Here's another incredible effort for shattering your image. Just apply this action to take your existing image and apply color-coordinated glass particles that match your image.

5. Dimension Animated Photoshop Template

Dimension Animated Photoshop TemplateDimension Animated Photoshop TemplateDimension Animated Photoshop Template

Apply this to an image for a shiny glass effect thanks to the reflective effect of the lines as shown in the preview image. This actually can play as a looping, animated GIF.

6. Dimension Photoshop Action

Dimension Photoshop ActionDimension Photoshop ActionDimension Photoshop Action

This futuristic reflective effect reminds me of the feel of a house of mirrors. Add a bit of dimension with reflection with this action.

7. Broken Photoshop Action

Broken Photoshop ActionBroken Photoshop ActionBroken Photoshop Action

Fade a character into a shattered glass with the Broken Photoshop action. Adjust the particle size for varying the shattering effect.

8. Seizure Photoshop Action

Seizure Photoshop ActionSeizure Photoshop ActionSeizure Photoshop Action

Here's another trippy effect that also features adjustable color effects. Combining a shattered and mirrored effect, the action really draws focus to a subject.

9. Fragment Photoshop Action

The Fragment Photoshop Action is perfect for action sports thanks to the color tinting (use your squad's colors!) and sense of motion.

10. Shatter Photoshop Action

This action feels more like a hairline crack and shatter that reminds me of the fate of my last few iPhones. Apply it to your image for the same style.

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