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30+ More Awesome Photoshop Actions for Photographers

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On a budget? Then you'll love this list of more than 30 FREE photography actions—but before we jump into the list, if you're looking for professional results, take a look at this collection of the best Photoshop actions for photographers available at Envato Elements.

Elements is a subscription-based marketplace that offers tons of graphic templates, fonts, logos, add-ons, and more all for one low monthly fee. 

The Best Photoshop Actions on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)

Photoshop Actions for PhotographersPhotoshop Actions for PhotographersPhotoshop Actions for Photographers

Vintage Photoshop Actions for Photographers offers gorgeous light leaks, colour filters, and additional effects which you can apply quickly and easily with just a few clicks.

Photo Effect VintagePhoto Effect VintagePhoto Effect Vintage

Give your photos that retro look reminiscent of toy cameras when you use Photo Effect Vintage. The effect contains 16 different actions that you can use alone or in combination. All actions are non-destructive and easy to adjust.

Peony Photography ActionsPeony Photography ActionsPeony Photography Actions

This action lets you create rich, natural toning for portrait, fashion, and fine-art photography. Tired of dull greens and florals? This action is a solution, adding volume and colour depth, with a special colour shift tune-up to all greens and flowers.

Cool Photo EffectsCool Photo EffectsCool Photo Effects

Cool Photo Effects gives you an amazing set of features, including the ability to choose from eight different glass patterns, ten colour options which can be combined to create additional colour looks, and the ability to control which part of your subject appears in front or behind the glass wall.

Photoshop for PhotographersPhotoshop for PhotographersPhotoshop for Photographers

Create cool photo effects of molecules breaking off the subject of your photo when you use Molecules Photoshop for Photographers. It includes four actions that show the molecules breaking off in different directions.

HDR Photoshop Photo EffectsHDR Photoshop Photo EffectsHDR Photoshop Photo Effects

Turn your images into stunning HDR photos, and retrieve highlights and shadows that make your images pop—all in a single click! HDR Photoshop Photo Effects offers a set of 18 Photoshop actions that can achieve incredible results without all the work required to create HDR images from scratch.

Glitch Effect PhotoGlitch Effect PhotoGlitch Effect Photo

Glitch Effect Photo gives you everything you need to transform an ordinary image to one that is full of distortions and glitches. You'll get the best results with high-resolution images.

Double Exposure Photo Effects PhotoshopDouble Exposure Photo Effects PhotoshopDouble Exposure Photo Effects Photoshop

Try these cool photo effects for all kinds of photographers. Double Exposure Photo Effects Photoshop uses two photographs and blends them together to create a stunning double exposure effect.

Old Photo Effect Old Photo Effect Old Photo Effect

Want to create the soft, dreamy look of vintage photographs? Then Old Photo Effect is the Photoshop action for you. You simply brush over your photo in the area that you want to remain in focus, and play the action! 

Burning Photo EffectBurning Photo EffectBurning Photo Effect

Set the world on fire with Burning Photo Effect. This awesome effect will add a realistic fire effect with particles and burns to any photograph you choose. You can change the colour of the fire and particles to create a more or less intense look.

Blurry Photo EffectBlurry Photo EffectBlurry Photo Effect

Add a dramatic blur to your photos with this Blurry Photo Effect. Customisation is simple and easy: just double-click on the smart object layer, edit and save, and in a matter of minutes, you will have blurred photos to use on your social media account or elsewhere. 

Blood Art Photoshop ActionBlood Art Photoshop ActionBlood Art Photoshop Action

Want to create a bloody scene? No problem. Blood Art Photoshop Action turns your photos into bloody works of art. The action contains ten colour effects to help you create just the look you want in your images. 

Free Photoshop Actions for Photographers

  1. Photoshop Action Diabolic: It gives your image a cold and dramatic look. Check it out if you need free Photoshop actions for portraits.
  2. Photoshop Action Foliage: Transform your photos with the cool photo effects in this dramatic Photoshop action for free.
  3. Photoshop Action FrostBite: If you want to add blue hues to your images, this is the free Photoshop action for photographers you need.
  4. Infection: It gives your photos a film or cinematic warm effect. 
  5. Oscar's Pitch Photoshop Action: This free Photoshop action will modify the contrast and colours of your photos for a sharper look.
  6. Polaroid Generator V2Want to recreate a Polaroid collage in Photoshop? You need free Photoshop actions for photographers like this one!
  7. Black & White and Sepia PS action: This Photoshop actions free kit will quickly turn your pictures to black and white or sepia. These free Photoshop presets for photographers are a must-have.
  8. LT's Marshmallow action: This retro Photoshop action free kit will give your images a warm and retro look.
  9. PS actions - 5 in 1: If you like colourful Photoshop presets for photographers, this kit comes with five different presets.
  10. PS actions - Cool vintage: Add this retro Photoshop action free kit to your collection if you like to add a vintage feel to your work.
  11. PS actions - Snow, summer and winter: The Photoshop actions free set includes two effects: one warm for summer and one cold and blue for winter.
  12. Ghost Stories - 9 Awesome Actions: This complete set includes over 16 Photoshop actions for free, inspired by ghost stories and horror movies.
  13. Color changing actions: Get 20 Photoshop actions for free with warm tones for your work. These are good free Photoshop actions for portraits.
  14. 3D actions pack: If you like the 3D look, this pack of Photoshop photography actions includes two different effects.
  15. Daisy actions: The pack includes four free Photoshop actions for photographers: a pink, a green, a yellow, and a light blue effect.
  16. Cute Actions: If you like to use playful and colourful effects, these cute free photography actions are for you.
  17. Hipstamatic Effect - 3 Packs: This kit includes 20 film borders, giving you 20 unique effects for each of the two lens actions included.
  18. Analog Nostalgia Promo: Here's a retro Photoshop action free package with 17 film effects, 10 light leaks, and 22 frame actions.
  19. Canvas effect: This free Photoshop action is a variation on the Hayes Island Cafe effect, which will make a photo look like a painting with a canvas finish.
  20. Background Blur Photo Effect: This action comes with three variations, to help you create blurred backgrounds of various intensities. 
  21. Actions Retro-Vintage: The retro Photoshop action free pack comes with six retro and vintage actions to transform any image.
  22. Portrait Art 3 Photoshop actions: If you need free Photoshop actions for portraits, this set comes with three great actions: oil on canvas, pastels, and abstract.
  23. Nature Effects: Nature photographers will benefit from this pack of Photoshop photography actions to enhance this type of photo.
  24. Photoshop Actions 27 Set: Use this set of four photography actions to give the images different tones.
  25. Hard Candy Action: Use free Photoshop actions for portraits like this one to make blue eyes pop on your portraits!
  26. Lomita - Action 11: If you like warm tones on your work, try this free Photoshop action pack.
  27. Landscape Effect PS Action 0.2: Free photography actions like this one give a subtle and realistic warm touch to photos.
  28. PS Actions - ReColor: The pack includes 11 free Photoshop actions for photographers: two blue/yellow, two violet/yellow, four sepia, and three gradients.
  29. Urban Blue: Use this free photography action to add an overcast, blue effect that makes it feel like winter in just one click.
  30. Wedding Enhancer Kit: Specially designed for wedding photography, this pack of 12 free Photoshop actions for portraits is definitely worth a try.
  31. Dark and Haunted: Get six general effects and two extra tools to make your photos as moody as you want them to be.

And if you want to find more free Photoshop actions, check out this video from the Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

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