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2.1 Music Flyer Design: Assets and Overview

Our first flyer design incorporates fun retro 90s elements for a modern twist. So before we get into the details of how to make a flyer in Photoshop, let's go over a brief overview of the design and the assets we'll be using from Envato Elements to create our music flyer.

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2.1 Music Flyer Design: Assets and Overview

Hello everyone and welcome back to How To Make A Flyer. Now that we've covered the essentials of print design and file organization, we can move on to get more familiar with our first project. Let's go through a brief overview of our design assets as well as what to expect as you make the first flyer a music festival inspired design. Since this flyer is inspired by summer, I've used several beach assets to build a scene using photo compositing, or photo manipulation techniques. All of the images, 3D objects, and fonts you see here are all available on Envato Elements, so you'll have full access to them for easier downloads using your Envato Elements subscription. Let's take a look at our selection to see what we've got. The first picture is a summery beach scene with palm trees, sands and a beautiful glistening water in the background. I'll pair this picture with one of my favorite tools, a 3D object like this beach ball from Envato Elements. Now in order to use these 3D objects, you'll need to download the object as a PNG or PSD file at a specific angle you need. So, as you discover these assets on your own, make sure you hit view 360 render first, then position the 3D object at the best angle for the composition. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but luckily that's why we have unlimited downloads. So once you're happy with how it looks, download the angle, preferably as a PNG file, so that the background remains transparent. These 3D objects will help reinforce the 90's theme we have going on, since design in the 90's was heavily based on colorful geometric shapes. Our model also becomes a huge component of this composition. Here we have a picture of a simple model stock, styled with pig tail buns which are also commonly known as space buns. If you followed any of my courses before then you know how much I enjoy playing with body language, style, and the general attitude of a composition. So for this photo, I've picked a model with a fun, flirty pose and big, hard glasses we can use to add even more red colors into the design. Photoshop actions will also play a huge role for this flyer. A Photoshop action is a series of recorded steps that helps you create many design possibilities. So if you don't feel super strong in typography for instance, feel free to use a Photoshop action like this 3D text creator for better headlines and titles. Since music festivals are a lot more laid back, I've gone with a few casual fonts to match the style. This Forever Summer Font Duo pack, contains a beautiful marker style that gives your letters that handcrafted feel. Additional fonts like Bebas and Century Gothic will then help us balance out the textures we've created for a much cleaner and more legible result. I've specifically made this course to show you how easy it is to create professional flyer designs once you have incredible design assets like the ones we've chosen. Additional shapes and effects are created with the help of Photoshop, so be sure to stay tuned to see how the design unfolds. Check out the process in the next lesson where we'll create this summery music festival inspired flyer.

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