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7.1 Rectangle and Elliptical Marquee Tool

You'll start by learning how to make simple selections using the Photoshop Marquee Tools; this technique is great for selecting and picking up specific parts of an image. You'll get some practice using both the Rectangular Marquee Tool and the Elliptical Marquee Tool. You'll then learn how to copy and paste selections into another image so that we can start making a collage and blend images together.

7.1 Rectangle and Elliptical Marquee Tool

Hi there, in this video, we are going to look at some basic selection techniques. We're gonna create an Instagram post in the square format. We're gonna use the rectangle marquee tool to bring in our cool coffee cup. And then the ellipse marquee tool, like a big circle, put space inside the coffee cup. All right, let's go and learn how to do that now in Photoshop. All right, to get started, let's go to File > New, and over here I'm gonna kinda start with Photo. And then go and change it loads, okay? So in here I'm gonna switch it to pixels, because Instagram, they've got a square format, right, and it's 600 by 600 at 72 DPI, that's the resolution. Now that's when this kind of video was made. I always make it double the size just in case, cuz Instagram seem to suck in bigger size images but only display the smallest 600. But I guess when they decide we're gonna display bigger images, we want them to have the high quality ones, okay? So we're gonna go 1200 pixels by 1200 and make sure RGB 72, click Create. Now we're gonna open up two images, File > Open, and in your source files they are called, where are they, 12A and B, okay? So these marquee ones, thank you, Alexandra and the Norwood things. So we're gonna start with this image here, 12A, grab the rectangle marquee tool, okay? Click and hold down and make sure you've got the rectangle marquee tool. This is a nice simple one, and you can draw at any sort of size you want, okay? And then we're gonna move it over to our image. Now to get it to be a perfect square, what I'd like to do is go to Select and go to Deselect. It kind of gets rid of that selection. And who can guess what key I'll hold down on my keyboard? That's right, it's Shift. So hold Shift down and kinda start anywhere up here. It gives me like a perfect square. It's gonna work for my Instagram. Okay, got it kind of cropped how I want. If it's not quite right, you can just hover in the middle of selection and move it around, okay, get it to where I want. And then all I'm gonna do is go back to my move tool. And we're gonna use the shortcut that we learned earlier. Remember the fun Tab game, you can copy and paste it, I won't. I won't come find you, but we'll do it the proper way. Click and drag, drag, drag, drag, drag, drag back to this original image here and then, the mouse down the whole time and let it drop into here. So what we're gonna do now is practice our scaling, so we're gonna go to Edit > Transform > Scale, gonna zoom out a little bit, okay? And I'm gonna grab the edge and I want it to come down proportionately, okay? It'll scale down, we're gonna hold Shift, okay, get it to kind of where I want, roughly there, where I want, roughly there. And then I can kinda drag the middle, don't drag this little thing, this little target, it's the kind of center of rotation. We don't need to mess with that, just drag anywhere about but there and kinda get it in the middle, okay? When you're ready, hit Return or Enter on your keyboard, otherwise things don't work. So that's the rectangle marquee tool. Drag things in a big rectangle or square by holding Shift, and you can copy and paste things. Let's go to 12B and just look at the very similar, okay, ellipse, okay? Elliptical marquee tool, it's gonna do exactly what you think it's gonna do, okay? I can draw out an ellipse, and I'm gonna go to Select > Deselect. And if I hold down Shift, it's gonna be a perfect circle. I'm just gonna kinda crop it there, okay? And we're gonna put our space inside of a coffee cup. So again, move tool, drag, drag, drag to this first tab. Holding down the mouse key the whole time and let go in the middle, too big, Edit >Transform > Scale. Grab the corners, hold Shift, drag anywhere but the target, I'm just gonna keep dragging it down until it's kind of in a, don't worry too much at the moment. The edges are a bit crisp, and we're gonna learn more and more features as we go along. This is, I guess, just a quick and easy thing to do. Now if you're finding it hard to move around cuz it's jumping around, I quite often just use my keys on my keyboard, okay? The arrows, so I'm just tapping the arrow key to the left and up a little bit, I zoom in, okay, you can see the edges aren't perfect here. We'll look at doing a bit more of that later in the course, okay? But stepping around when I'm ready, hit Return, zoom out, awesome. Looking cool, straight to Instagram. Okay, so that's losing the marquee tools, okay? The circle one, the ellipse one, sorry, and the rectangle one, nice and quick and easy. What I'd like you to do, though, is I'd love you to do your own version, okay? Find your own coffee cup or plate or bowl, something kinda looking from the top, and find your own image in the inside, okay? One thing you might find is I just happened to find an image that's a perfect circle, you might be on a more of an angle, okay? So you might do, with this layer here selected, go to Edit > Transform and scale it, and you might have to kind of distort it a little bit to fit in with maybe, the perspective of the image, okay? I'm not going to do this, so I'm gonna hit Esc, it's my undo key. And because you've got probably got access to Envato Elements, what I'd like you to do is, you don't have to pick, find a coffee cup in here as well, and I come into elements here and I typed in photos and used aerial, okay? I spelt it like Arial the font to start with but [LAUGH] okay? But some of these images, if you type in aerial, you can find some stuff that you can work with for your example that's kinda looking straight down from the top and yeah, find something interesting. Once you've got it, okay, find your own coffee cup, find your own aerial image, and see if you can combine them as practice. And then with your social media, Instagram posts just tag me in Instagram, okay? So I am @bringyourownlaptop, I'd love to see what you did. You can also edit to that forum we mentioned at the beginning there in Envato. You can look in the forums and if you search for Adobe Photoshop for beginners, you'll find our little shared group where you can share the things that you've been making. If for some reason you don't have access to Elements, try using unsplash.com, okay, and find some images in there. All right, friends let's get into the next video where we kinda do a bit of masking but it's a cheap trick, not a cheap trick, it is a good trick, quick and easy. Let's look at how to do that next in Photoshop.

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