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4.1 How to Work With Type

Moving on, in this lesson we’ll work with the Type Tool to create a simple postcard flyer. You will learn how to create the correct page size and dimensions for a printable postcard. You will also master using expanding and fixed-width type boxes for typing text.

4.1 How to Work With Type

Hi there, and this tutorial we are going to look at type in Photoshop. Now we are gonna create a little mini design project. It is gonna be a postcard Mother's Day Sale type of thing. And yeah, we are gonna explore type throughout. All right, let us get started. All right, so the first thing we're gonna do is, and let's say we've got an image we wanna use, right? Which is it's got a File Open. In your source files, it's called O7a, we're back, we've used this image before by Errol. Okay, let's click Open. And instead of trying to resize this into a postcard size, that's what people tend to do. Let's say you want to do something for like a US letter or A4, as they try and grab this and try and reshape it into the right dimensions. It's way easier in Photoshop to go to File, New, create the right size. Then drag that in, and use our cool little scale option to kind of resize it so it fits, it's definitely easier doing it that way. But you'll also find in Photoshop is that got some, you can just type in your inches along the top here. Or switching to centimeters or millimeters depending on which part of the world you're in. What we're gonna do is, we're gonna go to print, and there's some default templates in here. Okay, you can see this US, Letter, Legal, Tabloid, A4, click on this little View All Presets. And what I'm looking for is one in here called, it's not in here at all. Okay, it's in the Art & Illustration and it's this one here called Postcard. So now that's selected, it's done a few things, it's given it the right height and width. Know in different parts of the world there's actually different sizes, we're gonna use the US. What we're gonna do is we're gonna make it landscape, okay? Just for this one, we're not gonna change anything else. Just make sure yours looks like mine in terms of resolution and color mode, but we'll discuss that later on. Let's click Create. Now let's go and save this thing. And what you'll notice is that Save is grayed out, it's weird. Photoshop, it's one of the kind of quick. So Photoshop is, well you haven't done anything to this, so I'm not gonna save it. So if I grab the text tool and started adding text, it would start. Allow me to save or just go to File, Save As, okay? And I'm gonna give it a name. I'm gonna put it into my Source Files. And I'm gonna call this one, Dan's Postcard, postcard even. Let's click Save. Now we're gonna use our fancy trick we learned earlier in this course. We're gonna go to our image of flowers. We're gonna grab our move tool. We're gonna click hold drag, drag, drag, drag into the tab. Keep holding the mouse down, and then let go down here. All right, so it's the wrong size. Okay, I kind of did that on purpose so we can practice our resizing. And what we're gonna have to do is gonna look at rotating it as well. So make sure our layer here is selected. It's got the little icon, or the little thumbnail of our flowers. Let's zoom out, who remembers what the shortcut is? That's right command minus on a Mac control minus on a PC. We're gonna zoom out so we can see the ages like we did earlier. Let's go to Edit, let's get on to Transform, and let's look at Scale. Okay, and he's actually, reasonably the right size but I wanna rotate it around. So let's go to Edit, Transform, and it's gonna rotate, okay? And the same kind of thing, grabbing the corners, okay, and drag it around. Now remember when we did the scale will be held shift, and it would kind of resize it proportionately. holding shift in this case when we're using the rotate tool, okay? Just kind of locks it into 45 degree angles. Okay, so it's just nice little steps. So I'm gonna rotate mine around, so it looks like that. Now you go back to Scale, hit that Transform, Scale, grab the corner. Remember holding Shift, drag down, and let's get it to a sort of size like this. You can drag this into it afterwards by letting go, you can let go of Shift and just drag the center. Don't drag the little dot in the center, okay? It's just the center of rotation just won't do what you want, just drag anywhere else in here, and we can move it around. Okay, I'm not too worried too much about the ages of the moment. Okay, I just want to get it kinda lined up ish like that. Now remember, nothing works. Why is it not working? We've got a press Enter on your keyboard origin, okay, this key, I'm done. That's what I wanted to do. All right, so let's now add some text, okay? So down here is your text tool. Now actually the zoom in a little bit. Remember the shortcut is command plus on a Mac, control plus on a PC. Grab the Type tool, says capital T here, okay? And what you can do is, we're gonna learn there are kind of two ways of adding text. And the first way is clicking once, okay? And you can type in, and it just kind of goes for you. I'm just mashing away the keyboard to give you an instance. Now if your font is a whole lot bigger, or a different color doesn't really matter. What you might do is select it all, and change the font either over here. You can do it both places, the top or over here on the right down to something like ten point for this example. So that's one way of adding type. When you're finished, okay, you can go back to the move tool, and that kind of commits that change. And I wanna show you the other way of adding type. That's good for headings. So but if you've got some like say body copy that wants to go in, grab the Type Tool. And before you start typing, actually no, that's fine, okay? And is just a click hold and drag a box, okay? Whereas before we just clicked once, we started typing. This one we clicked held the mouse down, and drag that a box. What this is cool for is, I'm messing with the keyboard again. You can see it kind of breaks on two different lines. Okay, it's a good way of putting body copy. If yours is like mine, there's these massive big gaps in between the lines here. Okay, I'm going to select it all by using my title, and just kind of like drag up across all of us. And then over here on the line spacing, it is way too big. I'm gonna sit back to order, go. So let's look at styling some of these now. So those are the two ways of doing it. Clicking once and the other one is clicking and dragging the box, depending on what you need. But to finish this, go back to the move tool, great. So what I'm gonna do is, I've got these two layers, crazy leaders in them. And so this first layer here, actually, doesn't really matter what layer on. If you grab the type tool, click anywhere in this top part. I'm gonna select all the text, hit delete, and I'm gonna type in some proper text now. So yeah, we're gonna cover a few more text features, but now it's a little bit. We're doing a little bit of design work. Okay, so Mother's Day Sale, I'm going to select all the text. I'm going to make it white. Now you can see there's, I can use the color here or color there. I've got the text selected, I'm gonna put color. And in terms of choosing a color, you use this little slider to pick the hue. Okay, let's say you wanted pink, and then you click the upper pink. You can see here's my text and that color. You might have to move this out of the way to see what you're doing. What I want is white, and to get white is to grab this little dot that you've put anywhere. And just click hold, and drag it, drag it, drag it. And drag it kind of like wing to this corner, I drag it a little bit past means it gets all jammed up in the corner, and this perfectly white, click OK. I'm using Gehrman for my main one just because it's a font that you're likely to have as well. And so in terms of font size that makes me. What am I do is after day put a return in, okay? And if the spacing between the lines is not great, okay, we're gonna have to adjust it. The other thing we might have to do is this text here is kind of overlapping the one at the back. So let's grab this lamp, okay? Which is the top one there. We go by move tool, and I'm gonna say, come down a little bit, but he say, way down here. Back to Mother's Day, and I'm gonna drag you down a little bit. Awesome, don't worry if you you finding a little bit hard to read against the background with your phone. We're gonna add drop shadows, and a future video to this particular text. Let's look at a couple of advanced features. Let's grab the title. It's click once, okay, because I just want to text box that runs on forever. I'm just going to put in, let's say save the day, save the date, fonts little bit big, so you have to grab it all. Let's just make it a bit smaller, okay? And we live different or in the world, right? And so I'm in Europe at the moment, and it's different from where I'm from in New Zealand,okay? I get the second Monday, second Sunday in May in New Zealand, but it's not the same in Ireland here, which can be tricky. Sorry mom, the reason I'm doing this is I want to select all the text, okay? And I wanna make it capitals. I wanna change the font first. I'm gonna pick probably one you don't have. You can pick any font you like. I like Museo at the moment, okay, it's when you can download and buy from type kit. We're not gonna cover how to install fonts specifically just yet, but I'm gonna pick, yeah. Okay, so pick any font, and it's I wanna make it all capitals. So over here, you've only got some basic kind of features. You've got the fonts, the kind of font white. Basically, whether it's light or bold, and some other basic stuff. You got this Advanced button, it's not that advanced. Click on it, and it gives you kind of, I know some of the stuff that I'm used to seeing in a type panel. And the one that I want is this third one, and it says just make all caps. That's what I wanna do. I wanna drag the font down. Now another little tip for fonts, you can see it goes from 18 to 24. Like what if you want 20 you can just type it in there, and hit Return and that'll force it to be. Or the trick that I use quite a lot is doesn't matter if you using this one, or this one down here, close them back in. See this little icon here, you click and hold and drag on that icon. I'm just clicking, holding, and dragging left to right. If you got really so computer doesn't work that flash. But I'm dragging mine I find this this a little easier to work out well find one. Great, I've got mine down to 12 points, Okay? My move tool, and I click it, try and get there, grab my Mother's Day layer, and drag here, back there. And this last layer down here, okay, this crazy layer gonna move him right about there. Now I don't have specific text to go in here, so I'm gonna show you a little trick before we leave. I'm gonna grab the type tool, I'm gonna click in here. I'm gonna slick all these texts, I'm gonna hit Delete, okay? What we're gonna do is put in something called placeholder text or lorem ipsum. Now it's just a really common way of putting in placeholder text. I know that, let's say that I'm the designer in this job, and not the copywriter. And it's coming from the client, and I know it's not coming today. So I just wanna put some text in. So .type, come down to Paste, lorem ipsum. Now it's just Latin words that just mixed up, so that make any sense. And it allows you to design without there being in that kind of distraction of fake words. And then what I'm going to do is just delete, put it puts in a lots, [LAUGH] okay? So I'm deleting lots of mine. And just I've got a little bit of learn some in there. I'm gonna put in a couple of routines. Now I put it, florist, my florist. This is totally made up brand, okay, myflorist.com. It's probably a website, not mine. So I'm gonna sync all the text, and now you might wanna skip ahead cuz I'm just styling. Now looking white. Okay, what font am I gonna use and use that Museo again, I like that one. Museo, like Musiah rounded, it's really cool. Makes my move tool, and that's going to be, yeah, gonna be it for this particular course. The big thing to know is that you click once, you get a tight box that goes on forever. And if you click and drag, you get a box that has an outside, or a kind of a break at the end. A good tip is to select on the layer, and you might need to go into Avanced. now I don't think advanced is super nerdy stuff. Actually, this good usable stuff in there. And you also know if you toggle this so click keep clicking it. It switches between your advanced character and bounds paragraph. So if you're looking for indents, and other stuff, yeah, just keep clicking on this mesh away until you find the one you need. All right, my friends, let's finish this one, and get into the next video where we look at doing type on a path.

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