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6.1 How to Crop

Learn how to crop an image in Photoshop. First, we'll perform simple crops on images, and then we'll then explore how to crop images to specific dimensions for printing. Lastly, we will explore the magical “content aware crop” whereby Photoshop will magically create additional background imagery to fill in any empty space.

6.1 How to Crop

Hi there. In this video, we're gonna learn some basic cropping. But we're also gonna do some magic cropping where we take this image here. We want it to be landscape. And you can see here, when I do the cropping, there's some edges here that just don't exist. They've never existed in the world. But ready, steady we magic them up using the Crop tool. All right, so let's go and learn how to do that now in Photoshop. All right, to get started we're going to open up all three of our images. Okay, a nice little trick just to add to our super fantastic Photoshop skills is I'm just using my source window on minimax arts Finder. So I'm nothing to do with Photoshop. I can see Photoshop though. The look was if I click hold and drag all three of these guys just anywhere in the middle here, hey, they all open, click on Photoshop and here's my tabs. That's a nice easy way to get started. Let's start with this first one tin A, and it's be on our Crop Tool. Now the Crop Tool is about the fifth tool down, exactly the fifth tool down, grab it. Okay, and the basic use of the Crop Tool, just make sure the top here you're on this one here says WH and resolution like otherwise, if you've played with it before it can cause problems. So just make sure you're on that option, and you can grab any of the corners and resize it. When you're ready, hit Return. And that is copying. Okay, I'm go to either undo and give us a few extra skills. So back to the Crop Tool. Here it's kinds of dots on the outside and watch this, if I hover here, I can resize it. But if I hover just outside, can you see it goes from this like little straight arrow to being the arrow. I can click hold and drag. It's really strange if you're like, man, this is feels really weird. It is really, really weird. [LAUGH] Photoshop have decided this is the best way to do it. And it's just a nice way can you see my horizon line? It's actually perfect in this photograph. Okay, thank you, Annie. But you might want to adjust this one, okay? So I'm rotating around, hit return, and half of this weed crop. You're less likely to be making it a weed crop and kind of fixing it up, so it's straight, but know that you can rotate it that way. Now the next thing to do is let's say we want it to be a specific size. I always find we got to file new, make the document size you want and then drag it into it. We did that in an earlier video when we started looking at text in this course go jump and do that one. If you are interested in doing that method, okay? But a different way is to deal with in the image. Okay, so up the top here some basic kind of presets. Let's say I want kind of really traditional photograph size K. So five inches by eight. I click on it. And it gives me a little preview saying yeah, we're gonna have to trim off these areas to make that happen. The cool thing about that though is when I hit Return, I know it's perfectly gonna fit in say it's an art print and it's going into a frame, okay, it's gonna fit in the five by seven. If you need a different ratio, you can just type in at the top here. Okay, and if you need to flip it around, seen it the other way around, click on this little option here it goes from kind of portrait to landscape. If you needed to be a physical size, okay, you want it to be 200 millimeters or by 300 millimeters, you can go to this top option here height and width. Okay, and you can say I'd like you to be say, 300 and centimeters, okay. You should probably use millimeters but it's giving me that particular ratio topping the top and bottom off a little. Okay, to get out of this because I kind of wrecked it you gotta hit Escape twice on your keyboard okay escapes in the top left. Can we get back out of there? We can also hit clear because if you don't the next time so you don't crop anything for like two months you come back in, it's gonna remember those and it's gonna confuse you, okay? It's gonna be trying to do stuff, you're like why are you doing this weird shape? The next thing we'll do will be our super mega amazing thing in Photoshop. Okay, I love this feature. So what we're gonna do is we're going to, I want it to be my five by seven. Okay, I'd like it to be like to flip it around so it is landscape and the trouble with it like this is that obviously the crop is a little wrong. So I'm going to click hold and drag my image to kind of get it somewhere in the like. It's not. Its not quite working. And so I'll let go. Now, I can drag these edges and because it's locked into this ratio here, it's not gonna kind of bend any way it's gonna kind of resize nicely. Okay, so I'm going to get it to a point where like this and now I'm gonna drag, try not to drag this little dot here, drag anywhere else. Okay I'm gonna get to like here, want it to be like this. The only trouble with this kind of crop is that it was originally shot the other way around, so I need to landscape this extra gap here just gonna be blank. Unless super magic content aware. Okay, turn that on, it's a little underwhelming tick, but I'm ready for the magic, I'm gonna click the plus button or return on your keyboard. Give it a sec, get ready, whoa, magic double background. Cool okay, it's kind of done a little bit of weird stuff over here. Okay, but it's made it up new table, new table that side. It's pretty impressive. It doesn't work on all images all the time. We'll look at a couple of other examples but it is pretty amazing especially for this kind of like, I don't know it's got a gradient in the backgrounds and woodgrain has done a great job this side not so good the side but still pretty amazing. Let's look at another example. So this is 10b. Now the only trouble with our Crop Tool at the moment is that it's trying to do this thing, it remembers remember? Let's go back to with heightened rotation, make sure it's cleared, I say with heightened rotation. With height and resolution I'm gonna zoom out a little bit and I don't want this kind of like traditional kind of photography size. What I want is let's say I'm doing something for social media and it's like I'm doing a banner for Facebook. Okay, that kind of big banner right at the top there or say you're doing. I do a lot of HTML banner ads and they just got really weird sizes or maybe a double page spread easily to make it wider. Something like this. I chose this example bcuz it's gonna probably do well make sure Content Aware is tacked on, click the plus button or hit return the keyboard It just says really nice way of duplicating the background. Cool. This one did a perfect job cuz the backgrounds quite simple and what you'll find is nature's pretty good. Cuz I can kind of mix it around and do it stuff, do it in a nice kind of organic way, where it becomes quite troublesome as if there is like really linear lines. Let's have a look at this last example by Brooke. Okay and let's do the same thing. I'm going to grab my Crop Tool make sure content is on I'm gonna drag it out, okay? So, I've got just want a bigger option. Okay, nice little square. Hit Enter on my keyboard and give it a sec. And it's gotta do okay job. Already, I've already practiced. But it's gonna be a few things obvious, okay? So, hey we've got two lemons. That's a bit weird. I've got two of these. Okay, and the lines don't quite line up. This one's done. Okay, that bit looks good. Okay, so there are just times where this thing just doesn't work at all. It's done an okay job but it's a little bit obvious a few of these. Later on the course will do a bit more retouching where we'lll show you how to fix it up. Once you've got to this stage just to kind of get rid of double lemons, but yeah, it's I guess I want to show you with a really cool examples like this guy, and this one here that are pretty amazing job and then just show you an example that doesn't always work. All right, so that is cropping we did some rotating and then we turned on Content Aware Fill you might want to turn this off before you finish this class just so that we're not trying to do it all the time and turn it on purposely. All right, my friends, we will see you in the next video. What are we doing in the next video? We're talking about resizing and resolution.

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