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10.2 Content Aware Scale

In this lesson you will learn how to use content aware scale to resize images and let Adobe Photoshop fill in any missing background. What is content aware scale? It's a really useful technique if you need to resize an image in order to stretch it to cover a double-page magazine spread, social media posts, banner ads, or website slider panels.

10.2 Content Aware Scale

Hi there, in this video we're going to look at something called content aware fill. It is my second most favorite tool or feature in all of Photoshop. It allows to do fun things where I've got this extra space over here. This is the original image. I just need to magic up some background in. Pray pester. Let's look at another couple examples where this one here, actually the original is the smaller version, but the background got invented using Content Aware scale. A couple more examples that's the original I tighten them all together in about two seconds using the same tool. Let's look at this last one here, I've got a really terrible format, okay, it's a banner ad or a big little box image, can I need all this background in, magic, the table got bigger, background got bigger. Let's learn how to do this now in Adobe Photoshop. All right, to get started let's open up all of the 19 series that are in the source file, so there's 19, A, B, C and D. We're gonna start with this one here called from met Quinn. Okay, this lovely macro photograph of the bee, or wasp. And the original photograph ends here but we need it to be longer for let's say it's, when you end up blowing up photographs on a double page spread so like across the middle of a magazine across two pages. There's always this like gap on the edge here because the formats don't match up in terms of sizes, so we just need to make it a bit bigger. Now we could try using the healing brush and Clone tool stamp and there's lots of options but there's this magical tool. Remember my second favorite tool in this whole program, so the first thing we need to do is just make sure on the right layer it should be already layer zero. Bet naming then, then go to our magic tool under Edit, and go to Content Aware Scale, okay? I'm gonna Escape. If I just use the regular scale transform that we have I'm going to scale it out, and obviously it's not going to be particularly exciting. But if I use this one, it really hit it, content aware scale, and start dragging it slowly this way. Watch what happens. Magic? The background gets bigger. But the bee/wasp and flower stay exactly the same. When you've got it the way you want, hit enter and dance around because that is a super cool useful tool to use. Okay, so let's say we gonna use this one here. Okay, and now it's not gonna work in every instance, if you are like goodness that is it. That's the only tool I need. Okay, it works. I've picked some images that work particularly well. It works really good when there's an object and some generic background. If this was cropped in really kind of like this, really small like this, it's not gonna work very well, okay? So it doesn't work on all. Give it a test. And we'll look at a few examples now and see how to work it. So this one here, what we need to do for it to work is I need to go to Edit. And look, Content Aware Scale doesn't work on this image here. So we're in 19 B. We're looking at Katherine Hanlon's. So for this to work, we've run into this problem a couple of times being in the background, it's got a lock on it. So double click it with background give it a name, Helen's. And what we're gonna do is I'm gonna zoom out a little bit, okay? And I need to distinct, cuz I wanna make it say a Facebook profile. You know the type of Facebook where you've got the big, let's call it like a litter box kind of format, where it's kind of wide. So I'm gonna use my crop tool, originally in this one here I did that for you, okay? Remember we had it this size, okay? So I'm put it together this time. So using the crop tool, you can see here earlier we cropped things down, but you can actually crop things out, okay? So I'm cropping it out so that I've got this extra room here, I'm not going to get to go. Hit return when you got the crop right, with it same last selected, Edit, content aware scale, and then, start dragging. You'll see, our flower somehow stay magically while in a position and the wall gets bigger. Just super cool. Okay, let's hit enter to confirm it. Now you might run into a problem here where Crop tool, I'm going to click once, drag it up. So you want to make it bigger because you want to put some meaning some roof a text at the top here. The trouble with this one is that it's not going to work particularly well so it doesn't work in all cases. So watch especially dragging it up, the wall gets bigger, but eventually can you see the pots getting bigger? Okay, so there are times where it just doesn't quite work but it's still pretty cool. Who knew what that vase look like this time with art. Let's look at some other instances. Let's look at 19c. So we've kind of expanded things out and that's cool, but you can also so back to my move tool. Make sure double click this layer. This one here is Annie's, we've got a couple from here, this one and the next one. Okay? And let's say that this placements here, well, I guess I want to show you an example we can do it, continuous scale instead of going out which is super cool. Watch this, you can go in. Can you see the bottom guys, start moving in? There's magic and the shadows start distorting. And watch this, you can tighten all these guys together to make a nice, kind of a smaller group. Eventually it's going to start doing weird stuff, okay? But for slight adjustments like this, man, instead of trying to mask them all out and move them together, this is such a big time saver. Can I shrink ' down and spread ' out? I can, I can kind of reform this whole kind of composition here really quite easily. Hit return when you are finished and I will grab my move tool. My computer is gonna stress out. Okay, move tool, there we go. We've got this kind of like, little bit of distortion there but you get the idea right? Now let's look at this last one and get a little bit more hardcore because there are got to be times where everything looks perfect except for this one little thing. So I'm gonna do the same thing here, I'm gonna zoom out, here's my crop tool, okay? Because I want to do that little box again, I want to be quite big ish. I use this heaps when I'm doing, I do a lot of HTML banner ads which are just really weird shapes, you know that kind of really long, thin leatherboard or banner ad, or that skyscraper that's just really bad format. Okay, so reshaping images this way is perfect. So I've used the crop tool, make sure my name is not background. And I'm gonna go to edit, transform, I'm gonna go to edit, content aware scale, there's gonna be a bit of a problem look, you can see him the as the paper. So everything else is pretty amazing right? The desk just got bigger, the leaves stay fine, the scissors are great, that it couldn't work out this thing got a little lost in there. So we hit Escape, say I didn't mean it, and what we can do is we can protect bits of areas. So if you scale it out and it's not quite working, what you do is you collect any selection tool you like. Might be the, we can use the rectangle and Elliptical Marquee tool. We're gonna use our favorite, the quick selection tool. And I'm just gonna kinda draw box in there and it's super quick and easy, just kind of runs out and grabs the edges of this which is perfect. And I'm gonna go to Select Save Selection. Okay, so we need to do this step first. So we make any selection we like, we figure out the bad bets, go to Select, Save selection. You give the selection a name, A name, I never do, you should. Okay, I'm gonna go to Select, Deselect. So I'm done with that now. You just make your selections. It could be multiple selections. In my case it's just a little one. Now when I go to Edit, content aware scale, okay? And there's an option up here that says protect, drop that down, and it says, A name, that's the thing I wrote. Okay, and now hopefully its gonna protect that little selection. Hit return. My goodness, that is pretty amazing. I love it so much. Now we're doing pretty big examples here. We're dragging it quite far out to kind of show off a little bit, but you might be doing two smaller adjustments just to kind of make it a bit bigger or to fit your dimensions. Okay, drag it out, see if anything goes wrong. If something does go wrong, see if you can make a selection first. Save that selection then start dragging and use that protect feature. Now, another caveat for this one is that it's gonna work on 40% of your images perfectly. Okay, using the techniques we've learned here, there are some that just don't work, really kind of confusing backgrounds where maybe it's a crop in really tight of an object or a person. It doesn't work very well. So there are times where just doesn't work and it's never gonna work. But there are times where it's just a lifesaver and half a day's worth of Photoshop work can be fixed with Content Aware scale. All right, let's get on to one of the last videos where we look at exporting for all the different kinds of formats, web, social, print, all right, I'll see you over there.

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