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7.2 Working With Other People’s InDesign Documents

Hey there, this video is all about what happens when somebody sends me a file, okay? They send me an InDesign file and I open it, and there's lots of warnings. There's missing fonts, there is missing links, all sorts of stuff has gone wrong, what do I do? That is the topic of this section. Let's jump in. All right, so I've got nothing open at the moment. Okay, and somebody has sent us a file or said, here you go. You can use this file or let's say that you've joined a new company and there's a bunch of InDesign files lying around. Okay and you're going to open them and you're going to run into some issues. So let's work out that. Let's go to file open. Okay, and somebody has sent us in our exercise files there's an existing files folder and this one here, so we've been sent Interior Design Bifold Brochure. Okay we're gonna open it up and it's gonna have a couple of issues, okay, first is, it's missing the links, this is missing two of the images, there's only two images so it's missing them all. So click okay. And it's also gonna say I'm missing some of the fonts. Let's deal with the fonts first. Now's if you are lucky, which most of the time you're not, it means that it's gonna say, hey, you don't have the font, but we found them on Adobe Fonts, would you like to just activate them. So if you click activate and both of these things can be ticked. Okay you just click activate and the fonts will download and you will be fine. Okay, it's going to work for one of these. Let's click there, It's just going to download and you will notice that this is going to change in a second when it downloads. It should be this one as well, give it a second I'll fast forward it. You can see it's appeared up here its been activated, still thinking about it. There we go, can you see that it all updated. But the regular version of this same font isn't accessible on Adobe Fonts which is a pain. And this is going to happen to you a lot. So, how to get around this, you've got two ways of going. It's going back to the source. Say a colleague of mine sent me this. I'll say, hey can you send me the font that you were using. And hopefully they can send it to me, I have the license to be able to use it, okay, seems I have to go pay for this, okay? So that's one way of doing it. The other way is actually just replacing it with another font. So what I'm going to do is actually I am going to click on Find Fonts, okay? If you click Close, and it's still not working, okay, you can go back to the exact thing by going to Type, and going to Find Font. Doesn't matter whether you clicked it in the last window, or you've closed it and come back in here. You both end up with this little window, Find Font. You can see here, it says, all right, you can tell which one's not that one's missing cuz it's got the big Caution sign. So we can't find it. We haven't bought it. We just wanna switch it out for another font. So now we click on this one. And you can see here it's gonna replace it with something. And I can pick. I can go through here and say I wanna replace you with Museo, okay? And if I click Change All, it's gonna go through it and replace this font with Museo. I might replace it with Roboto cuz we've used it before. I'm going to use Roboto Regular, perfect, I'm going to go change all. Keep an eye in the background here, keep change all and watch what happens, done, and it looks very similar to what it was, but it's no longer a missing font. So phase one go find the font, either buy it or get it from the original designer, or go and switch it out. And you might ind before you actually found the font it was actually pink, okay, it might have been pink and highlighted, that's a visual cue, okay. You have to be in W, so Preview Mode to see the pink, and if you see that anywhere it just means you are missing a font, and you go to Type, and you go to Find Font. Find the one that's broken, you click on it and Replace With, down the bottom here. All right, so that's the fonts fixed up. Now let's look at the images. So W key with it on, you don't see some of these warnings. You can see the question mark at the top here, there's another one there. It disappears when the W key is on, okay? So we need to go through and find, they look like they're there, but they're not. We got a warning at the beginning saying, links are missing. To see our links, we can either go to our little link icon here which might be still on from the course, if you can't find it, go to Window, and open up links and it will pop up. Here you can see they both have little question marks saying missing fonts. So, we're gonna relink them, okay? It happens quite a bit when people are sharing files, okay, they'll send you files and they'll send you the image separately. And you just need to connect them back up. If you don't have the images, say somebody just sent you the InDesign file. They just sent you this thing but no images, you're going to have to go back to them. You can't magic them out. They're not actually built in to the InDesign file. They're separate. Okay, they are linked to the InDesign files. You're gonna have to go back to them and say hey, those images, can you send them to me please? Or you have to find new images, or if you have got them and they're just not connected up, click on the first one, go to this little option here that says, relink, so the second one in little linking icon. Click on him and go find them. I've got them hiding in here special for you. They're in existing files. There's a folder called images. You can see along the top here, this is the 883. That's that one. And let's click open. The cool thing about it is it's found other missing files in that same directory. So often say you open up a document it says you have 100 missing files, you'd be like, man, it's gonna take forever. It's almost there. Yeah, we link the first one. It'll go through and try and find the rest of them. It's pretty clever. So my files are ready to go now. And yeah the fonts are fixed and the images are fixed. The one other problem you might run into is right at the beginning, I should've mentioned it, is if you open up a file and it says, hey, can't open this file. It's made in a too newer version of InDesign. You're going to have to go back to the original creator and say, hey, can you save me a packaged file? So say you are using 2019 version right now, you, in front of you, but the person who made the file is using a lot newer version, somehow they're in the future, they've made a 2022 version. Okay, this version 2019 is not going to want to open it. So you have to go to them and say, hey, could you do the file package and where is it the file package like we did in the last session. Okay, package it up and you want to open up the IDML file that's the one that will open up in an old version so you'll be looking for where he is, we did that on our desktop when we did packaging. It's in that folder. Remember that guy? Okay, if the file you've been sent won't open, ask them to package it up and you double click the IDML file. One question I get a bit is I've got the pdf, can I start adjusting it in InDesign? No, if you've got a pdf, you can't start messing around with it in InDesign. InDesign doesn't open up pdfs it only opens InDesign files. A pdf is kinda like a squished version of it or it's not really editable. You do get stuck like that and you're like, I just need to change the date. Open the PDF up in Adobe Illustrator. That will kind of work, but no, you can't open a PDF in, InDesign, sorry. All right, one thing before we leave, I just noticed down here, you can see that it's all overset text. It's because we ended up picking up a different font. Remember we went, all right, we're gonna use Roboto. The font is actually wider. So I'm just gonna have to make sure that all of these things don't get me into trouble, okay? Because these text boxes weren't big enough to fit the Roboto. So keep an eye out for overset text. Is there any more in this document? No, it's not. It should give you a warning. There's more there. Okay, but just a little note when you are switching out fonts, they might not fit in the boxes provided. All right, that's definitely it. Let's get onto the next video, let's look at using templates.

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