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Where Is the Links Panel in InDesign?

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Do you know where to find the Links panel in Adobe InDesign? You might have seen it before, but maybe you can't find it now. If you're not sure where it is or how to use it, then this quick tutorial is for you.

I will show you where the Links panel in InDesign is located and how to reveal it if you can't find it. The Links panel is important because it can help you identify when a link is missing and what page the link is on. In this tutorial, you will learn where to find the Links panel and how to open the InDesign Links panel.

  • Where is the Links panel in InDesign?
  • How to open the Links panel in InDesign

What You'll Need

You can work in your own document if you prefer, but I'll be using these assets for this tutorial:

Step 1

Open the magazine template, install the fonts, and Place (File > Place) the gardener image on spread 28/29.

Placed image and installed fontsPlaced image and installed fontsPlaced image and installed fonts

Step 2

Find the Links panel located on the right panel dock. 

Links panel locationLinks panel locationLinks panel location

If the Links panel is not showing, go to Window > Links. You can use the Links panel in InDesign to update, relink, or remove the linked files. It's easy to use, and it provides a lot of useful features that make it easier for you to manage your links. You can see the list of all links in a document and then update, relink, or remove them.

Open links panel in indesignOpen links panel in indesignOpen links panel in indesign

Expand Your InDesign Skills

If you're looking for a way to enhance your InDesign skills, then this set of tutorials is for you. Now that you know where the InDesign links panel is located, let's dive deeper. You'll learn about all of the different tools that are available in InDesign and how to use them to create beautiful layouts. Whether you're a designer or a writer, these resources are perfect for you.

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