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8.2 Thanks for Watching!

Hi there, welcome to the end of the course. We made it, you made it, I'm here, well done. What can you do next? Next steps for you, this InDesign class is a goodgeneral overview of the software, but as you can imagine, there's lots more it can do. So remember, at Envato Tuts+, do a search for InDesign, and you will find lots of other maybe more specific courses on InDesign. The other thing you can do is on Envato Tuts+ here, do a search for my name, Daniel Walter Scott. I've got some other courses, if you're interested. There is one that is the same kind of format as this, or aimed at the same kind of level. There is a Photoshop for beginners, and Illustrator for beginners. Search for both of those, if that interests you. Other than that, that's the end. I will hopefully see you in another video. I hope you're enjoyed InDesign, and this course. Bye now.

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