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3.2 How to Use Adobe Fonts

Hey, everyone. This video, we're going to take our boring old fonts, sorry Arial, and transform it into these pretty fonts, or at least I think they're pretty. All right, let's jump in and I'll show you the world of Adobe Fonts. They're free, they're commercial us, there's loads of them, they come as part of your credit cloud license. My goodness, where are they? I'll show you in a sec. All right, to find these amazing fonts that Adobe have gifted to us, let's use our black arrow and let's click on the word discover. And before we start messing around with fonts, you really need to make sure that it's either, you notice in between videos I played around with my font size, couldn't help myself but, and no matter what font size it is, you just need to make sure the box it's in is big enough. So grab the black arrow move it, even though it's not lined up with anything, just so that there's a bit of space because if we start picking fonts that happen to be a bit bigger, it'll end up doing what we did in the last video, remember they got cut off? Okay, and we couldn't see them. That, by the way, is called Overset Text, okay? And you can kind of see that little red plus sign, okay, that's the visual indicator for that happening. Make sure it's big enough that you can see stuff. And in this 2019 version, of editor's really cool way of interacting with them. If in the past you've heard of something called Adobe Typekit, okay, that was the original name for this thing. It's now just cold plain old Adobe Fonts. Okay, so we've got the selected, I can see my character. If you can't see character, you might have to highlight your text with the title, okay, but I can see mine fine. Just drop this down and this window appears, okay? Fonts, this little icon here, or this little button here, is the fonts that are on your machine, okay? You'll have some, okay. This one that says find more, is a magic button. Click on it. Cool thing about them is that this is looking at Adobe's, not your fonts, okay, and they have loads of t hem. Now if your internet connection is super slow, mine's reasonably slow and it keeps up okay. If yours is super slow, or you're offline, this feature's not gonna work, okay, cuz what it does is you're gonna pick a font, and it's basically Adobe gonna download it for you. So, couple things, you can just hover, you can see, let's pick that font there. Can't even pronounce that font, so I'm going to work with Abolition, did I say that right? [INAUDIBLE] I can say that one. Okay, so you can move through these fonts, and it's cool? These are just fonts that you're allowed to use commercially, on the house from Adobe. Cool? The one thing to note is, see this one here, Abigail? You can see it's not appearing, what's wrong with it? It's that same problem. Can you see my little plus there, it means that this box is not big enough, that font is just ginormous. So, we go back into it, I made the box is bigger and I go in Find More. Yeah fine, there we go, you can see it fits now, so I can see it. So let's make sure the box is big. I love Abril, Abril Fatface, you don't need to do anything, just hover above them. If yours is not working, it means your internet connections are super slow or you're not logged in to your creative cloud account. If that's true, it's either using an early version of Indesign and this doesn't exist, or I go into Help, okay? You can see in my case I am logged into my account, okay? If yours says log in, it means it doesn't know who you are, and you should log in, and try to remember that Adobe password that you've forgotten, okay? So just make sure you're logged in, and this stuff will work. So to activate the font, so Find More and you could scroll through here to get a font to work. And let's pick one crazy font that's easy to see. No way, Jose. Okay, I feel like that's, it's on the cover of lots of like tourist magazines, all right? Discover Southeast Asia or New Zealand or Australia. Anyway, what you can do is you can click on it, okay, and it just downloads it magically in the background. And it's ready to go. Cool? If your Internet connection, again, is real slow it'll take a little bit of time but it will download eventually. If it's still not working, like this interaction's being blocked by a firewall at work or something, you can go to fonts.adobe.com, and you can get them that way. And it's like a Web interface. It's not as easy as this. Other things you can do with these Adobe fonts or even your own fonts. Okay, so it doesn't matter whether you're using Fonts or Find More. So your computer, Adobe's ones, this filters appears on both of them, and it's pretty spectacular. So let's say that you're a designer like me and you've downloaded a zillion fonts in the last, I don't know, 15 years I've borrowed and or appropriated fonts from all sorts of places. And what I wish is I had the time to go through and kinda like tag them like all handwritten fonts in a group, something like that. Adobe, magically, with your own fonts, go filters and you can say actually show me the handwritten ones. And it's gone through my particular computer and shown me all the fonts that look like they're handwritten. It's too good. And if you go to Find More and do the same thing, and say actually, I wanna see the handwritten ones, you'll see there are lots, okay? When you like one hover above it, it's showing me over here, okay, and I can just click it to download it. There's options in here for, let's say I want a serif font that has the little feet off the edges. But I want a serif font but I want a condensed width one, so it's narrow. You can see it there, look at that, super narrow. But let's say I wanted this but I also wanted to have, not the numbers that drop down. Can you see these old style figures where the weird numbers drop off the side? You don't wanna pick a font for a company that has those weird numbers. You can click ones that only fonts that are serif, that are narrow, that have numbers that all sit on the base line nicely. There's lots of different options in here, so go through, click on them, you can clear them all. What I want to do is I want to go and actually search for one. All right to search for one what you can do is kind of, it's not in here, can I click out? Click right on this thing. And instead of using the drop down just type it in here. So I'm gonna delete whatever was there. The one I want is Linotype, and it was called DDOT. So hopefully you can read that there. So just delete what was in there and just type in. You can see it's not found anything in my machine, but if I go to Find More it still didn't find it. I'll just type in DDOT. There it is DDOT. Find More, so don't type in Linotype, they've called it LT for Linotype. So DDOT, I want, basically, Pro Bold, Bold Italic, Headline, Italic, and Roman. So I'm just gonna go through and click that one, Activate, don't show again, that's quite repetitive. I'll get you, you, you don't have to get this font, you can just click on any font you like except for Comic Sans and Brush Script. You are forbidden to use these ones for no good reason other than I don't like them. You're allowed to like them. You can see at the top there it's activated three fonts, okay. The other fonts we're gonna download one called Roboto. So that same thing again and I click on it. I'm gonna say down here, delete all that. Just type Roboto. I already have this one installed so it's appearing under my fonts. But if yours, it probably doesn't, go to Find More and then start downloading the ones you want. There's lots in terms of Roboto. [LAUGH] So maybe pick just the Bold, Black. Forget all the Condensed, maybe get the Light version and maybe the Medium. So Medium, Light, Bold and black, just for this course. We're gonna use, you can see it's quite a plain font. We need a body copy font and that DDOT is going to be our more, kind of flamboyant hitting font. So in terms of good body copy fonts, Arial and Helvetica and Calibri are all ones that are kind of default in our world, right? Word dishes them up, and they're fine, there's nothing wrong with them. But if you're looking for something with a little bit more special, a little bit more designery, not a word, but Roboto is a nice good one, okay? And another one that gets used really often is something called Open Sans. Okay, it's another real good body copy one, or Source Sans. Write that down cuz you might pick Open Sans for this one and for another client or another job you just want something a bit different, Source Sans, Open Sans, or Roboto, are really good, just kind of getting started body copy fonts. Easy to read, has lots of different languages in them as well. All right, so we're gonna go and apply them. So this guy here, I'm going to make him the DDOT and he's gonna be DDOT, which one? Just kind of scrolling through them to find the one I want. Pro that was already on my machine, so I'm just gonna use Pro Bold. Font size, this is up to you. Depends on my size of my word in this case. That's gonna work for me. I've got mine up to 78 and I'm gonna shrink this box in a little bit so it's a bit more usable, and here's a New Zealand I'm gonna use that contrasting font. Often, it's good practice just to have two sets of fonts, kind of a hitting font and a body copy font. Mine's gonna be Roboto. I'm just typing it in down here, and I'm gonna use Roboto Light. You might be like, that looks exactly like Arial, Dan. Yeah, it does, I am not gonna argue with you. I just, I like different fonts. So, and what I'm gonna do is, I'm just kinda moving this around. One thing, a little tip is, you're getting it closer, it really wants to snap to things, which is normally really cool, and you're like, stop snapping! If you kinda click on it with your black arrow, just use your keyboard. I'm just looking down at my keyboard here, there's up, down, left, and right arrows, the cursor keys, okay, you can just use those to tap things around just to kinda get it where you want. I'm gonna extend the tracking on this, which is tracking is the space between letters. So over here, that's the tracking and I'm gonna increase it up a little bit, a lot, too much. There's no official rules on how much you can stretch something out. It'll depend on the size of font you're using, the kind of font, and how, I don't know, designery you wanna be. All right, so I'm now just gonna resize the pink box, try and get it to the right sorta size. I'm aligning everything with this margin, because it's gonna to add some [INAUDIBLE] visual consistency to this document. And I'm gonna start moving it all down, so I'm gonna say you. It's really hard sometimes. So see that this box here is right on the top, I'm gonna move it so I can click on the pink box easy. And this is gonna bring up a big point. I wanna move them all down in one go. How do I do that, okay? Cuz I can do them all separately, but it's a pain, okay? So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click on the pink box first. And then I'm gonna hold down my Shift key, that's both Mac and PC, hold down Shift and click on the word New Zealand once. You can kinda see it's got both of them selected, okay, I can move them down as a little group. If you want them to stay as a little group forever, you can go to layout, and you can go to this one, no, you go to Object and you can go to Group, okay? There's a shortcut, Cmd+G or Ctrl+G on a PC. I don't want them to be together forever cuz I'm not too sure where they should go. Okay, I'm dragging Discover back. Now what was the key I needed to I wanna get rid of all this junk around the outside so I can see it all? Remember? W. Okay and you can kind of see New Zealand is not quite in the middle there. There we go. Nicer there. All right, so those are Adobe fonts. They're kind of weirdly hidden. Remember, click on Text in there, and it's just this Find More. If you have turned on Filters, just so you know, if you turn on Filters, turn on Crazy Filter, okay, Decorative Fonts, it will be on every time you go in there. So if you're in there, you're like, man there's some weird fonts, it's because you've left one of the filters on and it stays on, so make sure you clear all. Click off from the background here. It's looking nice. You might have watched this video and gone, awesome, I can't change my font cuz you've got a corporate font and you're never allowed to change it cuz it's been Arial since the dawn of time. But if you end up doing your own project, you get to pick your own fonts. If you can't find your corporate font in there, you need to find it from your designer, ask them to send it to you, or you need to go and buy it. If you're gonna buy a font, something like myfonts.com is a really common place to go buy fonts. I wouldn't be buying fonts anymore, now that Adobe have given us all these free fonts, okay, unless a client comes to you and say we use Garamond, and you have to use it because that's our corporate font. And if I don't have it, I'll go to my fonts and I'll check it's not in the Adobe fonts first, and if it isn't, I'll go off and buy it using something called myfonts.com. There are competitors to that, but that's where I go. All right, that is enough fonts for one video. Let's get into the next video where we start adding images. Bring on the images.

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