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Typography in 60 Seconds: What Is Kerning, Tracking, and Leading?


Make your text look great! Learn how to fix letter-spacing and more in this quick video.

Typography in 60 Seconds: What Is Kerning, Tracking, and Leading?

Designers are very detail oriented. We know the importance of space in design, especially when dealing with typography. And you can learn how to fine tune the spacing of your work by studying some basic typography terms.

Got a minute? Master these terms by following along with our quick lessons! Learn more about kerning, tracking, and leading in this video below.

What Is Kerning?

Kerning is both a typography term and a process. It not only refers to the spacing between two letters, but is also defined as the process of adjusting these spaces manually. Kerning is best used when adjusting logos, headlines, and typographic compositions.

What is Kerning - Definition

What Is Tracking?

Also known as "letter-spacing", Tracking refers to the overall spacing of letters (and not just two characters), allowing you to adjust the spaces in any text uniformly.

What is Tracking - Definition

What Is Leading?

Last but not least, to add more space between the lines of a paragraph you'll need to adjust the Leading. Increase the number for a quick double spacing effect or for more readability.

What is Leading - Definition

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