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The Best Alternatives to the 10 Most Popular Fonts

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We see them on a daily basis—these popular fonts are everywhere! Check out this article to find hand-picked alternatives to some popular fonts.

Alternatives to the 10 Most Popular Fonts

If you are into fonts, you’ll know that the most popular can become ubiquitous. 

Thankfully, Envato Elements and Graphic River have some great alternatives. We looked at the characteristics of these popular fonts and found their match. These alternatives are beautifully designed, high-quality fonts with, in some cases, many weights to choose from! 

Try updating your design look with these alternatives for a unique style, and you might just start a new trend! 

1. Fonts Similar to Helvetica

Helvetica has been a widely used typeface ever since its release in the 1960s. Here are some typefaces that share the same characteristics and aren’t as overused.

BW Nista Grotesk

Bw Nista is a clean, modernist sans serif font family that provides a neutral tone of voice. It comes in three different sets, each with subtle features portraying different personalities. This typeface is just as functional as the famous Swiss style, thanks to its strict, rational shapes.

The set includes seven weights with matching obliques. It supports European Latin languages, ligatures, old style and tabular figures.

Nista GroteskNista GroteskNista Grotesk
Bw Nista Grotesk

RNS Sisma

RNS Sisma is a workhorse sans serif typeface comprised of nine weights and some alternates. It is neutral yet bold, perfect for getting a message across. 

RNS SismaRNS SismaRNS Sisma
RNS Sisma

2. Fonts Similar to Futura

Futura is an intense, geometric typeface and one of the most recognisable. It was introduced to promote the modern age to the masses in the 1920s.

Noir Pro

Noir Pro is a sans serif font influenced by the early 20th century geometric typefaces. The set ranges from light to heavy weights. This typeface is suited for any job! 

Noir has a rich arsenal of Open Type features for highly professional use and extended Latin, Cyrillic and Greek language support.

Noir ProNoir ProNoir Pro
Noir Pro


Lorin is inspired by classic geometric fonts with extra personality. It focuses on aesthetic quality typography. It is suited for any type of application.

The font comes in four weights, with formats compatible for web.


Electro Sans

Electro Sans is a minimalist typeface with a modern take inspired by geometric forms from the 1920s. It's perfect for headlines and portfolios.

Web fonts are included in the set.

Electro SansElectro SansElectro Sans
Electro Sans

3. Fonts Similar to Gotham

Gotham was inspired by architectural signs popular in the mid-twentieth century throughout New York. It is mostly known from Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Below we share some typefaces that have the same characteristics with a new spin. 


Catesque is designed with a large x-height, making it highly legible at any size. The typeface is fresh and versatile, perfect for any application. 

The typeface comes in five weights and matching italics.


Bw Modelica

Modelica is a beautifully designed typeface based on geometric shapes. It is minimal and strong, suited for any purpose.

It’s available in four widths, each containing eight weights with matching oblique italics (that’s 64 styles in total!).

Bw ModelicaBw ModelicaBw Modelica
Bw Modelica

4. Fonts Similar to Times New Roman

Times New Roman, used by The Times, is one of the most influential typefaces in history. Its large x-height and short ascendants and descendants make it highly legible on body text. 

Zimra Serif

Zimra shares the same features as Times New Roman. It has a large x-height and short ascendants and descendants. If you are looking for a timeless typeface, this is a beautifully designed option.

The set features five weights and includes web format.

Zimra SerifZimra SerifZimra Serif
Zimra Serif

Cammron Serif

Cammron is a modern serif font family. This is a great alternative to Times New Roman because of its legibility. The large x-height makes it look very spacious and light. 

The set features four weights, including a web font kit.

Cammron SerifCammron SerifCammron Serif
Cammron Serif

5. Fonts Similar to Avenir

Avenir is an organic interpretation of the geometric style fonts from the 1920s. This font is on the pricey side, so here are some smartly designed options. 


BERLIN is a minimal typeface designed to perfection. This typeface has won a spot on the Envato Elements list of best fonts of the year in 2017. BERLIN is suited for creating headlines—just add some tracking and you will be in love! 

The set comes with three weights, with all formats including web fonts.


Bergen Text

Bergen Text has been carefully crafted to improve readability and legibility at small sizes. The typeface is geometric, but it has a very palpable, adorable personality. 

Bergen Text is a family of six fonts. While being a small font family, it has plenty of OpenType features for highly professional use. It includes Extended Latin, Cyrillic (with a Bulgarian character set) and Greek language support.

Bergen TextBergen TextBergen Text
Bergen Text

6. Fonts Similar to Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova is a mix of classic geometric proportions and a contemporary feel. Here we have a few options from Envato Elements. 


SIGNIA Pro is a modern Sans Serif typeface inspired by European city street lettering styles. On a page, this typeface looks fresh and modern.

SIGNIA Pro features two weights, regular and bold. The set also includes Web Fonts.



Is a unique condensed typeface. It is in a grotesque style that lends impact to your design.

The Morton Type Family is available in nine weights.


7. Fonts Similar to Century Gothic

Century Gothic is a sans serif typeface in the geometric style. It has a high x-height and the characters are wide, giving it a signature spacious look.

Silver Thread

Silver Thread is a hairline thin geometric sans serif font. It has Art Deco and 1970s elements to it. It's perfect for any project that needs a typeface which evokes elegance and sophistication. 

The font contains alternate versions for added variety.

Silver ThreadSilver ThreadSilver Thread
Silver Thread

Liber v2

This typeface is built on the mathematical purity of geometric circles and squares. While its roots are traditional text fonts, it is redesigned for modern use. This linear sans is highly legible and harmonious, making it suitable for headlines or body text. 

The set features ten weights.

Liber v2Liber v2Liber v2
Liber v2

8. Fonts Similar to Impact

Impact is a hard-to-miss font. It was originally designed to, like its name, have an impact. Below we have some options from Envato Elements that share the similar characteristics.


Schmalfette is a digital revival inspired by the typeface Schmalfette Grotesk from the 1950s. Its tall height, heaviness and condensed characteristics make it a great alternative to Impact. Whenever you need to make a bold statement, Schmalfette will be here to do the job. 

Schmalfette offers support for all Latin based and most Eastern European languages.


Bw Stretch

Bw Stretch is great for both display and body text purposes. The compressed style is inspired by wood-block designs. The best part of this typeface is the disruptive titling alternates that expand the width dramatically. It's perfect for when you need an extra kick in your headlines!

The package includes eight weights from Thin to Heavy, covering all European Latin languages. The set is completed by small/petite caps, fractions, case-sensitive forms, discretionary ligatures, and disruptive titling alternates.

Bw StretchBw StretchBw Stretch
Bw Stretch

9. Fonts Similar to Trajan

Trajan is a classic typeface inspired by Roman Square Capitals. It is well known for being used in many movie posters. For an alternative, try Praetoria:


Praetoria is meant to be used at a larger point size. It was inspired by the Roman square capitals used in ancient Rome. Some of the lowercase letters are fictitious variations of their uppercase counterparts. A few others are borrowed from the Russian and Greek alphabets.


10. Fonts Similar to Didot

Didot is a group of typefaces developed in the 1800s by a famous French printing family of the same name.

It features a strong contrast between thick and thin strokes, resulting in an elegant font. It has been used on Vogue’s cover since the 1950s due to its classic, timeless feel.


Domani, by Jason Walcott, is a digital revival of an old typeface called Didi. It has some unique design details that set it apart from other Didone style typefaces. It has thinner strokes compared to the classic Didot and heavier terminals.

Walcott has created a professional-quality digital version that is faithful to the original design while expanding the character set to make use of OpenType features.

The set supports Latin-based and most Eastern European languages.



Giaza is a multilingual Didone style typeface. It features smooth curves and subtle indentations, perfect for fashion applications.

The set contains 650 characters, 190 character swashes, Everted & Inverted Alternates, Discretionary Ligatures, Ornaments, Oldstyle Numeral Alternates, and Standard Alternates.



Gokú is a multilingual typeface, initially designed as a stencil font. A very stylish font with heavy strokes and terminals. 

The set includes an array of ligatures, glyphs, and alternates. Bold lines, subtle curves and improved legibility make it perfect for any application.



Looking for more alternatives to a specific font? Let us know in the comments below!

This list of typefaces aims to show that there are many high-quality alternatives to popular fonts. These are excellent resources for any designer’s toolbox.

For more high-quality fonts, be sure to check out Envato Market and Envato Elements. Let us know your favourite typeface in the comments! 

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