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Fonts Similar to Century Gothic

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If you love the geometry and simplicity of Century Gothic, you're going to be very excited by the collection of fonts we're showcasing today, which are all font styles similar to Century Gothic but with their own unique flair.

Axon fontAxon fontAxon font

What Is the Century Gothic Typeface?

Century Gothic is a geometric sans-serif typeface based on a font called Twentieth Century created by Sol Hess between 1936 and 1947. 

Century Gothic was released by the company Monotype Imaging—the same company that owned the Twentieth Century typeface—in 1991. The designers maintained the basic design of Twentieth Century but enlarged the 'x' height and added other modifications to ensure a suitable output for modern digital systems. 

So what does the Century Gothic font look like? Check out the illustration below:

Century Gothic fontCentury Gothic fontCentury Gothic font
Century Gothic

Century Gothic is often used on movie posters and for TV shows because with its mix of a high x-height and a steady weight, it's easy to read both in print and on screen.

There are many fonts that harness the simplicity and clean lines of Century Gothic. Let's look at a few.

18 Fonts Similar to Century Gothic

Palas (OTF)

Palas fontPalas fontPalas font

Palas is a bold typeface that’s designed for headlines and posters. Palas comes with four weights, and it bears the hallmarks of many fonts like Century Gothic. Download it today and see how it looks on your next project!

Clarity Nuvo  (OTF, TTF, WOFF, SVG)

Clarity Nuvo fontClarity Nuvo fontClarity Nuvo font

Like the Century Gothic typeface, Clarity Nuvo is a clean sans-serif typeface that's both modern and simple. The typeface comes with a total of ten fonts spread between five weights—thin, light, regular, bold, and heavy— featuring five non-italics and five italics for each weight. With a similar clarity to the Century Gothic font, Clarity Nuvo is a perfect choice for web, print, and any display use. 

Equinox Typeface (OTF, TTF)

Equinox TypefaceEquinox TypefaceEquinox Typeface

Equinox captures the modern minimalism of the Century Gothic font to perfection. Though it doesn't offer lowercase characters, those looking for a simple and legible display font will be more than satisfied with this collection of uppercase multilingual letters, numbers, punctuation, and alternate letters. 

Axon (OTF, TTF)

Axon typefaceAxon typefaceAxon typeface

Harness the spirit of the Century Gothic typeface when you use Axon, a minimalist sans serif typeface that offers four different weights and is an excellent choice for magazine layouts, invitations, headers, and large-scale artwork.

Bergen Grotesk Font (OTF)

Bergen Grotesk FontBergen Grotesk FontBergen Grotesk Font

Any designer looking for fonts like Century Gothic is bound to be drawn to Bergen Grotesk. It’s a beautifully designed typeface with a neutral style that makes it, as the designer claims, “a universal weapon”: suitable both for headlines and body text. It comes in four different widths and includes alternate glyphs, fractions, arrows, ligatures, and more.

Sheylla Sans Serif Typeface (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Sheylla Sans Serif TypefaceSheylla Sans Serif TypefaceSheylla Sans Serif Typeface

If you’re looking for an interesting twist on Century Gothic, download Sheylla Sans. It has many similar characteristics, but with a more condensed style for many of the characters. This makes it perfect for magazines, business flyers, or other print layouts where space is at a premium.

Chronograph (OTF, TTF, EOT, WOFF, SVG)

Chronograph typefaceChronograph typefaceChronograph typeface

Check out the Chronograph Bold sample in the image above. It’s a good match for Century Gothic Bold, and the other three styles are also excellent alternatives. Use it for a clean, legible headline if you want to command attention.

Adriell Typeface (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Adriell TypefaceAdriell TypefaceAdriell Typeface

This sans serif typeface comes in five weights—regular, medium, outline, bold, black—that can be used for a myriad of purposes including magazine titles, quotes, stationery, logotypes, headlines, banners, templates, and more. The font includes upper and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and non-English characters. 

Maxwell Sans Small Caps Light (OTF, TTF, WOFF, SVG)

Maxwell Sans Small Caps LightMaxwell Sans Small Caps LightMaxwell Sans Small Caps Light

Maxwell is a clean, condensed sans serif typeface inspired by the same period that the Century Gothic typeface was created in. Unlike the Century Gothic typeface, Maxwell offers uppercase characters only, but like Century Gothic it offers a full range of weights from ultralight to bold. 


QARTELLA typefaceQARTELLA typefaceQARTELLA typeface

Qartella Typeface is one of many fonts like Century Gothic that are geometric and easy on the eye. This clean sans serif is a perfect display, branding, and logo font and will retain excellent legibility in print as well as on the web. 

Proximity Sans (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Proximity SansProximity SansProximity Sans

Whether you're looking for fonts like Century Gothic bold, Century Gothic italic, or Century Gothic regular, Proximity Sans won't disappoint. This beautiful sans serif font is perfectly suited for posters, logo design, banners, web design, and more. It comes in five weights and includes upper and lowercase characters, numbers, and punctuation. 

Bensoud (OTF, TTF, WOFF, SVG)

Bensoud typefaceBensoud typefaceBensoud typeface

Looking for fonts like Century Gothic to create a poster, logo, branding, or for web design? Then Bensoud is a terrific option, It offers uppercase-only characters, numbers, and punctuation, in a weight that's reminiscent of the regular weight Century Gothic font. 

Grafic (TTF)

Grafic fontGrafic fontGrafic font

Grafic makes for a great alternative to the Century Gothic typeface because of its simple, clean, modern appeal. Use it on its own, or try pairing it with a script or decorative font for an interesting effect. This would be a great typeface for a poster, logo, album cover, or other purpose.

Rhino Bold Font (OTF)

Rhino Bold FontRhino Bold FontRhino Bold Font

Like many fonts similar to Century Gothic, Rhino is a clean, bold, versatile typeface. It comes with seven different fonts and is designed to work well at large and small sizes. Use it for headlines, branding projects, or simple, easy-to-read body text.

Echo Grotesque Light (OTF)

Echo Grotesque LightEcho Grotesque LightEcho Grotesque Light

Like the iconic Century Gothic typeface, Echo Grotesque is a high-quality sans serif that’s built on the foundations of elegance and readability. Its open counters, light weight, and clean design make it a perfect choice for highly legible body text, but you could also scale it up for use in headlines, posters, and more. It comes with plenty of ligatures, alternates, kerning pairs, swashes, and stylistic sets.

LEANER Extended (OTF, TTF)

LEANER ExtendedLEANER ExtendedLEANER Extended

For a high-impact alternative to Century Gothic Bold, try Leaner Extended. This bold, all-caps typeface would be perfect for an attention-grabbing headline or logo. It comes with an impressive 363 glyphs, plus diacritics, numbers, and punctuation.


ACCESS typefaceACCESS typefaceACCESS typeface

If you're looking for fonts like Century Gothic, then ACCESS is not to be missed. Another modern sans serif typeface with clean lines and geometric shapes, it comes in five weights: light, normal, bold, extra bold, and distorted.

Discover More Font Alternatives

I hope this article has given you plenty of examples of font styles similar to Century Gothic that you could use in your projects. But if you're still looking for more fonts like Century Gothic, then be sure to check out the thousands of sans serif fonts at Envato Elements. You're sure to find plenty of fonts that you'll love. 

And if you want more awesome font inspiration, try some of these articles:

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