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22 Cool Symbol Fonts (Dingbats and Icon Fonts)

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When you're looking for cool fonts and symbols, head to Envato Elements.

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22 Cool Fonts and Dingbat Symbols 

1. Crafter Delight Dingbats Symbols Font (OTF, TTF, WOFF)

Crafter Delight Dingbats FontCrafter Delight Dingbats FontCrafter Delight Dingbats Font

There are so many fun curls, twists, and embellishments included in this dingbats font. Try adding them to a design, or use them on their own to create a fun, bouncy aesthetic.

2. Advertis Ornament Flourish Font (TTF, OTF)

Advertis Ornament Flourish FontAdvertis Ornament Flourish FontAdvertis Ornament Flourish Font

Prefer strict flourishes? Then you're going to love this set of dingbats. Add them to stationery designs, letterheads, T-shirts, and much more. This one could work well as a Cricut font too!

3. Amorie Font Elements: Borders (OTF, WOFF)

Amorie Font Elements - BordersAmorie Font Elements - BordersAmorie Font Elements - Borders

Here's a dingbat font that's specifically dedicated to decorative borders. Try adding them to corners or between parts of your copy, to break up the composition. 

4. Lale Dingbat Font (OTF)

Lale Dingbat FontLale Dingbat FontLale Dingbat Font

This awesome, pictorial dingbats font has so many extras. You can combine letters to get alternatives. This is an awesome font for creating patterns too.

5. Nibbles Food Dingbats Icon Font (OTF)

Nibbles Food Dingbat FontNibbles Food Dingbat FontNibbles Food Dingbat Font

If you're looking for icons, check out this icon font. It contains a huge collection of food-themed icons that you can easily use and scale. Just type the corresponding letter on your keyboard.

6. Lovingly Symbol Flourish Hearts Dingbats Font (TTF, OTF)

Lovingly Symbol Flourish Hearts FontLovingly Symbol Flourish Hearts FontLovingly Symbol Flourish Hearts Font

Isn't this heart-themed set of dingbats cute? They could be perfect for greeting cards, invitations, Valentine's Day projects, and much more. 

7. Lonssa Ornament & Butterfly Symbol Fonts (OTF)

Lonssa Ornament & Butterfly Symbol FontsLonssa Ornament & Butterfly Symbol FontsLonssa Ornament & Butterfly Symbol Fonts

Lonssa Ornament & Butterfly Symbol Fonts is a set of dingbats that has such a romantic vibe. Choose from illustrative elements like flowers and other embellishments, or try out a decorative frame.

8. Amorie Dingbats Font: Lines  (OTF, WOFF)

Amorie Font Extras - LinesAmorie Font Extras - LinesAmorie Font Extras - Lines

Here's another stylish dingbats font. This time, it's a huge collection of lines, including dividers, arrows, and more. They're hand-drawn, so they have a beautiful organic aesthetic.

9. Appareo Extras: Cool Text Characters (Frames, Banners, and More)  (OTF)

Appareo ExtrasAppareo ExtrasAppareo Extras

Here is another set of fun extras, perfect for bringing some texture to your work. Use them as line breaks, borders, frames, and more in your designs. There's so much to choose from.

10. Signals CPC SVG Color Dingbats Font (OTF, SVG)

Signals CPC SVG Color FontSignals CPC SVG Color FontSignals CPC SVG Color Font

This is a color font based on maritime signal flags. Isn't that a creative idea? Choose from a wide variety of options; since it's a color font, you get the true-to-color symbol.

11. Wirebet Icon Font (WOFF)

Wirebet FontsWirebet FontsWirebet Fonts

The author of this icon font has called Wirebet a combination of wireframe and alphabet. It's a fun idea, right? Use these icons for mocking up and creating your web design ideas.

12. Amorie Dingbats Symbols Font: Flourishes (OTF)

Amorie Font Elements - FlourishesAmorie Font Elements - FlourishesAmorie Font Elements - Flourishes

Flourishes can be such a fun addition to a design project. In this case, these swirls and curls would be a lovely addition to a hand-drawn aesthetic or DIY project.

13. Lunchbox Ornaments (Cool Text Symbols) (OTF)

Lunchbox OrnamentsLunchbox OrnamentsLunchbox Ornaments

If you're looking for an all-around collection of symbols and ornaments, give this awesome dingbats font a try. There are banners, flourishes, arrows, and more.

14. Pictypo Dingbat Font (Icon Font) (OTF)

Pictypo Dingbat FontPictypo Dingbat FontPictypo Dingbat Font

Now this dingbats font has a lot of content and a lot to offer. If you're looking for simple, pictorial images for things like apps and websites, this is it. There are plenty of other fun icons too.

15. Baker Street Ornaments (Cool Text Characters + Symbols) (OTF)

Baker Street OrnamentsBaker Street OrnamentsBaker Street Ornaments

This font has so much content to check out. Not only do you get a huge collection of ornaments. They're also designed to complement its companion ornamental text font. 

16. Aveline Extras (Cool Font Symbol, Flourishes, and More) (OTF)

Catalina ExtrasCatalina ExtrasCatalina Extras

400 ornaments sounds like a lot right? Well, it is, and they're all included in this awesome dingbats font. Choose from a huge selection of hand-drawn design elements. 

17. Drustic Dialy CatchWord Cool Text Symbols (TTF)

Drustic Dialy CatchWordDrustic Dialy CatchWordDrustic Dialy CatchWord

These dingbats specifically focus on "catchwords" like and, by, for, and will. Try out these words in these stylish and decorative add-ons, like in banners or between borders.

18. Cute Font Symbols for Travel (TTF, OTF, EOT)

Cute Font Symbols for TravelCute Font Symbols for TravelCute Font Symbols for Travel

When you're looking for symbols and icons around travel and vacation, check out Cute Font Symbols for Travel. Use these in web projects, mobile projects, and more. This is just a sample of all the icons included with this font. 

19. Wild Flower Font Symbols (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Wild Flower Font SymbolsWild Flower Font SymbolsWild Flower Font Symbols

Looking for something really decorative and fun? Then Wild Flower Font Symbols would definitely be worth a look. The set offers almost 100 flower glyphs for you to experiment with.

20. Dingbat Symbols (TTF, OTF, SVG, EPS, DXF)

Dingbat SymbolsDingbat SymbolsDingbat Symbols

Aren't these stylish Dingbat symbols fun? There are 50 design elements contained in the set that can be used for everything from scrapbooking to T-shirt design. In addition, the files are compatible with all major cutting machines like Cricut, Silhouette Cameo, ScanNCut, and others.

21. Font Heart Symbols (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Font Heart SymbolsFont Heart SymbolsFont Heart Symbols

The ornaments in Font Heart Symbols offer a hand-drawn quality that is both charming and hard to resist. And the set doesn't just contain hearts. You can choose from a range of decorative illustrations like foliage, flourishes, dividers, and more.

22. Music Symbol Fonts (TTF, OTF, WOFF)

Music Symbol FontsMusic Symbol FontsMusic Symbol Fonts

This dingbats font focuses on all the symbols associated with music. With over 60 unique icons to choose from, music lovers can't go wrong when they choose Music Symbol Fonts.

What Is a Dingbat Font?

Now that we've covered a range of icons and dingbat symbols, let's drill down to discover: what is a dingbat font? A Dingbat is a set of fonts that seemingly breaks all the rules. These fonts are largely composed of symbols and icons instead of letters. 

Lovingly Symbol Flourish Hearts FontLovingly Symbol Flourish Hearts FontLovingly Symbol Flourish Hearts Font
This font is made up of dingbat symbols that are hearts. It's the theme of this dingbat font.

How to Use Dingbat Fonts

Why would you use dingbats, symbols, or an icon font? There are many reasons and ways to use dingbat fonts. For example, you could use them as a simple way to add decorative bullets to a list. Or use an icon font to add icons to your brochure or flyer. Dingbat font design can come in a wide variety of options, from pictorial icons to abstract symbols. You can find borders, frames, lines, icons, bullets, and much more.

dingbat decorativedingbat decorativedingbat decorative
To use this dingbat font, simply type the corresponding letters.

Using dingbat fonts is simple. For example, in Adobe Photoshop, it's as simple as selecting the font itself, just as you would a normal font. Each letter is represented with a symbol, so you simply have to type the corresponding letter. Check out the example above. Note how each symbol is assigned to a letter.

Which Is Your Favorite Dingbats Font?

Now that you know just where to find cool fonts and symbols when you need them, head to Envato Elements and download your favorites today. 

Looking for even more fonts? Check out these font collections from Envato Tuts+ for downloads, inspiration, and more:

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