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Procreate for Windows? Sadly No, But Here Are Some Alternatives

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Is Procreate available for Windows? Sadly, when it comes to Procreate, Windows is not an option. However, if you're looking for a Procreate alternative for Windows, check out this list. There are many apps like Procreate for Windows, even at different price points. Here are some popular alternatives:

What Is Procreate?

Procreate is an illustration program exclusively for the Apple iPad. It's very competitively priced at $9.99 and has continually grown in popularity among creatives. Procreate is powerful too—you can create professional, high-quality work, all from the comfort of your iPad. If you don't have an iPad, don't worry—we'll show you some alternatives you can try!

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Looking for a Procreate Alternative for Windows? Check These Applications Out

So is Procreate available for Windows? Sadly, no. There currently is no Procreate app for Windows. You won't be able to get Procreate on Windows as it's native to the Apple iPad. So what are some apps like Procreate for Windows? 

If you're on a budget and wondering things like "how to get Procreate for free on Windows 10" or if there might be a free Procreate alternative for Windows—you're in luck! Every application on this list has a free trial, and some of them have completely free options.

1. Clip Studio Paint

clip studio paintclip studio paintclip studio paint

Free Trial (90 Days), Paid Version (US$49.99 one-time purchase)

Clip Studio Paint is an amazing choice for artists on Windows. It's a particularly strong choice if you're interested in creating concept art, comic/manga pages, or even animation. Clip Studio Paint has a PRO version, ideal for illustration, and an extended EX version with additional comic and animation features. The free trial for Clip Studio Paint covers quite a generous time frame: three months! 

2. Paint Tool SAI

paint tool saipaint tool saipaint tool sai

Free Trial (31 Days), Paid Version (5500 JPY one-time purchase) 

Paint Tool SAI is a lighter-weight illustration tool compared to some of the other options out there. It can create beautiful work, even at high resolutions. However, keep in mind that it hasn't been updated in quite some time, and some of the options are less robust than its competitors. It's also exclusively for Windows. If you're looking for an inexpensive option with a lighter footprint, give this software a look.

3. Adobe Photoshop


Free Trial (7 Days), Paid Version (US$20.99 monthly subscription)

Photoshop may be one of the best-known options when it comes to digital imaging software, but it's also a really powerful illustrative tool. It isn't necessarily as user-friendly as Procreate, however, and its price tag is often a deterrent for some users. There is, however, a wealth of brushes and resources out there for Photoshop. It is a really robust, professional tool with a huge collection of features.

4. Affinity Photo

affinity photoaffinity photoaffinity photo

Free Trial (30 Days), Paid Version (US$69.99 one-time purchase)

Affinity Photo, like Photoshop, is digital imaging software, but it's also got a host of really impressive tools for illustration. The brush customization is wonderful, and the number of Affinity Photo brushes out there for drawing and painting is on the rise. The price tag is reasonable, and the free trial is generous. It's a great choice if you're also looking to do high-resolution design work with your software choice. 

5. Artweaver


Free Limited Version (non-commercial), Paid Full Version (€34 one-time purchase)

Artweaver is a lovely option, especially if you're just getting started with digital illustration. You can get started absolutely free, without a time limit. Then, if you want additional features, the upgrade price is modest compared to some of its competitors. It features beautiful brushes and a clean, simple interface, and it can even record your process as you draw. It even allows collaboration via Internet or LAN. 

6. Sketchpad


Free Web Version, Paid Version (US$4.99 one-time purchase)

Sketchpad is an interesting one on this list because you can try it out right now, for free, right in your browser! It's great for drawing, notes, and much more. It has a wide variety of tools, as well as essential functionality like layers. You can even import existing imagery, and you can share and print your work. Sketchpad doesn't have the most robust feature list of the apps on this list, but it's easy and user-friendly to jump in and get started.

7. Krita


Completely Free, No Limitations

Free is everyone's favorite price tag, and Krita is completely free to use, even for commercial purposes. It has a lovely collection of brushes, stabilizers, layers, and more, all designed to make core painting tools available for anyone. While it may not have as many features as some of the paid software on this list, it's still a viable tool for beautiful creations. 

8. Corel Painter

corel paintercorel paintercorel painter

Free Trial (15 days), Paid Full Version (US$429.00 one-time purchase or $16.58 monthly subscription)

Corel Painter is a feature-rich tool with plenty to offer professional illustrators. It's built to work with a variety of tablets, has a number of optimization features for brushes and drawing, and much, much more. The full list of features and specifications really illuminates just how powerful Painter can be. It's a pricier option, but it offers a relatively modest subscription for those on a budget too.

9. Sketchbook

autodesk sketchbookautodesk sketchbookautodesk sketchbook

Free Edition (No Time Limit), Paid Full Version (US$19.99 one-time purchase)

Sketchbook is a drawing application that you can try out on a wide variety of platforms, from desktop to mobile. This is another one with a low barrier to entry: you can get started right now for free. There's also no limit on the amount of time you can use the free version. It has many of the basics digital artists need, like a variety of brushes and layers, but isn't as feature-rich as some other options on this list.

10. Paintstorm Studio

paintstorm studiopaintstorm studiopaintstorm studio

Free Trial (30 Launches), Paid Full Version (US$19 one-time purchase)

From combining brushes to impressive fill sensitivity, Paintstorm Studio is a lovely tool for illustration. It also has really solid stabilization tools. The free trial isn't time-based, so you can fully enjoy the software 30 times before the trial ends. It's also available for a wide variety of platforms, including Windows. With its modest pricing and generous trial, it's an easy app to pick up and try, especially for beginners.

Take Advantage of Unlimited Downloads on Envato Elements

Regardless of your favorite drawing application, there's a wealth of resources for artists on Envato Elements. Find everything from stock photos to fonts, brushes for Photoshop, Procreate add-ons, and more. The best part is, one low price gets you unlimited access to the entire Envato Elements library. It's a cost-effective way to get an entire library of resources into your toolkit.

Which Procreate Alternative for Windows Is Your Favorite?

Sadly, Procreate for Windows is not an option. Maybe we'll see Procreate on Windows someday, but for now, instead of Procreate for Windows 10, why not try one of these options instead? There are plenty of drawing apps like Procreate for Windows out there to try. If you're wondering "how to get Procreate for free on Windows 10"—remember, there are free options out there you can explore too!

Which Procreate alternative for Windows is your favorite? Did we miss a noteworthy alternative to the Procreate app for Windows? Email seo-outreach@envato.com to be added. Or visit tutsplus.com/advertise for sponsored content opportunities.

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