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A to Z of Graphic Design Software: InDesign, Affinity Designer and More! (Free & Premium)

Discover 30+ programs to help you illustrate, design, animate and more! This is the A to Z of graphic design software, featuring both free and premium programs that you can download and start using today. 

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Envato Elements 

Looking for assets to use in your designs and illustrations? Try Envato Elements! Get unlimited downloads of design assets, templates, and fonts. Millions of creative digital assets, with simple commercial licensing, and you can cancel any time. 

envato elements

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ArtRage by Ambient Design                                                   79 USD for Windows/Mac

ArtRage is a digital art program that specializes in digital painting tools and resources that mimic traditional art. From oil paint on canvas to watercolor and pencils, you can smear, mix, and blend just like the real thing!    

Animatron Studio

Animatron StudioAnimatron StudioAnimatron Studio

Animatron Studio by Animatron Inc                      From Free for Windows/Mac/Linux

Animation Studio is an online animation maker perfect for creating online advertisements, including banner ads and short videos. Its drag-and-drop UI makes it great for beginner animators. 

Boxy SVG


Boxy SVG by Jarosław Foksa                From 9.99 USD/year for Windows/Mac/Linux

Boxy SVG is an SVG file editor aimed at both beginner and professional web designers and developers. With a minimal and well-thought-out UI, Boxy SVG aims to create a streamlined SVG editor where the image takes center stage. 



Blender by The Blender Foundation                                Free for Windows/Mac/Linux

Blender is a free 3D computer graphics program used for creating animated films, visual effects, and video games. It supports the entire 3D pipeline, from modeling to animation and finally rendering!




CorelDRAW by Corel Corporation                          249.00 USD/year for Windows/Mac

CorelDRAW is a graphics editor for vector illustration, photo editing, and typography! It’s a suite of several programs that has everything you need for both you and any collaborators. 

Clip Studio Paint 

Clip Studio PaintClip Studio PaintClip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint by CELSYS Inc                            From 49.99 USD for Windows/Mac

Clip Studio Paint is used for the digital creation of comics, digital art, and 2D animation. It’s a favorite amongst digital painters for its painting-focused user interface and natural brush feel! 


(Affinity) Designer

Affinity DesignerAffinity DesignerAffinity Designer

Affinity Designer by Serif                                                  49.99 USD for Windows/Mac

Affinity Designer is fast becoming a favorite among professionals for creating print projects, logos, icons, UI designs, and much more! Affinity Designer stripes back the UI, ditches the bloat and gimmicks, and gives you a completely streamlined graphic designing experience. 

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci ResolveDaVinci ResolveDaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve by Blackmagic Design                                    Free for PC/Mac/Linux

DaVinci Resolve is a color correction and video editing program that can also create and combine visual effects, motion graphics, and audio post-production. This makes it one of the world’s first all-in-one video editing software packages that is 100% Hollywood used and approved! 


Envato Elements

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements

Envato Elements by Envato                              From 16.50 USD/mo for PC/Mac/Linux

Envato Elements is a one-stop shop for all your graphic design needs! Get unlimited downloads of graphics, photos, and fonts. Millions of creative digital assets, all with simple commercial licensing! With just one monthly fee. 




FireAlpaca by PGN Inc                                                                            Free for PC/Mac

FireAlpaca is a free digital painting software package that boasts fast rendering times and an easy-to-understand UI. And the best part? They are very vocal about how they will be free forever! 




GIMP by GIMP Team                                                                     Free for PC/Mac/Linux

GIMP is a free and open-source image editor that’s been around for a whopping 25 years and is still getting active updates! Both artist and graphic-designer-friendly, GIMP has a whole library of third-party programs, so you can customize your workspace to your exact needs. 

Gravit Designer

Gravit DesignerGravit DesignerGravit Designer

Gravit Designer by Corel Corporation                              From Free for PC/Mac/Linux

Gravit Designer is a full-featured vector graphic design program with a suite of fast and flexible tools specially made for professional designers and artists. Gravit does both vector and raster-based processing, as well as having everything you need for web and UI design. 


HitFilm Express

HitFilm ExpressHitFilm ExpressHitFilm Express

HitFilm Express by FXhome Limited                                                     Free for PC/Mac

HitFilm Express is a free video editor with a slew of professional-grade editing tools! Perfect for everyone, including film students, gamers, and YouTubers—even if you’ve just started your journey into video editing! 




InDesign by Adobe                                                       From 20.99 USD/mo for PC/Mac

InDesign is the industry-leading layout and page design software for both print and digital media. Create and publish books, magazines, posters, and more, all while taking advantage of Adobe’s other integrated services.



Illustrator by Adobe                                                      From 20.99 USD/mo for PC/Mac

Illustrator is the industry standard when it comes to vector graphics software. From digital art to mobile graphics and of course web UI, Illustrator is used worldwide, and for good reason!  


 Inkscape Inkscape Inkscape

Inkscape                                                                                        Free for PC/Mac/Linux

Inkscape is an open-source and free vector-based software that has all of the tools a professional illustrator or web designer might need, at the best price: free! Easy to use, with tons of learning resources, this professional program is beginner-friendly. 




Krita                                                                                               Free for PC/Mac/Linux

Krita is a free and open-source painting program. Aimed at concept artists, matte painters, and comic artists, Krita has tons of online learning resources that are all also free! 




Lucidpress by LPS Holdco                                     From 10 USD/mo for PC/Mac/Linux

Lucidpress is an online branded content creator full of easy-to-use graphic design templates and a user-friendly UI. As it’s browser-based, it works on all computers, is super lightweight, and is quick to use!



Luminar by Skylum                                                                  From 99 USD for PC/Mac

Luminar is a photo editing program that is fully powered by artificial intelligence! As Luminar is powered by AI, it’s incredibly easy to learn as a beginner, while still being powerful enough for professionals to use. Instantly retouch photos or manipulate photos with just a few clicks. 




MyPaint                                                                                          Free for PC/Mac/Linux

MyPaint is a free painting program that focuses on creating a simple interface with no distraction, and a brush feel that mimics real brushstrokes. MyPaint gives you everything you need and non of what you don’t! 


medi bang paintmedi bang paintmedi bang paint

MediBang by MediBang Inc                                                                    Free for PC/Mac

MediBang is a drawing app that's specialized for comic and manga artists. It’s available for PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, so you can draw anywhere at any time! 




Natron                                                                                            Free for PC/Mac/Linux

Natron is an open-source video compositing software package for VFX and motion graphics. It includes multi-layer rotoscoping, various keying tools, and powerful rendering for fast production times.  


Open ToonzOpen ToonzOpen Toonz

OpenToonz by Dwango                                                               Free for PC/Mac/Linux

OpenToonz is a free drawing program aimed at 2D animators. It’s the open-source version of Toonz, which has been used by animation company Studio Ghibli!




Placeit by Envato                                                From 7.47 USD/mo for PC/Mac/Linux

Placeit is an online and easy-to-use tool for branding content and mockup graphics. There are thousands of templates to choose from, including logos, videos, flyers, and more—all of which are completely customizable in your browser! 

(Adobe) Photoshop

(Adobe) Photoshop(Adobe) Photoshop(Adobe) Photoshop

Photoshop by Adobe                                                            From $9.99/mo for PC/Mac

Photoshop is a world-leading program in photo editing and retouching. Few photo editors can go toe to toe with Photoshop thanks to its extensive user-created library of free and premium brushes, actions, and other resources. 



Procreate by Savage                                                                             9.99 USD for Mac

Procreate is a well-loved digital painting app for the iPad and other Apple devices. Create sketches, full illustrations, and even animations from anywhere, thanks to it being an exclusive mobile app. 

(Affinity) Publisher

Affinity PublisherAffinity PublisherAffinity Publisher

Affinity Publisher by Serif                                                            49.99 USD for PC/Mac

Affinity Publisher is a professional publishing software program used to compose books, magazines, website mockups, and more. With a smooth and intuitive UI, it’s fast becoming a favorite in the publishing industry.  

(Affinity) Photo

Affinity PhotoAffinity PhotoAffinity Photo

(Affinity) Photo by Serif                                                                49.99 USD for PC/Mac

Affinity Photo is a photo editing software well known for its speed and power. It can be used for photo compositing, retouching, and illustrations, and it's the only fully featured photo editor that is on Mac, Windows, and iOS.  



Pixelmator by Pixelmator Team                                                           7.99 USD for Mac

Pixelmator is a photo editing app created exclusively for the iPad. It’s fully featured and is ideal for both photo retouching and color grading! 

PaintTool SAI

Paint tool SAIPaint tool SAIPaint tool SAI

PaintTool SAI by SYSTEMAX Inc                                           50 USD for PC/Mac/Linux

PaintTool SAI is a lightweight painting program that is simple and easy to learn. It aims to make digital painting quicker and more enjoyable, with zero lag and top tear anti-aliasing.   



Pixlr by Inmagine                                                                          From Free for PC/Mac

Pixlr is a browser-based photo editor that has both easy-to-use templates and AI-powered tools. If you are a premium user, you can even use it offline with their desktop version. 




QuarkXPress by Quark Software Inc                           From 474 USD/year for PC/Mac

QuarkXPress is an all-in-one program with easy photo editing, illustration, and web layout tools. You can also seamlessly transition from web to mobile publication for easy application designing. 




RawTherapee by RawTherapee Team                                        Free for PC/Mac/Linux

RawTherapee is a RAW image processing program. Cross-platform and free, it’s aimed at both new enthusiasts and long-time professionals, with all the tools and settings you need to edit your RAW files.   



Rebelle by Escape Motions                                                          89.99 USD for PC/Mac

Rebelle is a digital painting program that brings traditional supplies to your computer. It offers realistic interaction between oil paints and watercolor, without sacrificing performance or speed! 


(AutoDesk) Sketchbook


Sketchbook by Autodesk Inc                                                                 Free for PC/Mac

Sketchbook is a drawing and painting program aimed at designers, architects, and concept artists. It has a simple UI, ideal for tablets and on-the-go sketching! 



Sketch, Sketch B.V                                                                              9 USD/mo for Mac

Sketch is an online UI and graphic designing program. With real-time collaboration and being so easy to use, it’s the ideal tool for team and group work. 


Toon Boom


Toon Boom                                                                                 From 25 USD for PC/Mac

Toon Boom is an award-winning pack of programs aimed at 2D animators. Used by professionals worldwide, Toon Boom is an industry standard that excels in animation, storyboarding, and end production.  




Vectr by Inmagin                                                                           Free for PC/Mac/Linux

Vectr is a free, cross-platform, vector graphics software package that is easy to use thanks to having a number of free templates. Vectr aims to simplify the graphic design process, letting you focus on what matters most: the designs! 



Vecteezy by Eezy Inc                                                          From Free for PC/Mac/Linux

Vecteezy is a resource site that specializes in vector art but also has a large library of photo and stock video content. It contains a mixture of both free and premium content, with professional-level quality to help you get your project done faster. 


And that is our A to Z list of graphic design software, both free and premium!  

Did we miss a few? Interested in including your software on the list? Email seo-outreach@envato.com to be added! Or visit tutsplus.com/advertise for more sponsored content opportunities. 

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