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How to Choose the Best Wedding Fonts for Invitations and More

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Choosing the best wedding fonts for your wedding invitations needn’t be daunting—here you’ll find a selection of the most beautiful wedding calligraphy fonts, wedding script fonts, wedding cursive fonts and unusual wedding invitation fonts to add the perfect finishing touch to your invitations and event stationery. 

karin fontkarin fontkarin font
Karin display font

Looking for the perfect rustic wedding fonts, fancy wedding fonts, or perhaps more modern wedding fonts? You won’t want to miss our selection of the best fonts for wedding invitations, below, as well as professional tips for font pairing wedding invitations and incorporating typography into your wedding designs.

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For the Traditionalist: Wedding Script Fonts

Script, cursive and handwritten fonts are firm favorites for wedding stationery, and with good reason. Able to give a romantic and elegant mood to designs, they also work beautifully for setting the names of the couple. 

From simple brush scripts to ornate calligraphy styles, discover our selection of the best wedding script fonts below.

Pro tip: Team a script or cursive font with a clean, minimal sans serif for a balanced font pairing. The romantic mood of a script font will be tempered and made modern and stylish with a simple sans serif like Magdelin or Liber.

1. Qindom

A simple and striking brush font which retains the legibility of text, Qindom is a hard-working and versatile script font that would work just as well for rustic invitations as more traditional and formal stationery.

qindom fontqindom fontqindom font
Qindom brush font

2. Brandine

This thin and flowing brush script has an understated and homespun quality, which would make it a perfect fit for rustic country wedding invitations or discreet save-the-date cards.

brandine fontbrandine fontbrandine font
Brandine brush script font

3. Marison Brieny

Looking for a script font with a modern spirit? Marison Brieny balances clean lines with a romantic sensibility, making for a simple and elegant cursive style.

marison brienymarison brienymarison brieny
Marison Brieny script font

4. Catties

A calligraphy font with a casual, youthful style, Catties would work beautifully for informal invitations. Or why not try setting the script in metallic foil to add a touch of luxurious glamor?

Catties modern script font

5. Charlotte

Charlotte is a jaunty and feminine handwritten font, with a joyful and celebratory mood. With a carefree style, this font would be an excellent choice for couples looking to create chic and modern wedding invitations.

charlotte fontcharlotte fontcharlotte font
Charlotte handwritten font

For the Modernist: Modern Wedding Fonts

Whether you’re planning a ceremony in the city or simply feel that ornate or traditional fonts are not your style, these modern wedding fonts will help to give your designs a more contemporary edge. 

Pro tip: Some sans serifs can lack romance and emotion, but you can inject more romance into the style by using decorative borders and metallic foiling or by pairing a sans serif with a script font or serif typeface. 

6. Enriq Round Sans

This rounded sans serif has a hand-crafted style that lends it a cheerful and fashionable personality. Reminiscent of 1930s sans serif type styles, this font would also work beautifully for creating wedding logos or place settings.

enrig sansenrig sansenrig sans
Enriq Round Sans font

7. Orchid

Another sans serif with an old-world feel, Orchid is an elegant typeface that would work equally well as a display or body font. The varied line thicknesses of the letters gives the font a faint Art Deco mood, making it a supremely elegant choice for wedding stationery. 

orchid fontorchid fontorchid font
Orchid sans serif font

8. Valencia

An Art Deco sans serif with a minimal and clean style, Valencia would be the perfect choice for city ceremonies or glamorous hotel-set weddings. Set the type in gold foiling to maximise its Jazz Age elegance.

Valencia Art Deco font

9. Kenjo and Omega Sans

Blending Japanese minimalism with calligraphy traits, Kenjo is a very modern and stylish take on a script style. The display font is paired with a geometric sans serif, Omega Sans, to create the perfect cosmopolitan font pairing. 

kenjo fontkenjo fontkenjo font
Kenjo and Omega Sans font collection

10. Aadam

A serif font with modern leanings, Aadam is simple and charming with a minimal, 1930s-inspired design. Its chiselled style would be further enhanced by embossing the type onto your invitations. 

Aadam modern serif font

11. Giaza

Taking cues from modern serifs like Didot and Bodoni, Giaza is an ultra-stylish display font with enhanced swashes and ligatures. Perfect for fashionable or ultra-glamorous weddings.

giaza fontgiaza fontgiaza font
Giaza didone typeface

For the Old Soul: Vintage and Rustic Wedding Fonts

If you adore the design styles of eras past or are perhaps planning a wedding with a historic theme, these vintage-flavored fonts will be sure to give an air of old-world romance to your wedding stationery. 

Pro tip: Vintage fonts can be given a more authentic feel by overlaying textures or printing your invitations onto more rustic and unrefined paper stock. Look for materials that add purposeful imperfections to your designs, such as grainy textures, discoloration or fluted edges, to maximise the vintage mood. 

12. Hamilton Font Family

Complete with a serif, sans serif and script, this comprehensive font family allows you to recreate an authentic vintage design. Inspired by old maps and wine labels, Hamilton has plenty of hand-painted texture and unique quirks to help your invitations to feel as if they were created in a bygone decade.

hamilton fonthamilton fonthamilton font
Hamilton font family

13. My Dear

Inspired by the handwriting found on vintage postcards and old manuscripts, My Dear is a soulful and romantic calligraphy font with a 1940s feel. Why not use the font to create a postcard style design for your save the date cards and invitations?

my dear fontmy dear fontmy dear font
My Dear calligraphy font

14. Airwaves Font Duo

A combination of a condensed sans serif and a signature-esque script font, this duo contains everything you need to give your wedding designs an authentic 1930s or 1940s vibe. 

This versatile font package contains six styles, allowing you to use the fonts in various ways across stationery, signage, and table plans.

airwaves font duoairwaves font duoairwaves font duo
Airwaves font duo

15. Hanty Kagote

If you’re looking for a typeface that channels a Jane Austen mood, look to ultra-romantic and ornate Hanty Kagote. With beautifully executed ligatures and hand-crafted details, this font accurately mimics 18th-century calligraphy styles.

hanty kagotehanty kagotehanty kagote
Hanty Kagote calligraphy typeface

16. Avellino

Balancing Art Deco geometry with the organic curves of Art Nouveau, Avellino is the perfect font if you’re aiming for a 1920s look on your wedding stationery. This is a sleek, minimal and stylish take on vintage type styles.

Avellino sans serif font

17. Grodna

Inspired by the type used on storefront signs in the early 1900s, Grodna authentically mimics a late Art Nouveau style. With condensed lettering and angled brackets, this is an extremely elegant tribute to early 20th-century design.

grodna fontgrodna fontgrodna font
Grodna Art Nouveau font

For the Maverick: Unique Wedding Fonts

With more modern-day couples looking for wedding designs that communicate the theme and mood of their event, as well as their personal taste and aesthetics, the traditional criteria for what constitutes as a wedding font no longer applies. If you’re looking for something a little quirky or different for your big day, these novel display fonts might be just the ticket.

Pro tip: Forget about being ‘wedding-appropriate’—if you have your heart set on a more alternative celebration, pick a type style to match! Big, bold and colorful fonts can really make a statement and build your guests’ excitement for the big event. 

18. Bouquet Flower & Watercolor

Looking for a beautiful font that adds the decorative wow factor to your designs? This duo of a floral and watercolor-floral display font family has romance and beauty by the bucketload. Pair with a minimal serif font to allow the extravagant letters to take center-stage. 

bouquet flowerbouquet flowerbouquet flower
Bouquet flower and watercolor display fonts

19. Mojita

This unusual but exceptionally elegant font borrows elements from Japanese styling, geometric modern sans serifs and Aztec design to create a fusion type style. This would be a beautiful and unique choice for contemporary ceremonies or celebratory parties. 

mojita fontmojita fontmojita font
Mojita display font

20. Ciera

Ciera is not the most unconventional wedding font in our selection, but it does have a dual style, coming in both a solid and watercolor version, which gives this painterly font a more distinctive and hand-crafted quality. 

This would work beautifully for a variety of wedding themes, from rustic to more urban affairs.

ciera fontciera fontciera font
Ciera painterly font

21. Karin

Extremely fashionable and modern, with a slightly exotic air, Karin would be a beautiful font choice for glamorous destination weddings. Maximise its oriental mood with warm colors like terracotta and copper.

karin fontkarin fontkarin font
Karin display font

Conclusion: Your Perfect Wedding Font

When you've found The One (wedding font that is!), you might want to adapt a wedding invitation template to create the perfect design for your big day.

I hope you've discovered your dream wedding font to use on your wedding invitations, programs, or menus, but if that perfect typeface is still proving elusive, make sure to check out the huge range of beautiful script fonts, calligraphy fonts, and decorative display fonts on Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.

Below, discover more tutorials and tips for making your wedding designs the very best they can be:

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