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Community Project Showcase: Creative Selfies - Part Three


Looking for the other amazing entries we received? Then check out Part One and Part Two of our Creative Selfie Showcase.

Community Project Showcase: Creative Selfies - Part Three

Today we bring you the long awaited part three of our Creative Selfie Community Project here on Tuts+. We first started this project back in May, where we asked you to show us a creative extension of yourself. Our talented authors showed you their best creative selfies and you returned the challenge with dozens of incredible submissions from around the world!

Creative Selfies By You!

Here are the last 20 entries created by our readers. Show some love to these talented artists in the comments section below. Enjoy!

David Maw

David Maw Self Portrait

My name is David. Ever since I stumbled upon Svetlana's incredible fashionista tutorial (part one), I've been hooked on Tuts+. I'm thankful you extended the deadline and I'm excited to share my submission. I'm an electronic music composer at heart and thus my portrait carries that theme. My music: https://soundcloud.com/vidicus

Charley Coetzee

Charley Self Portrait

My name is Charley, I am a Photographer and Graphic Designer. Feel free to email me at charley.coetzee@gmail.com. I love learning new art forms or even sharing ideas!


Oktawian Self Portrait

Hey there, this is my selfie. http://okti-okti.rhcloud.com/

Peter Kaalund

Peter Kaalund Self Portrait

Konichiwa! I am a newly graduate Designer and aspiring Art Director from Denmark. I love minimalism, zen buddhism and grounding coffee. Nice to meet you all, I see some interesting pieces .www.peterkaalund.dk

Busta Alzate

Busta Alzate Self Portrait

Check out mine from my website: http://jairoalzate.com/

Kiran Billa

Kiran Billa Self Portrait

I'm Kiran, a freelance Graphic and Web Designer from India. You can check out more of my work at http://be.net/kreativity13

Dave Danger

Dave Danger Self Portrait

Here you go guys! I'm a Graphic Designer at Juarez, Chihuahua, currently studying there. Huge fan of Tuts+!


MasterCharlz Self Portrait

I'm training to be a one stop shop of media design! I've been doing videography and graphic design for a while, and I've been slowly transitioning into photography, photo manipulations, and even web design.

Pia Rentala

PIa Rentala Self Portrait

Here is my selfie! I'm just a night nurse who has found and fallen in love with Photoshop to fill in the sometimes quiet nights. Great site, great tutorials, and really cool selfies!

Kiran Venugopalan

Kiran Venugopalan Self Portrait

This is my selfie for the Tuts+ Community Project. I have been into the arts and loved drawing ever since I was 3 years old. I recently became a 2D Animator/ Graphic Designer so I am enjoying the process of working with both After Effects and Photoshop and learning anything new. This was a selfie I made quite awhile back, inspired from the cult classic anime movie Akira. Since my name is pretty close to Akira I decided to write my name in Japanese and voila! Maybe I should try a death note inspired selfie one day since it has Kira and Light which incidentally is what my name means! See more of my art: http://krizalidrocks.deviantart.com/

Ejaz Asghar

Ejaz Asghar Self Portrait

Hey I am Ejaz Asghar, and this is my selfie. I am a Freelancer Designer, living in Gujrat, Pakistan. I made this selfie in Illustrator. My e-mail is ejazbiochemist@gmail.com. See more of my work on Behance: www.behance.net/ejazasghar



Here's my selfie! Enjoy!

Shante Carlton

Shante Carlton Self Portrait

My name is Shante and I am new to this site! I am an aspiring Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I'm looking to push myself this year and this seems like the perfect place to do so. A little about this illustration of me is I love Mortal Kombat and I love wearing my hair in an Afro. You can see some more of my work here:https://www.behance.net/SuperShante

Markus Hedberg

Markus Hedberg Self Portrait

Markus is the name, some of my work can be found at my dribbble: https://dribbble.com/hedbrg

Christophe Ledent

Christophe Ledent Self Portrait

Here's mine! Enjoy!

Stanslaus Manthi

Stanzs Self Portrait

I am Stanzs! A graphic designer from Nairobi who totally loves Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop! For this particular selfie I used both programs, Illustrator for the lines and base color, and Photoshop for the effects. See more of my work: http://stanzs.deviantart.com/gallery/

Ian Trajlov

Ian Trajlov Self Portrait

I'm from Serbia and I'm studying Graphic Design. This is my self portrait from my personal illustration project that I'm working on. See my work at: https://www.behance.net/iantrajlov

Jason Jaramillo

Jason Jaramillo Self Portrait

I'm from Quito-Ecuador. Here is my selfie that I made in Photoshop, I hope you like it.You can see some of my work here: https://www.behance.net/JotaJ


Yvng Komet Self Portrait

This is the selfie in my profile pic I made like a month ago. Follow me on Instagram @YvngKomet to stay up to date with my work.

Victor Brd

Victor Brd Self Portrait

Here is a self portrait I did a few days ago! Currently working on a website so feel free to follow me on IG: @brdvblog

Join Us For More Tuts+ Community Projects

We hope you enjoyed the first ever Tuts+ Design & Illustration Community Project as much as we did! Stay tuned for future projects where we challenge you to demonstrate your talent and skills in a wide variety of creative activities. 

And we love to hear from our incredible community! So if you have any thoughts or ideas on what you'd like to see next for these projects, don't be shy--let us know in the comments!

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