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Community Project: Creative Selfie Showcase - Part One

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Read Time: 5 mins

Last month we asked you to join us in the first ever Design & Illustration Community Project where we had you submit creative selfies to get to know our readers! 

Community Project: Creative Selfies Part One

Today we're bringing you the first round of selfies for this project with 15 incredible submissions from talent all around the world. Check out these great designs and learn more about your fellow artists!

Deadline Extended to July 22nd, 2014

We're still accepting entries! If you're new to this project visit the original announcement post for the official guidelines and available templates. We would love to get to know more of you so submit your own brilliant selfie to be featured on Tuts+. 

Creative Selfies by You!

Here are the first 15 selfies by our readers. Feel free to show some love to these talented artists in the comments! Enjoy!

Brennan Wyatt

Hey there, my name's Brennan and I'm a design student from Halifax, Canada.
You can find some more of my work at https://www.facebook.com/brennanwyattdesign (Updating soon, promise!) Feel free to drop me a line. I'm always looking for freelance work!

Jamila Karlsson

Hey, my name is Jamila and I'm a graphic designer from sweden. I just got started but I found my passion and it is vector and Illustrator<3. I play with it almost every day hoping to learn and get better and better. I love this community and look for new ways to create. My webpage is www.jamky.se


Hello, I'm a Graphic/MotionGraphic Designer from Finland. My original picture is 50x70cm and I made it last year. I'm mostly self learned during the years, but I have also degree in Graphic Design. I haven't got any portfolio website, but it is coming soon. Meanwhile if you are interested to see my animation, you can see them: www.vimeo.com/zooop (password if needed is 1234) Also you may take contact in my email: kooliko@gmail.com

Cory Carr

Hey! Whats up everybody! This is my selfie. I used Illustrator to piece together all different types of colors and shapes to make a face. I get a lot of buzz about this piece. Just graduated from college too wooop wooop!! You can check out some of my other work here: http://www.corycarr.portfoliobox.me/

Taras Yuskiv

I'm UI/UX designer. This is one of my works but you can also find more here:
http://www.pinterest.com/frankensheep/pins/  When I have a free time I'm always drawing some illustrations.

Charlie Knott

Here is my selfie. I made it using a vector-bitmap technique that I learned at my high school. I am a high school student at an arts magnet high school, learning both digital illustration and film-making. Enjoy my selfie, titled "When The Rain Clears". DeviantArt - http://cdak.deviantart.com/

Matthew Njuguna

I am a Nairobi based designer, front end developer and photographer who loves coffee and loads of that. I created this selfie three years ago when I was still in design school and I still have it as my computer screen saver. http://www.matthewnjuguna.com/ is where you can find my work

Kimmie R. Draper

Hi everyone! I am just starting to learn Illustrator. Newbie! Any advice or recommendations for a tutorial..would be greatly appreciated.

Kevin Fellows

Hello everyone! I'm Kevin Fellows. I am many things, I freelance design, Illustrator, cook, power lift/body build, and obsess over Zelda, and video games in general. One day I hope to fulfill my dreams as a video game designer/illustrator. I like to refer to myself as a child of the stars, which is the purpose of my selfie that I made awhile back. It's all done Photoshop, which is rare for me because I use Illustrator the most. Check out some of my other work! https://www.behance.net/kafellows

Elmano Silva

Hi, my name is Elmano Silva, I'm 22 years old and I'm currently in Madeira's University for my last year in the Interactive Media Design Course. I started drawing when I was 16/17, but only took it seriously about 3 years ago. My goal is to be a mangaka and also game designer, creating nice stories and games and to entertain lots of people with my artwork. I've started with traditional drawings and gradually entered the digital world with Photoshop and my trusty Wacom Bamboo Tablet, but since last autumn I've moved on to Manga Studio.

If you wanna see more of my stuff, I have some other artworks from when I started until now, on DeviantArt: http://eldiogo.deviantart.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElDiogo09

Snoopy Pham

Here's my selfie. I'm a UI designer, branding design, game design, and sometimes I'm a street life photographer. If you guys like it check out my work. Graphic design: http://snoopypham.tumblr.com Photography: https://www.flickr.com/photos/9601186@N08/

Alifa Saidi

Hello ladies and gentlemen, my name is Alifa Saidi and I am an engineering student. I use illustrator as a hobby and have made a number of vectors with it :). Here is my selfie made with Illustrator. The background and splatters I made them with Photoshop :)

Mike Lally

Sometimes I sit and think . . . and sometimes I just sit!

Shernard Blake

Graduated from Palm Beach State in Graphic Design. Website:http://tsoul98.deviantart.com/

Arjun Lama

Hello!! I did this one a few months back at the office when there was no one around.I took the photo of myself by setting the timer on the camera, gave a spiderman pose and manipulated it from Photoshop. I'm from Nepal and currently working in a manufacturing company of handcrafted goods. Everybody calls me Arjun & Graphic Design is my hobby. Check some of my work at http://adesignerarjun.wordpress.com/work-gallery/

Hey, Where's My Entry?

Don't worry! This is only part one of our showcase for the Creative Selfie Community Project. We've extended our deadline to allow for more submissions so take advantage of this great opportunity to meet other artists and get featured on Tuts+! Stay tuned for part two in July where you'll see your entry featured and more!

Get Inspired

In the meantime, feel free to check out these tutorials for more creative selfie inspiration!

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