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Design & Illustration Community Project: Show Us Your Creative Selfies!


Join us in kicking off the very first Tuts+ Community Project, spanning the full spectrum of the Design & Illustration Community. And there's no better way to start things off than to show us who you are with a creative selfie project!

Do You Have a Creative Selfie?

We want to see more of our talented readers here on Tuts+. All entries will be showcased so don't miss out on this great opportunity to show off your skills to the rest of the Design & Illustration Community.

How to Enter this Community Project:

  1. Download the selfie portrait templates - these include several versions (AI, EPS, PNG,and PSD) of male and female portrait styles for you to use as a template. This is a great option for beginners, but if you feel a little more advanced feel free to submit your own custom selfie.
  2. Upload your artwork to the comments section, making sure to Save to Web with a fixed width of 600 pixels.
  3. Include your name, website, or a short bio to help us learn more about you!


  • Upload your artwork to the comments section of this article to be included in the community showcase. The deadline for submissions is June 18th, 2014.
  • Feel free to utilize the templates given or create an entirely custom selfie.
  • Artwork can be created with the software and style of your choice as long as it is 100% your own work.
  • We welcome all artists at every level! So don't worry about spending too long on submissions as long as you have fun!
  • When you publish your artwork on this article, you agree that the graphic can be included in one or more articles on Tuts+ and perhaps shared with other readers on the Tuts+ network via social media. 
  • Have fun!

Get Inspired By Our Authors!

Some of your favorite authors here on Tuts+ have joined us in kicking off this fun project. Learn more about them and check out their amazing selfies below!

Michael James Williams

I'm Michael, I'm the data analyst for Tuts+, and I live in England. I also edit the Game Development section.

Miss Chat*Z

My real name is Sirine but I work under the pseudonym of Miss Chat*Z. I'm a freelance professional illustrator, currently living in Dubai. Most of my work is focused on pinups and creating fun, whimsical art for children's books, mobile apps and those in the entertainment business.

Ian Yates

I once did this, a long long long time ago. Then I wrote an article about it.

Megan Eckman

I'm Megan Eckman. I've been a professional illustrator and owner of Studio MME since 2009. I work primarily in pen and ink but I also love oil paints and bamboo pens. I write little stories for every one of my illustrations, allowing the viewer to become a storyteller.

Gleb Polikanin

Hi, my name's Gleb, I'm from Minsk, Belarus. Worked in mobile gamedev field for about 5 years and now I'm an independent game artist on personal projects and a freelancer also. I specialize in character design, concept art and illustration. I love video games and pixel art too. The selfie I want to show you I shot in the aquarium last month.

Yulia Sokolova

Greetings, everyone, I'm Yulia Sokolova (aka Yuzach). This one is an old morning sketch, hanging next to my working desk at the office. It is called "Eat'n'Draw" and depicts my usual day: I start drawing from the early morning and forget about everything else (particularly, about my dinner) until I leave the office. So I'm always chewing something while drawing, that's the whole process.

Sean Hodge

Hey All. I'm Sean Hodge, the Tuts+ Business Editor, as interested in creativity as commerce. I've been using this vector illustration I drew from a selfie (circa 2008 I believe). People think I'm actually made of flat vectors before meeting me in real life.

Nataliya Dolotko

Hi, everyone) My name is Nataliya Dolotko, I live in Germany. I am a freelance vector illustrator from 2009. My little daughter inspires me a lot. I think I have the best job ever, because drawing is my big love. My second love is fitness and I can make 30 push-ups)

Chris Carey

The creepy cupie doll with the over-sized eyes and mouth is me, Chris! My spirit animal is a pikachu and I usually show that as my self portrait but I was having some manip fun in Photoshop and ended up with this. I hail from sunny Nassau, Bahamas so if you're ever in need of a vacation and find yourself here, look me up!

Melody Nieves

I'm Melody, a digital painter from New York. I started out ages ago making geocities websites for my pencil sketches then finally fell in love with Photoshop. I'm hugely inspired by the water/nautical themes which is why it comes up a lot in my work.

Beto Garza Helbetico

Hello my name is Beto Garza "Helbetico", this is a selfie I drew a quite ago is made in watercolor and inks, hope you like it, saludos!

Sergey Kandakov

Hi everyone! I'm Sergey Kandakov from Kurgan Russia. This is a selfie I created a long time ago and I'm still using this as the avatar in my profiles.

Kirk Nelson

I'm just your Friendly Neighborhood Graphics Geek! I have 15 years experience as a professional Graphics Artist, my work has appeared in international trade publications nearly 300 times, I'm an Adobe Certified Expert, and find great enjoyment in all aspects of visual design.

We've Shown You Ours, Now Show Us Yours!

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