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Community Project Showcase: Creative Selfies—Part Two


If you're new to this project, check out Part One of our Creative Selfie Showcase.

Community Project Showcase: Creative Selfies Part Two

When we asked you to show us your creative selfies, we were blown away by the incredible talent of our readers. From vectors to digital paintings, portraits to abstract art, you've all shown us that your talent is truly limitless! Today we're bringing you part two of this project, showcasing the incredible entries we received from you.

Creative Selfies by You!

Here are the next 15 selfies by our readers. Show some love to these talented artists in the comments, and enjoy!

Bahia Khalid


Greetings! I'm Bahia Khalid, someone who's seriously obsessed with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. I do lots of girly vector artwork as my passion. I was a Graphic Design student for 5 years with an additional 6 years of working experience in the creative world. I enjoy doing vector art and my current passion would be GUI designs. Here's a selfie of me, running + posing within 15 seconds of a self timer in my office's meeting room. If you'd like to check out more of my artwork, here's the link: https://www.behance.net/3ahia.

Badreddine BIADA


Here's my selfie. I hope you guys like it. I made it on illustrator. I'm a sophomore Graphic Design student, in GAU, North of Cyprus. Unfortunately, I don't have a website, so here's my e-mail: badreddinebiada@about.me.

Mario McMeans


Hey guys! My name is Mario, you can call me friend. I reside in Houston, but I'm from Germany. I'm a 10 year Graphic Designer hoping to one day own my own advertising agency—baby steps, I guess. I love reading books, traveling, cooking, and I really love storytelling. I LOOOOVE what I'm seeing from all of you guys. I'm down for any collaborations, inspirations, or dance-offerations. See more of my work at http://welcome2hueston.com/.

Arjun Lama


Everybody calls me Arjun and Graphic Design is my hobby. I'm from Nepal and currently work in a manufacturing company for handcrafted goods. This was done based on an online tutorial, and I just added my own flavor.

BobbyLee Wargula


So this was my first real attempt at AI and a selfie. I am a student at Full Sail online and I plan on getting better with AI.

Barrie Phelan


Hello everyone! I'm Barrie, a designer living in London, UK. This is my selfie painted with Photoshop and Wacom.

Renan Lacerda


Hi, just posting mine! Checkout some of my work here: www.behance.net/renanlcda



My name is Keeley, I am 17 and like to mess around with Photoshop and Fireworks, and have done some professional work for friends and family. I am very creative, I love to paint and am studying Graphic Design at college in September after having done a year in Forensic Science. Here is my selfie. I do not have an online portfolio to view yet, but hopefully will when I start my course. Wish me luck!

Mark Bailey


Hey Everyone! My name is Mark Bailey and I am a web and graphic designer in Greensboro, North Carolina. I run a design firm called Yellow Dogg Designs. My piece is a vector artwork created in Adobe Illustrator. You can find more of my work at: http://yellowdoggdesigns.com and https://www.behance.net/ydd.

Hayden Nininger


I'm a design student just at my normal everyday local high school. I love design, and I hope to make a career out of it. I would love some work in the field as soon as I can.


WOW!!! I'm wading into complete awesomeness here. I'm a dabbler from Austin, Texas. I'm a big fan of roto-style techniques



Hi everyone , I'm a self-taught artist and love doing this as a hobby. For this work I used my phone with the App Setchbook to draw. Hope you guy like it!

Rahul Kumar


Hi fellow creators! My name is Rahul Kumar. I'm a graphics designer and illustrator who loves making vector artworks, reading comic books, listening to music and roaming around, seeing new places. This self portrait of sorts was made by putting together pictograms over my avatar pic. The pictograms depict some of the things that inspire me or have been a part of my life and creative process for a while now. You can take a closer look at this selfie (along with my other artworks) on my Bechance page:https://www.behance.net/horizonred.

Jack Loughran


Hi there! I'm Jack, a freelance photographer and designer from Wicklow, Ireland. I've been an avid designer for a few good years but didn't start weaving my own photography into my work until quite recently. I'm currently revamping my main site but you can follow me at https://www.facebook.com/jackloughrandesign. Cheers!

Franck Beaume


Hi there! My name's Franck Beaume. I was born in France, a long long time ago, and now I'm living near Montreal (Canada), I am self-taught in design but I've always had a lot of interest in the graphic arts. I've done a few freelance jobs but generally I create just for my own pleasure. In my personal works I enjoy mixing different media (pictures, illustrations, vectors). I love photography, cinema, alternative music, reading, advertising, sports, creative contests and... sleeping! It's really a pleasure to share my work here with this great community. You can follow my work on my Behance portfolio: https://www.behance.net/fbeaume

Hey, where's my entry?

Don't worry! Last month we extended the deadline and received even more entries. So, we decided to spread the showcase into three parts. If you don't see your feature now, stay tuned in August when we'll be showcasing part three.

And be sure to stick around for more community projects where we invite you to take on new and exciting design challenges!

Get Inspired

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