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20+ Best Travel Agency & Tour Company Logo Design Ideas


A logo is a symbol that's used to identify your business. It tells potential clients and customers concisely and effectively what your business is all about. 

By its imagery, shapes, colors, and/or fonts, it aims to make your business instantly recognizable and to differentiate it from any other company in your market. 

Trip Planner Logo Maker with Airplane
You can create a travel logo like this using our online logo maker, Placeit

For businesses in super-competitive industries like tourism, it's more critical than ever to select the best travel logo design to set your travel company apart from the rest. But what is a well-designed logo, and how do you find one?

5 Qualities for the Best Travel Logo Design

A well-designed travel logo has five key qualities that you should know and bear in mind:

  1. Simplicity. This can't be over-emphasized when it comes to the best travel logo designs. A simple travel logo will not only make your logo easy to use in a variety of media, but will also make it easy to recognize.
  2. Memorability. The purpose of your travel logo is to identify your brand, as distinct from another’s, to capture the viewer’s attention and to leave a positive impression. It stands to reason, therefore, that the best travel agency logos must be memorable. 
  3. Relevance. Your travel company logo should reflect the services you offer in the choice of colors, fonts, shapes, and imagery. This is what will make and keep it relevant to your target audience. 
  4. Versatility. The best travel logo designs are versatile because they need to work across a variety of media. You should be able to scale them down or up, use them in print or on the web, and they should look great under any circumstances.
  5. Timelessness. Finally, great travel agency logos should be timeless—meaning they shouldn't be so trendy that they look dated 10 or 50 years from now. 

So now that you've got a good idea of the five most important qualities your travel logo should have, let’s take a look at how you can make a fabulous travel logo without breaking the bank. 

How to Create a Travel Company Logo Quickly and Easily

In these tough economic times, every business needs to keep operation costs as low as possible without sacrificing quality. 

Whether you run a travel agency, tour company, hotel, or travel blog, if you’re in the market for a great travel company logo at an affordable price, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. With the online Logo Maker, a fabulous logo generator from Placeit, you can make amazing travel logos easily and painlessly.

Say you’re about to launch a new travel business and you’re looking for the perfect travel agency logo. All you need to do is follow these five simple steps to have your own special logo ready in minutes.

1. Go to Placeit and sign up to the service for free.

2. Select Logos in the menu, type your business name in the search bar, and select Travel from the drop-down menu.

Online Logo Maker at Placeit

3. Peruse the travel logos and select the one you like the most.

A Selection of Travel Logos at Placeit

4. You can now customize your logo template as much or as little as you like. 

  • Starting with the controls on the left, you can add text and change the font style and color to match your brand.  
  • Moving to the controls on the right, you can change the background, main, and accent colors to match your brand. 
  • You can also experiment with a wide selection of different images to find one that’s more memorable and relevant to your business, or simply stick with the image you originally chose.  
customize your logo
  • Scrolling down the page, you've got two additional options. You can see your selected colours applied to different logo styles for more travel logo design inspiration, or if you get stuck and need even more travel company logo ideas, you can try one of the presets offered. 
Travel Logo Presets and Templates

5. Once you’re satisfied with your design, hit the Download button at the top of the screen and download your design for a small fee. Or if you regularly need to create logos, flyers, posters, social media banners, etc., then the monthly plan may be the best deal for you.

download your travel logo

Now that you’re confident about how to use our handy Logo Maker, here are 15 terrific travel company logo ideas from the Placeit Logo Maker to get you inspired. 

15+ Best Travel and Tour Logo Ideas for 2021

Whether you’re looking for travel logo design inspiration, tour company logo designs, or the best logo design for your new travel blog, these best travel logos will get you excited about creating your own travel company logo.

choose from hundreds of amazing travel logos on Placeit
You can choose from hundreds of amazing travel logos on Placeit

Visit Placeit's travel logo maker to explore hundreds of travel logos available to customize. In the meantime, here's our pick of the best travel agency and tour company logos.

1. Trip Planner Logo Maker With Airplane

Trip Planner Logo Maker with Airplane

If you need an elegant and sober travel logo design, look no further than this. The Trip Planner Logo Maker With Airplane tells your clients you're a professional and experienced travel agency. Customize the colors and typography to reflect your brand.

2. Vacation Resorts Logo

Vacation Resorts Logo

Let your clients know that you specialize in organizing vacations in tropical resorts around the world with the Vacation Resorts Logo. This beautiful rendered drawing has a vintage quality, and all elements can be customized to match your brand. 

3. Logo Maker for Wilderness Travel Agency

Logo Maker for Wilderness Travel Agency

If you’re looking for a travel agency logo with a nature or wilderness focus, try the Logo Maker for Wilderness Travel Agency template. This template offers a number of beautifully designed logos focused on the great outdoors and is bound to attract the eye of nature-lovers looking for a business to organize the perfect wilderness escape. 

4. Simple Travel Logo Maker

Simple Travel Logo Maker

The Simple Travel Logo Maker template uses gorgeous patterns of graphic lines to construct a bold and arresting logo. A great travel logo for your new travel blog, the simple travel logo maker offers loads of great customization choices to make the template your own and fit in with your brand identity. 

5. Minimalistic Travel Logo Maker

Minimalistic Travel Logo Maker

Another great logo template for bloggers and social media influencers, the Minimalistic Travel Logo Maker template uses iconic shapes and stunning travel imagery to communicate the magic and mystery of travel.

6. Logo Maker for Cruise Agency

Logo Maker for Cruise Agency

Selling cruises? Have your logo reflect your business with the Logo Maker for Cruise Agency template, which features a stylish antique drawing of a boat on the ocean. Customize your image by changing the font type and color, and change the colors used in the image to reflect your business brand.

7. Logo Maker for Business Travel Agencies

Logo Maker for Business Travel Agencies

The Logo Maker for Business Travel Agencies template is a great travel agency logo for agencies that cater to business people. The logo has a certain formality of style that communicates professionalism and reliability. 

8. Camping Travel Agency Logo

Camping Travel Agency Logo

If your target clients are lovers of camping, the Camping Travel Agency Logo template will appeal to you. The logo uses the compass, a critical tool for hikers and campers, as its central image, and it allows you to change the colors and text surrounding the image to give the logo your very own signature look.

9. Amazing Travel Agency Logo Maker

Amazing Travel Agency Logo Maker

Many people these days make unconventional livings out of travel. If you’re a digital nomad who wants to create a unique travel lifestyle logo of your own to attract followers and increase your online credibility, look no further than the Amazing Travel Agency Logo Maker.

10. Logo Templates for Trip Sites

Logo Templates for Trip Sites

Another great option for tour operators is Logo Templates for Trip Sites. Whether you run tours to European cities, tropical islands, or mountain adventures, there’s a trip logo design here for you.

11. Travel Agency Logo

Travel Agency Logo

Are you an agency that focuses on finding the best flights for your clients? Create a gorgeous logo to promote your business and attract new clients with the Travel Agency Logo design template. The template, which features the shape of a plane as it takes off, will tell prospective clients exactly what you do with one glance. 

12. Travel Agency Logo Maker

Travel Agency Logo Maker

If the Travel Agency Logo template above isn’t quite what you were looking for, then the Travel Agency Logo Maker template might be more your cup of tea. Another great logo for agencies that specialize in air flight, this template uses a slightly distressed texture in both the lettering and the icons to create an appealing antique look.

13. Travel Tour Logo 

Travel Tour Logo

The Travel Tour Logo template is a great tour company logo design for businesses that run a wide selection of tours. Just scroll through the icons to the right of the template and find the one that matches the kind of tours your company offers, modify the colors and fonts to suit your brand, and you’re all set. 

14. Logo Maker With Beach Icons

Logo Maker with Beach Icons

Do you specialize in travel to tropical destinations? If so, check out Logo Maker With Beach Icons. This playful logo calls to mind winter breaks in the sun, surf, and sand. As with all the logos featured here, this one is fully customizable.  

15. Logo Maker for Tour Guides

Logo Maker for Tour Guides

Or try Logo Maker for Tour Guides, a beautiful quartet of images featuring the sun, a plane, water, and a mountain. A brilliant travel and tour logo for nature guides and companies specializing in travel to the great outdoors. 

16. Travel Logo Template With Baggage Icon

Travel Logo Template with Baggage Icon

This simple yet perfect travel logo closes our selection. The Travel Logo Template With Baggage Icon displays the universal symbol of travel: a suitcase. Paired with elegant colors and typography, this is a winning travel logo.

5 More Travel Company Logo Designs From Envato Elements

As terrific as Placeit is, it isn’t the only site for great trip logo design inspiration. Envato Elements also has some terrific tour company and travel logo designs

unlimited downloads of travel logos from Envato Elements
Enjoy unlimited downloads of travel logos from Envato Elements

You can download as many as you want for one low monthly price. Here are just five logos to get you started: 

1. Traveler Logo Template (AI, EPS)

Traveler Logo Template

Traveler Logo Template is a cool and imaginative logo that takes the idea of travel to the next dimension: space. Okay, so we can’t really travel to space just yet, but this stylish and versatile logo definitely communicates that idea of travel without limits. The template comes in two files, AI and EPS. It's completely scalable and customizable.

2. Summer&Travel Logo Templates (AI, EPS, PSD, PNG)

Summer Travel Logo Templates

Summer&Travel Logo Templates is a great pack of travel company logo ideas that will appeal to a wide variety of travel industry specialists. The pack offers 12 beautifully hand-drawn travel and tour logo templates. They're presented as AI, EPS, PSD, and PNG files that are fully editable and easily customised using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. 

3. Traveling Logo (AI, EPS)

Travelling Logo

A travel logo tailor-made for today’s do-it-yourself travel blogger, Traveling Logo features a great illustration of a vintage VW type van, complete with luggage rack, surfboard, and palm tree. The logo is a vector design that comes in AI and EPS file formats, and it’s completely customisable to suit your needs. A help file is included. 

4. Mini Nature Line Logos (AI, EPS, PSD, PNG)

Mini Nature Line Logos

Mini Nature Line Logos is a great collection of ten nature travel and tour logos that'll make it hard for you to settle on just one. Each of the AI, EPS, and PSD files provided is easily editable and resizable in Illustrator or Photoshop.

5. Pisawek Travel Logo Template (AI, EPS)


We end our list with Pisawek, a logo featuring an elegant plane with condensation trails silhouetted against the sun or moon. This fabulously confident and clean logo will appeal to travel agents, airport pickup companies, travel bloggers, and others. It's delivered in AI and EPS files and, like the other logos featured here, is completely customisable. 

Discover More Logo Design Resources and Inspiration

You've seen how to make a logo without Photoshop using Placeit, an online logo maker. I hope you enjoyed the selection of the best travel logos from Placeit and the top picks of travel logo designs from Envato Elements.

Before you leave, I'll share with you even more logo design resources, tutorials, and inspiration for your next project:

Choose Your Own Travel Logo

There you have it! 20 great travel company logo ideas from Placeit and Envato Elements for you to choose from. By the way, these are just a small selection of the hundreds of logo templates they have available, so if none of them quite fits your needs, there are plenty of other great options to choose from. 

Check them all out, and pick the one that's right for you. Let us know in the comments below if you’ve found the perfect logo for your company and which it is. We’d love to hear from you.

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