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An Awesome Caravan of Winter Themed Artwork

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Winter is here and the days are getting colder and colder. As designers, whether on purpose or not, we all tend to get inspired by what's going on outside the window. Ice and snow particularly play a big role when inspiring creatives all over the world, and ultimately inspire us to bring winter themed ideas to life.

We have collected some great print and advertisement design work. With it we have compiled this beautiful showcase. Do you get inspired by the wintery weather? Let us know!

Winter-Themed Designs

The following selection of artwork uses some incredible and obvious techniques to present a wintery theme. Each and every piece of artwork in one way or another use snow in their work, apart from one (the Evian Water Advertisement piece). Another thing a lot of the designers have incorporated in their designs is subtle grunge and noise, such as: 'Ski Poster', 'Shh...Festival 08 Poster' and 'Winter Frost New Years Eve Ball Poster'.

Moto Guzzi Poster

Winter Ball Flyer

Winter Blast Flyer

Expose With Us (Winter 08) Poster

Audi Quattro Poster

Ski Poster

Campeonato Argentinode Snowboard 08 Poster

Patagonia Argentina Temporada Invernal 09 Poster

Shh... Festival 08 Poster

Shh... Festival 08 Poster

Shh... Festival 08 Poster

Winter Paradise Program

Vertigo Leaflet

Flake 2009 Poster

Winter Surpise Postcard

Europcar Thematic Outdoor Advertising

Hugo Eau De Toilette Spray Poster

Winter Frost New Years Eve Ball Poster

Omega Code Poster

Porsche Cayenne Poster

Ski Season Opening (Global Warming) Poster

Float Island Manipulation

Trees Killer Poster

Aegix Protective Snow Gear Advertisement

MTV Icicles Advertisement

Evian Water Advertisement

Ice Nike Advertisement

Not So Obvious Winter Themed Artwork

The selection of posters below use wintery elements in their designs that aren't quite so obvious as the ones that were shown in the previous section. The Nokia 7610 Poster, for example, combines a cold, wintery landscape with a hot, lava themed landscape. Other artwork in this section does include snow, just not in such an obvious way; it is either very discrete or just simply isn't noticed as well because of other focal points such as the horizon in the 'Looming on the Horizon Poster'.

Nokia 7610 Poster

Snowhitening Lotion

Shh... Festival 08 Poster

Looming on the Horizon Poster

Exsport Calendar Winter 2009

Ridershop Calendar Winter 2009

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Poster

O'Neill Kids Collection Postcard

The Secret History Book Cover

Snowboard Camp Flyer

Winter-Themed Tutorials on PSDTuts+

How to Create an Ice-Cold Poster with 3D Text

Use Blending Modes, Hue/Saturation Settings and Textures to create this stunning digital-collage poster.

Create a High Flying Snowboard Illustration

Combine custom vector images from Illustrator with Pixel Images and use Gradient Maps to change the overall color scheme of your work.

How to Create an Ice Text Effect with Photoshop

Put the Brush Tool to excellent use to produce a realistic cracking-ice text effect.

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