Learn the difference between cursive and calligraphy fonts and check out the best calligraphy cursive fonts inspired by handwriting and much more!
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44 Best Cursive Calligraphy Fonts to Download

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What Is a Cursive Font?

The cursive style of font resembles the style that some of us learned in school. The purpose of this style is to write quickly and as legibly as possible, without lifting the pen off the paper. Therefore, all the letters are connected. Cursive fonts are simpler than calligraphy since there's no stroke contrast.

What Is a Calligraphy Font?

The calligraphy style of fonts contains characters that use specific strokes. Both of these styles of fonts are usually based on real handwriting, but the pen and the construction of the calligraphic character are different. The purpose of calligraphy is different to the cursive style because in calligraphy, lifting up the pen is not a problem, and many different pens can be used. Fonts can be cursive and calligraphic at the same time, and vice versa.