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44 Best Fancy Cursive Fonts (Tattoo, Calligraphy, Script, and Writing Fonts)

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Looking for fancy cursive fonts for your next design project? Check out this list of elegant fancy cursive fonts. Whether you're looking for fancy cursive fonts for tattoos, fancy cursive fonts for Cricut projects, or fancy fonts for another design project, there's plenty here to see and download now.

Madelican CalligraphyMadelican CalligraphyMadelican Calligraphy
Download elegant fancy cursive fonts, like this one, on Envato Elements.

Why Use Fancy Cursive Fonts?

Fancy fonts can be a great choice for points of emphasis, like titles, logos, and other parts of your design that really need to command attention. This is especially the case when you're going for an elegant, classy, or ornate aesthetic.

Brignola Elegant CalligraphyBrignola Elegant CalligraphyBrignola Elegant Calligraphy
Elegant fancy cursive fonts can be a wonderful choice for points of emphasis.

But fancy cursive fonts can come in a variety of aesthetics too. There are your traditional, elegant, cursive calligraphy fonts, but there are also stylish, modern cursive writing fonts. Script and cursive fonts can bring a hand-drawn or even organic look to your compositions. 

Ansttin Kishon FontAnsttin Kishon FontAnsttin Kishon Font
Fancy fonts can also take on a more modern aesthetic, like this fancy cursive letters font.

Download Unlimited Fancy Cursive Writing Fonts on Envato Elements

Envato ElementsEnvato ElementsEnvato Elements
There's a huge library of fancy cursive fonts for Cricut, print design, and more on Envato Elements.

Love elegant, fancy cursive fonts? Then you should check out Envato Elements. One low fee gets you unlimited access to a huge library of fancy cursive fonts. You can download as many as you like, because they're all included with unlimited downloads.

Millered | Beauty Font ElegantMillered | Beauty Font ElegantMillered | Beauty Font Elegant
Use fancy cursive fonts for tattoos, invitations, posters, and more.

Whether you're looking for the perfect fancy cursive number fonts, something for your wedding invitations, or even the perfect font for your next tattoo, there's so much to see. You can try as many fonts out as you want, too, because they're all included. You get access to the whole library.

Black Floral Wedding PackageBlack Floral Wedding PackageBlack Floral Wedding Package
This design template uses a fancy bold cursive font. It's included with unlimited downloads.

But you also get more than fonts. You get graphic templates, stock photos, graphics, and much more. For example, check out this wedding design template. It comes with so many print-ready pieces, and this is included with Envato Elements.

Leaves Wedding InvitationLeaves Wedding InvitationLeaves Wedding Invitation
Use fancy cursive fonts for Cricut projects, printed work, postcards, and much more.

Fancy Cursive Fonts to Download Now on Envato Elements

Curious about some of the elegant, fancy cursive fonts over on Envato Elements? Check out this awesome selection. There are calligraphy styles, signature styles, brush styles, and more. Pick your favorites and download them all.

1. Quenyland: Fancy Cursive Script Font

Quenyland - Cursive Script FontQuenyland - Cursive Script FontQuenyland - Cursive Script Font

This elegant font has long, sweeping strokes and could be such a wonderful choice for invitations, branding, business cards, and so much more. Try it against interesting textures or in gold foil.

2. Welstendy: Fancy Bold Cursive Font

Welstendy - Modern Calligraphy FontWelstendy - Modern Calligraphy FontWelstendy - Modern Calligraphy Font

Love a chunky script font? Then you're going to love this stylish calligraphy font. This one would be such a fun font to try with a Cricut machine too.

3. CLARION: Fancy Cursive Letters Font

CLARION - Fancy Handwriting / Decorative TypefaceCLARION - Fancy Handwriting / Decorative TypefaceCLARION - Fancy Handwriting / Decorative Typeface

Here's a thinner script font with some really interesting variation. Try pairing this one with photography, or let it hold its own on a solid background. There's plenty of potential here.

4. Tiffanky Monoline Cursive Letters Fancy Font

Tiffanky Monoline Cursive FontTiffanky Monoline Cursive FontTiffanky Monoline Cursive Font

Prefer a script font with less variation in the line work? Check out this fancy font. It still has plenty of elegant twists and curves, but with a solid, steady line.

5. Shorelines Typeface (Fancy Cursive Writing Fonts)

Shorelines TypefaceShorelines TypefaceShorelines Typeface

Here's a longer script font with some really interesting extras you can experiment with. It's an elegant choice if you're looking for a handwriting font to use in your next project.

6. Riviera Signature Fancy Cursive Tattoo Fonts Alphabet

Riviera - Signature FontRiviera - Signature FontRiviera - Signature Font

Isn't this a fun, stylish font? It would be an awesome choice for tattoo design, as it has a touch of a retro feel to it. Try it for poster design, branding, and much more. 

7. Honey Peach Fancy Cursive Script Font

Honey Peach Script Font (Cute Handwriting Cursive)Honey Peach Script Font (Cute Handwriting Cursive)Honey Peach Script Font (Cute Handwriting Cursive)

If you're looking for a friendly, playful script font, this one might be right up your alley. This font could also work well if you're looking for fancy cursive number fonts.

8. Sweet Valentine's: Stylish Elegant Fancy Cursive Fonts

Sweet Valentine's - Stylish Calligraphy FontSweet Valentine's - Stylish Calligraphy FontSweet Valentine's - Stylish Calligraphy Font

Here's a sweet, bouncy font with some calligraphic inspiration. Try out this calligraphy font in a variety of situations, like on T-shirts, posters, invitations, and much more. 

9. Zelda Fancy Cursive Fonts for Tattoos (Cursive Fancy Calligraphy Fonts)

Zelda FontZelda FontZelda Font

Isn't this an elegant font? The swashes here really push the aesthetic further. Try this out with your favorite saying or name. It would also make for a great tattoo font. 

10. Berttina Fancy Cursive Letters Font

Berttina Script FontBerttina Script FontBerttina Script Font

This modern calligraphy font has so much personality. It's easy to imagine this one on T-shirts, mugs, and so much more. This one could be particularly fun as a Cricut font.

11. Santiago Fancy Cursive Fonts Script

Santiago Script FontSantiago Script FontSantiago Script Font

This fancy cursive font has so much signature inspiration. Use it for projects that would benefit from some elegant, hand-drawn flair, like packaging or business cards.

12. Calia Macitta Cursive Fancy Calligraphy Fonts

Calia Macitta FontCalia Macitta FontCalia Macitta Font

If you're looking for high-end elegance, this font might be just the right aesthetic. Doesn't it pair wonderfully with wedding photos? It really lends itself well to a classy, fairytale feeling.

13. Zombis Night (Cursive Letters Fancy Font)

Zombis Night FontZombis Night FontZombis Night Font

This cursive font has high contrast, and it really helps establish its elegant, curvy feel. While this display font would be best at larger sizes, it could work in a variety of design situations.

14. Fallisanta Flourish Font

Fallisanta Flourish FontFallisanta Flourish FontFallisanta Flourish Font

This fancy script font has lovely flourishes that push its aesthetic even further. Try cutting these letters with your Cricut machine or using them in your next design project. 

15. Sachlette Signature Cursive Letters Fancy Font

Sachlette SignatureSachlette SignatureSachlette Signature

This elegant, signature font would be right at home on a classy menu, invitation, or photo album. Use this font to add a touch of class or for points of emphasis in your composition.

16. Thirteenth Script Font

Thirteenth Script FontThirteenth Script FontThirteenth Script Font

This font includes so many glyphs, and it's got such an elegant, classic style. Here's another one that could work really well as tattoo font inspiration.

17. Hanty Kagote Fancy Cursive Script Font

Hanty Kagote FontHanty Kagote FontHanty Kagote Font

Looking for a different take on a modern calligraphy font? This one has really interesting and unexpected shapes. Its long, sweeping strokes are sure to make a memorable impression.

18. The Amberton: A Classic Script

The Amberton - A Classic ScriptThe Amberton - A Classic ScriptThe Amberton - A Classic Script

This stylish font draws on some retro inspiration. It has a touch of Art Nouveau feel to it, doesn't it? Use it in your next vintage project or draw on this aesthetic for a modern design project too.

19. Rhinatta Fancy Fonts Script

Rhinatta ScriptRhinatta ScriptRhinatta Script

How about trying out an elegant, fancy font that also works in a bit of texture? There's extra movement here too, with these beautiful added lines. 

20. Loveless: Wedding Calligraphy Font

Loveless - Wedding Calligraphy FontLoveless - Wedding Calligraphy FontLoveless - Wedding Calligraphy Font

Isn't this a beautiful take on an elegant, cursive font? It takes a much simpler approach, but certainly makes for a classy aesthetic. This is a great choice if you're looking for a different calligraphy font.

21. Evelyn: Wedding Script Elegant Luxury

Evelyn - Wedding Script Elegant LuxuryEvelyn - Wedding Script Elegant LuxuryEvelyn - Wedding Script Elegant Luxury

Love curls in your fancy calligraphy fonts? Then you're going to love how bouncy and curly this stylish calligraphy font can be. This is a great font for special occasions.

22. Photograph: Script Wedding Font

Photograph - Script Wedding FontPhotograph - Script Wedding FontPhotograph - Script Wedding Font

If you really love flourishes and embellishments, this font is a perfect choice. It's definitely got the look of timeless, romantic elegance down. It's an awesome choice for a wedding font.

23. Miguella Script (Fancy Cursive Tattoo Fonts Alphabet)

Miguella Script Elegant Wedding FontMiguella Script Elegant Wedding FontMiguella Script Elegant Wedding Font

This is such a lovely take on a modern calligraphy style. With bouncy lines and fun, stylish flourishes, this fancy script font would be a great addition to any font collection.

24. Brilganttyne: Script Font Hand Lettering

Brilganttyne -script font hand letteringBrilganttyne -script font hand letteringBrilganttyne -script font hand lettering

Really want to push a curly, romantic aesthetic? Check out this stylish calligraphy font. It's super fancy, with lots of swirls and long, sweeping lines.

25. Juliet Modern Cursive Fancy Calligraphy Fonts

Juliet Modern CalligraphyJuliet Modern CalligraphyJuliet Modern Calligraphy

This font has such an animated feel, doesn't it? It's the perfect modern calligraphy font because it plays into a calligraphy aesthetic while also pushing towards a fresh, modern feel.

26. Grossley: Modern Fancy Cursive Letters Font

Grossley - Modern CalligraphyGrossley - Modern CalligraphyGrossley - Modern Calligraphy

There's so much elegant contrast in this modern calligraphy font. Isn't the heart in this design cute and memorable? Try this elegant, romantic font in your next project.

27. Bhatoshine Duo (Fancy Cursive Fonts)

Bhatoshine DuoBhatoshine DuoBhatoshine Duo

Isn't this font stylish and elegant? This font download is actually a font duo, so you get two fonts that pair together, right from the start. Give this pairing a try today.

28. Revalina Signature Script (Cursive Letters Fancy Font)

Revalina Signature ScriptRevalina Signature ScriptRevalina Signature Script

Prefer a thinner cursive font? This fancy, elegant font has long, sweeping lines that keep the strokes consistent and thin. It's best at large sizes, and could look really great using contrasting colors.

29. Brightshine Typeface Fancy Cursive Script Font

Brightshine TypefaceBrightshine TypefaceBrightshine Typeface

If you're looking to evoke feelings of classic elegance, this modern calligraphy font is a great choice. Whether you opt to keep it on a solid color or pair it with photography, it brings an air of romance.

30. Wonderfebia: Script Wedding Font

Wonderfebia - Script Wedding FontWonderfebia - Script Wedding FontWonderfebia - Script Wedding Font

Speaking of romance, isn't this font romantic and sweet? The hearts in this calligraphy font give it a memorable, playful quality that's perfect for special occasions and DIY projects alike.

31. Shirleya Script Cursive Letters Fancy Font

Shirleya ScriptShirleya ScriptShirleya Script

The brushstrokes in this font are so organic and natural. Its long, sweeping lines give it a classy look while also looking a bit more casually hand drawn.

32. Virmigo Script Font

Virmigo Script FontVirmigo Script FontVirmigo Script Font

Prefer lots of flourishes and swirls? Then you'll love this fancy cursive script font. It's sure to command attention. Try pairing this font with a clean sans serif or a formal serif font.

33. Refillia Calligraphy

Refillia CalligraphyRefillia CalligraphyRefillia Calligraphy

There's something so romantic about this font, isn't there? The thin strokes lend themselves to a delicate aesthetic, and the hearts bring extra charm to the overall look and feel.

Even More Fancy Cursive Fonts on GraphicRiver

If you're not necessarily looking for access to an entire font library, you may want to take a look at GraphicRiver. It's got an impressive gallery of elegant fancy cursive fonts, created by font designers from around the world. Only download what you need, no subscription required.

Check out the inspiring collection of fancy cursive fonts on GraphicRiver.

Check out these lovely, fancy cursive fonts that you can download on GraphicRiver right now. Take in the type and design inspiration, or consider adding some of these fonts to your font library today.

1. Ownttys Signature Fancy Cursive Fonts

Ownttys Signature Script FontOwnttys Signature Script FontOwnttys Signature Script Font

The long, sweeping lines in this elegant signature font give it such a stylish look. It would be right at home in a high-end branding project, on package design, or even on invitations. 

2. Audigia Fancy Cursive Script Font

Audigia ScriptAudigia ScriptAudigia Script

This modern calligraphy font definitely takes some inspiration from a vintage look and feel too. Change up the colors and texture to use this font in a variety of situations.

3. Angello Fancy Cursive Writing Fonts

Signature FontSignature FontSignature Font

Doesn't this luxurious, elegant font pair well with photography? It has consistent strokes and long, organic line work. Together, that makes for a classy, memorable look.

4. Morning Wishes Script Font

Morning Wishes Script FontMorning Wishes Script FontMorning Wishes Script Font

There's so much movement in these beautifully drawn strokes. Give this modern calligraphy a font if you're looking for cursive fancy calligraphy fonts for your design projects.

5. Vellizta Handwritten Script Font

Vellizta Handwritten Script FontVellizta Handwritten Script FontVellizta Handwritten Script Font

Handwriting can bring a personal feel to your designs. You can definitely dress it up, however, as we see in this elegant font. Try pushing it even further with the right color scheme.

6. Kaylar: Elegant Cursive Letters Fancy Font

Kaylar - Elegant Script & SerifKaylar - Elegant Script & SerifKaylar - Elegant Script & Serif

This elegant script font is another great font download that's actually a font duo. Pick up both this stylish script and the matching serif font shown in this example. They're both included. 

7. Amanda Fancy Cursive Script Font

Amanda ScriptAmanda ScriptAmanda Script

Long, sweeping strokes and stylish, loose swirls make this lovely script font a great addition to any font collection. Download this font today and add some elegance to your design project.

8. Cafetoria Cursive Fancy Calligraphy Fonts

Cafetoria Calligraphy FontCafetoria Calligraphy FontCafetoria Calligraphy Font

How about trying out a fancy cursive script font like this one, with some extra height? It has a stylish, hand-drawn aesthetic and some really memorable strokes.

9. Caliner Script: Wedding Calligraphy

Caliner Script - Wedding CalligraphyCaliner Script - Wedding CalligraphyCaliner Script - Wedding Calligraphy

This is a perfect font choice for black tie events, high-end design projects, and any design that would benefit from a touch of class. Whether it's for your business card or your wedding invites, this font has lots of potential.

10. Betterlove Fancy Cursive Script Font Calligraphy

Betterlove CalligraphyBetterlove CalligraphyBetterlove Calligraphy

If you really like swirls and curls, you're going to love this fancy cursive letters font. It's got such a romantic look with lots of curls, hearts, and other fun embellishments.

Which Fancy Cursive Fonts Are Your Favorites?

Fancy fonts can be such a fun addition to your font collection. They're often a great choice if you're looking for a classy display font. So, what are some of your favorite fancy fonts?

Remember, you can try out as many fancy cursive fonts as you like, with unlimited downloads, over on Envato Elements. It's an awesome deal, especially if you're a big font lover. Check out the font library over on Envato Elements today.

Or, if you prefer your downloads a la carte, remember to check out the gallery of inspiring elegant fancy cursive fonts over on GraphicRiver. Love fonts and looking for even more inspiration? Check out these collections of other fancy script typefaces:

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