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46 Best Cricut Cursive Fonts (Stylish Script Fonts to Download)


Looking for the best Cricut cursive fonts for your next project? Check out this Cricut script font collection for inspiration. We’ll focus on Cricut cursive fonts that connect. If you’re not sure about how connecting cursive letters in Cricut works, we’ll point you in the right direction for that too. So, let’s take a look at some good Cricut cursive font selections you can download today.

Envato Elements Cursive Scripts
Browse some of the best Cricut fonts on Envato Elements today.

What Is a Cricut, and How Do I Work With Cricut Fonts?

A Cricut machine is used for cutting out creative projects. Cricut fonts are used within Cricut Design Space, the design software used to assemble and make your Cricut projects.

Not sure how to work with Cricut fonts? Check out this free tutorial:

Prefer a written walkthrough? Read this free Cricut tutorial on Envato Tuts+. It will walk you through how to upload fonts to Cricut Design Space.

Learn About Connecting Cursive Letters in Cricut

Have you worked with a Cricut script font before, but the letters just didn’t connect properly? This free Cricut tutorial from Envato Tuts+ walks you through connecting cursive letters in Cricut, step by step.

Or read the written version of this tutorial here, if you need help working with Cricut connected fonts

Looking for the Best Cricut Script Fonts?

Finding the best Cricut fonts can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking for Cricut cursive fonts for business or sale purposes. But even if you’re looking for Cricut cursive fonts for your personal projects, you likely want high-quality, professional options to make your designs shine.

Check out Envato Elements. It’s a great place to look for the best cursive Cricut font for your project. Search thousands of fonts, and download as much as you want with unlimited access.

Vanilla Daisy Script Cursive Font
Download this Cricut script font on Envato Elements today.

Envato Elements has some of the best script fonts for Cricut at a bargain price. One low fee gets you access to thousands of professionally designed fonts. This also includes commercial licensing, so you can use them in your business ventures too. 

Cursive Cricut Font Envato Elements
Download this Cricut script font, as well as thousands of others, on Envato Elements.

But Envato Elements is more than just a giant collection of Cricut cursive fonts. There's also clip art, graphics, stock illustrations, and much more. Looking for SVG files for Cricut? Envato Elements has that too. The best part is, everything is included. You get the entire library. That is a huge collection for one low price.

Coffee Time Font
Download SVG files, graphics, and much more, all included with unlimited downloads.

Let’s take a look at some of the best cursive fonts for Cricut over on Envato Elements. Download one (or all of them!) today, or enjoy the design inspiration for your next project.

1. Shelva Cricut Script Font

Shelva Cricut Script Font

Shelva makes a good Cricut cursive font for your projects. The swooping curves give a personal vibe, and its bold shapes are easy to work with and cut out. A great all-purpose cursive font!

2. Sweet Buttermilk Cricut Script Font

Sweet Buttermilk Cricut Script Font

This sweet buttermilk typeface makes for a great cursive Cricut font. It comes with a whole family of related fonts, making it a versatile choice for your Cricut projects.

3. Saltillo Cricut Script Fonts

Cricut Curved FontSaltillo Cricut Script Fonts

Check out this stylish cursive font that can be used for your next Cricut project. The long swooping lines make it easy to pull apart!

4. Eiffell Cricut Cursive Font

Eiffell Cricut Cursive Font

Bring a lovely whimsical flair to your projects with this Cricut script font. As an added benefit, this font comes with bonus watercolor textures!

5. Hello Honey Cricut Script Font

Hello Honey Cricut Script Font

This cheerful Cricut cursive font is sure to put a smile on your face! The bold shapes make it perfect for when you need your words to grab attention.

6. Clarkson Cricut Script Font

Clarkson Cricut Script Font

Give a vintage flair to your designs with this Cricut cursive font. The sweeping lines and serif peaks give it a classic vibe.

7. Wildlove Script Font

Wildlove Script Font

Check out this Cricut script font for when you are looking for a natural look. Try it out on a project that needs a rustic and natural look!

8. Hucklebuck Cute Cricut Script Font

Hucklebuck Cute Cricut Script Font

Another vintage-inspired font! The cursive script, with its classic serifs, really gives off some classic vibes while feeling personal and homey. Try it on your next wood project.

9. Bouquet Cricut Cursive Font

Bouquet Cricut Cursive Font

This bold, swooping, partially cursive font really grabs your attention! Try out this versatile font on a wedding invitation or birthday card!

10. Medinah Script Font

Medinah Script Font

Medinah is a fun, bold Cricut font that's perfect as a centerpiece of a design. Try it out on a T-shirt design or the title page of a scrapbook.

11. Daisy Girl Cute Script Font

Daisy Girl Cute Script Font

Check out this cute daisy-inspired font. This Cricut font would look great on a T-shirt or anything that's flower-themed. Try out this font on your next project!

12. Qanya Script Font

Qanya Script Font

Qanya is a Cricut cursive font with a really consistent width. This makes it a great fit for just about any project you're working on. Try it on a wood or sticker project!

13. Hello Sweets Cute Cricut Font

Hello Sweets Cute Cricut Font

This cute Cricut cursive font is perfect for letters and stationery. Also try it out on greeting cards and just about any project which could use some sweet handwriting fonts.

14. Allessa Cricut Script Font

Allessa Cricut Script Font

Allessa Script is an elegant handmade font that's perfect for when you're looking for sophistication with a personal touch. Try it out on some stationery!

15. Adhellia Script Font

Adhellia Script Font

Check this bold, versatile Cricut script font. The bold shapes make it perfect for stickers and vinyl T-shirt designs!

16. Love Letters Cute Cricut Font

Love Letters Cute Cricut Font

Here's another font that would be perfect on some stationery. This cute script font is perfect for when you really want to add a homely, personal touch to your projects.

17. Asthenia Cricut Cursive Font

Asthenia Cricut Cursive Font

Asthenia is a script font which combines both bold and thin lines to create something personable but also sophisticated. Try it out on your next Cricut project!

18. Squishy Script Font

Squishy Script Font

Check out this Cricut design font. This fun font is versatile and could be used in a lot of different projects. Try it out on a vinyl T-shirt design!

19. Shingitalis Typeface (Cricut Script Font)

Shingitalis Typeface (Cricut Script Font)

Click on this font to check out some great examples. See this font on a shirt and a shopping bag. This one could work for a wide variety of projects. It’s both legible and stylish.

20. Kaktoes Script Font

Kaktoes Script Font

This font comes with so many options. It’s a great choice if you love a vintage look or a baseball font aesthetic. Imagine this for school projects, uniforms, and other fun projects.

21. Delicimot Delicious Script Font

Delicimot Delicious Script Font

Looking for a new script font? This one was designed with food in mind, but it could be used for so many different projects. Picture it on a cup cozy or a personalized pillow.

22. Troyline Cricut Script Font

Troyline Cricut Script Font

This font download is a great choice because it’s a font duo. You get this lovely, decorative script font, but it also comes with a sans serif font. Try pairing them in your next project.

23. Soybeanut - Brush Script Font

Soybeanut - Brush Script Font

The fun swoops and strokes in this script font make it really memorable. It could be a cute choice for weddings, birthdays, and even for things like logo design.

24. Blackpearl - Monoline Script Font

Blackpearl - Monoline Script Font

This script font has a stylish look. It’s a monoline font with a steady line width. Try this one out on labels, name tags, packaging, and more. It has plenty of possibilities.

25. Aftergrows Cricut Script Font

Aftergrows Cricut Script Font

This script font has a steady line width, and it would likely cut well in several different materials. Picture this one in your next iron-on project or cut it out of paper for your next greeting card.

26. Lastnight Stylish Cricut Cursive Font

Lastnight Stylish Cricut Cursive Font

If you’re looking for an elegant, stylish cursive font for your next Cricut project, give this one a look. This look is very much in style right now, and it’s a versatile choice too.

27. Bellatine Pro Script Font

BELLATINE PRO - script font

Here’s a fun script font that also comes with two different alternates that you can experiment with. Mix and match them to come up with the perfect design for your next project.

28. Painted Cricut Cursive Font

Painted Cricut Cursive Font

The long strokes in this cursive font help push the aesthetic into a vintage space. You could dress this one up in gold foil or keep it casual in a solid color.

29. Monthelo Vintage Script Font

Monthelo - Vintage Script Font

Looking for a different script font? Check this one out. It has a bit of a baseball font vibe, doesn’t it? But it’s also got a touch of blocky flair. If you’re looking for something different, check this one out.

30. Roastypes | Handlettering Script Font

Roastypes | Handlettering Script Font

Isn’t this retro aesthetic fun? This quirky, memorable script font is such a fun choice for food labels, clothing, packaging, and so much more. Imagine this on your next T-shirt design.

31. Santoro Cricut Script Font

Santoro Cricut Script Font

Here's a classic script font with a familiar look and feel. This one could be a fun font to pair with other fonts, like a serif or a sans serif. Give it a try today.

32. Glamori Script Font YH

Glamori Script Font YH

Check out the fun, chunky contrast in this Cricut script font. Try it on your next T-shirt, or iron it onto a pair of pajama pants. It could look great cut out of a variety of papers too.

33. Subjective: Modern Script Font

Subjective - Modern Script Font

Check out this stylish Cricut cursive font! The long, swooping lines give it a confident flair. Try it out on your next stationery project or even for a greeting card or invitation.

34. Brooklyn Cricut Script Font

Brooklyn Cricut Script Font

Looking for something with a tattoo style? This script font was inspired by a tattoo aesthetic, but could also be dressed up or down for a variety of design projects.

35. Riviera Cricut Cursive Font

Riviera Cricut Cursive Font

This cursive font is an awesome choice because it has so many language options, accents, and more. Use this script font for greeting cards, posters, and more.

36. Sullviya Modern Script Font

Sullviya Modern Script Font

This pretty, sweeping script font looks great in a number of projects. Check out the font previews to see it in action on a sweatshirt.

37. Santun


The best Cricut script fonts are sometimes the most versatile. This is one that could be easily dressed up for a classy look or kept casual for something more personal and friendly.

38. Halliway | Brush Script Font

Halliway | Brush Script Font

Check out this chunky, fun Cricut script font. It has so much playful energy, but could be used for a wide variety of different projects. This could be a great addition to any font collection.

39. Sonophone


In your search for the best cursive fonts for Cricut, have you considered a retro look? This font has such an elegant aesthetic. Try it in gold materials to add a classy look to your next project.

40. Silky Smoke Script Font

Silky Smoke - Script Font

Isn’t this font fun and bubbly? The best script fonts for Cricut often have a generous weight, like this one. Its width could make it work nicely on a variety of materials.

41. Kodute | Modern Script Font

Kodute | Modern Script Font

This modern, stylish font is such a fun choice. Use Cricut connected fonts, like this one, to bring some elegance and personality to your design projects.

42. Shatige | Moden Script Font

Shatige | Moden Script Font

If you’re looking for pretty Cricut cursive fonts that connect, this one is such a lovely choice. Imagine this one on invitations or greeting cards.

43. Chicago Font

Chicago Font

The fun, vintage flair in this font makes it a good Cricut cursive font for a variety of projects. Picture this one used for your next school event or sports project.

44. Hayline: Elegant Script Font

Hayline - Elegant Script Font

This would be a good Cricut cursive font for a number of design projects, like invitations, T-shirt designs, and much more. Try mixing and matching it with other fonts too.

45. Asking Mind

Asking Mind

Trying out several different fonts can be a great way to figure out the best cursive Cricut font for your project. Why not give an aesthetic like this a test run?

46. Signlia | Modern Script Font

Signlia | Modern Script Font

If you’re looking for a pretty Cricut script font, this one could be an excellent choice. Download this one today and try it in your design project.

Which Are the Best Cricut Cursive Fonts for Your Project?

There are so many awesome fonts out there to choose from. What’s the best look and feel for your next Cricut design project? If you’re still undecided and you’d like to sample a whole collection of fonts, remember to check out Envato Elements.

One low fee gets you access to an entire library of fonts. Download as many as you want, and even use them for paid projects. You can even pick up a new template for your website. So many assets, fonts, and templates are included with Envato Elements. It’s an amazing deal if you love to create content!

Looking for Free Cricut Tutorials, Cricut Fonts, and More Info?

Love working with Cricut? Check out these free tutorials, collections, and articles from Envato Tuts+. Happy designing!

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