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Using thick fonts for your Cricut projects is a great way to build confidence if you're a new Cricut user because they are generally easy to cut.

Here we'll look at a few different types of the best bold and thick fonts for Cricut from Envato Elements, a subscription service with unlimited font downloads.

Your Envato Elements subscription will also give you unlimited access to everything on the creative platform. That means every premium font, stock photo, and Photoshop action is yours to download and use for your creative work once you sign up.

15 Soft Thick Fonts for Cricut

Kicking off this article is a list of my favourite thick Cricut fonts that have a much softer side. While we will get to the sharper fonts, these ones are typically the favourites that we lean towards when planning our Cricut projects. There are some fonts that have a great style to them, and many different themes we could look for in our projects.

We can also easily learn how to make a font thicker on Cricut Design Space, if you find that this list inspires you to want to use another font you may have already downloaded from Envato Elements! Here's a detailed tutorial on how to make letters thicker in Cricut Design Space:

1. BoldenVan Thick Bold Font (OTF & TTF)


Let's start off with one of the best super bold fonts for Cricut: the BoldenVan font. This font has a nice universal size to each letter which, if you have ever made an all-caps sign, you will understand is an absolute necessity. I am definitely going to use this bold Cricut font the next time I need to make a cardstock sign again!

2. Arizona Family Font (OTF & TTF)


This font has some lovely textured edges, which makes it look much more natural, and as the image suggests, handcrafted! I love a font which looks much more natural to add to my arsenal of bold Cricut fonts.

3. Pollinator Bold Cricut Font (OTF & TTF)


This thick Cricut font is a bit more polished than the previous one, and it has a very distinguished look to it. I can see this font in some extremely polished design works from a very professional designer—I can't wait to use it on some upcoming designs.

4. Frunch Bold Thick Font for Cricut (OTF & TTF)


Easily one of the best thick script fonts for Cricut that I know of, Frunch is soft, polished, and a perfectly even script—it makes my Type A personality very satisfied. It also looks like the type of font you could easily use in a palindrome, which is one of those words that are readable from both sides!

5. Bouquet Thick Lettering Font (OTF)


This is an amazing thick cursive lettering font for Cricut, and it looks like something that should be on the back of a baseball jacket. It's such a clean and easy-to-read cursive font, which I love as I always struggle to read cursive, so this is a total win for me!

6. Gazillions Bold Cricut Font (OTF & TTF)


This is another thick cursive font for Cricut that is one of my favourites because it has a bit of character. I love the little accents that this script font has—it provides such a personality!

7. Mighty Cricut Block Letter Font for Cricut (OTF & TTF)


This thick font for Cricut has a little bit of "scare" to it—it looks a little like a font you might see on a Halloween list, but definitely a nice script-type font, and it comes with some extra badges too. What's not to love?

8. Brother Cricut Block Letter Font (OTF & TTF)


I am obsessed with the unevenness of this font—when a thick font for Cricut is done like this on purpose, it totally makes my day. I can picture this on so many different projects, with a very free and open style to it.

9. Boldoa Mat Thick Bold Font (OTF & TTF)

Boldoa MatBoldoa MatBoldoa Mat

This handmade font has a slightly rustic feel to it, which is such a pleasure to add to so many different projects. It comes complete with punctuation, numbers, and multilingual characters. Try out Boldoa Mat if you want one of the best bold fonts.

10. Religion Thick Bold Fonts (OTF & TTF)


This bold, thick font is giving such 70s vibes, which I absolutely love. The heavy weighted flourishes at the bottom of the letters are such a nice change, and they give this font such a nice weighted base.

11. Lovile Cricut Block Letter Font (OTF)


This hand-lettered Cricut font is thick and easy to cut. I love the fact that this font isn't at all uniform—not all projects need to be perfect and even. It is something I am slowly learning to enjoy, and I'm sure you'll love it with thick, bold Cricut fonts like Lovile.

12. Asthenia Thick Cricut Font (OTF & TTF)


This is easily one of my favourite fonts in general, but it is definitely also one of the best thick script fonts for Cricut. It has so much regal character, making it one of the best bold fonts for so many regal projects.

13. Routhers Thick Fonts for Cricut (OTF)


This thick, bold, retro font is also a great one to choose as it comes paired with an extruded font, so you are able to make this font look quite 3D as well. Routhers is packed with glyphs, like numerals, punctuation, and multilingual characters. It's one of the best bold fonts out there if you're a fan of classic style.

14. Chelsy Block Letter Font for Cricut (OTF & TTF)


This bold font has an almost childlike feel to it, which is great for many projects that have a softer feel. It also looks divine as a more extruded style, so try that out with the Chelsy bold, thick font. 

15. Pitchfork Bold Cricut Block Letter Font (OTF & TTF)


The slightly textured edging of this thick font makes it perfect for your more rural fonts, and it would be perfect to use in bunting as the letters have generally a uniform size.

17 Sharp-Edged Fonts

If you're looking for the type of font that has a little less flow to it and is a bit more refined in terms of edging, then these thick, sharp-edged fonts are perfect for you.

1. Fulco Block Letter Font for Cricut (OTF)


A super blocky thick font, Fulco would pair very well with your more futuristic, masculine projects. Although this font may look a little bit elongated, it is nice to have a font that looks quite different, and almost odd—but it just works so well!

2. Groches Thick Bold Font (OTF & TTF)


This contemporary font is the perfect choice for a sports jersey. It has both soft and sharp edges, but is also a much more blocky typeface. Groches' style means you can use this thick font for any of your Cricut projects. 

3. Siggy Thick Font for Cricut (OTF)


I absolutely love the typeface style of this font—the lettering is so comforting and easy to use on so many different projects. The way the letters are designed means that if you had to cut them out of vinyl, you wouldn't have any problems with projects lifting off!

4. Trigger Slab Thick Lettering Font (OTF & TTF)

Trigger SlabTrigger SlabTrigger Slab

This is a very rigid thick font, and it's a great modern font to use on classic projects. It has very solid foundations, and it's great to use on jerseys or for athletic wear.

5. Watch Bold Font (TTF)


This thick bold graffiti-style font is great for posters and simple T-shirts. While it has a lot of character, it remains easy to read and has a lot of personality in its brush style.

6. Northden Thick Cricut Fonts (OTF & TTF)


Northden is an industrial thick Cricut font that would suit so many vintage and yet still modern type projects. This works great for logos and product labels and has both a clean and a rough design—although cutting the rough font on your Cricut would be a nice challenge to take on!

7. Mutiara Thick Typeface (OTF & TTF)


There are some lovely styles you can use with this font, and the texture on the font would, like the above one, make it very interesting to cut on your Cricut—especially if you like a challenge.

8. Douglas Collections: Thick Bold Fonts (OTF & TTF)

Douglas CollectionsDouglas CollectionsDouglas Collections

Now this font is an absolute beast, and it comes with so many bonuses that it makes it high on my list of the best thick fonts to use with your Cricut. Purely because of the versatility of this font, you could take on so many different projects, such as illustrating badges, book covers, posters, and more.

9. Carter Layered Cricut Block Letter Font (OTF & TTF)

Carter LayeredCarter LayeredCarter Layered

With this lovely retro, bold, layered typeface, there are so many different options you can unpack, opening up many different project styles. Any of them will be easy to cut because of the thickness of each layer.

10. Stickler Bold Typography (OTF & TTF)


Modern, minimal, thick. Perfect. There's not much else to say about Stickler—it's one of the best bold fonts around.

11. Hitchcut Thick Typeface (OTF & TTF)


Inspired by the movie director, this font pays homage, while being slightly childlike and playful. Through its unevenness, it has a uniform look in that it maintains the same look and feel as something that Hitchcock himself would appreciate.

12. Calasans Thick Lettering Typeface (OTF & TTF)


Though there are many different layers to this font, only a few of them are what I would consider suitable to make this list of the best thick Cricut fonts to use. With some of them you may have to follow the method of how to make lines thicker on Cricut to use them as thicker fonts.

13. Sovereign Thick Bold Font (OTF & TTF)


This font supports bold modern ideas and an urban feel. It is great for many different branding uses as it commands respect.

14. Saylery Thick Lettering Fonts (OTF & TTF)


This font has three styles: normal, line, and rough. Once again, the rough version of this font may not be the most ideal to cut on your Cricut, but the other two could work nicely. If you use the line font version and are struggling with the thin inner piece, I would definitely be sure to check out the article on how to make letters thicker in Cricut Design Space as it should help!

15. DJADOEL Bold Font (OTF & TTF)


Although this one can fall into the quirky and fun section below, it still has very strong roots in this section with its mostly sharp edges.

16. Scary Storm Block Letter Typeface (OTF & TTF)

Scary StormScary StormScary Storm

This unique font would be perfect for the movie screen! Though there are some small pieces to the font, if you are wanting to thicken them up a bit, be sure to check out my article on how to make a font thicker on Cricut.

10 Fun Thick Fonts

1. Alter Creed Creepy Bold Font (OTF & TTF)

Alter CreedAlter CreedAlter Creed

This nice and thick Cricut block letter font has an element of horror and creepiness to it. Of course it had to make the top list, as it just has too much character and fun to pass up.

2. Andhita Thick Typeface (OTF & TTF)


Andhita is a lovely, soft, minimalist font that's absolutely perfect for logos and so many elegant design templates. It is also a nice and thick font, so it is easy for you to cut on your Cricut.

3. Lemonade Bold Thick Cricut Font (TTF)


Lemonade is a vintage-inspired font that would work perfectly for branding classic items. It also has a lovely brush style to it.

4. Boulden Bold Western Typeface (OTF)


This all-caps font has a lot of character, and it's a Western-style font with a lovely vintage graphic texture. 

5. Rockinsoda Thick Fun Font (OTF & TTF)


The handwriting style here is a little uneven on each letter, but Rockinsoda has some nice additions to the uppercase mode—which is slightly different to the lowercase letters.  

6. Burnout Thick Serif Typeface (OTF & TTF)


This one reminds me of an 80s cartoon—it has a very vintage feel and is perfect for all kinds of branding with less serious styling.

7. Graun Block Letter Font for Cricut (OTF & TTF)


The feeling on this one is very different, and it is a much more grungy feeling for this thick Cricut font. It does have some small pieces, which add some nice extra texture to this font.

8. Anima Cute Thick Font (OTF & TTF)


Easily one of my favourite fun thick Cricut fonts, Anima has a movement in the letters that makes it a perfect children's font. Or for a project where you want to convey a much more youthful feeling, it even includes some illustrations for you to use!

9. Furiosa Thick Geometric Font for Cricut (TTF)


One of the more challenging fonts to cut on your Cricut, the edging on this one means you will get a lovely textured edge. This font also has a very nice paintbrush feel.

Looking to Learn Some New Skills?

Now that you have chosen the best bold font for your project, put those fonts to good use by practising some of these skills before finishing off your project, and take your project to the next level!

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