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20 Best Free Fonts for Cricut (Monogram, Cursive, Script)


Looking for the perfect Cricut font? In this article, we'll take a look at some free fonts for Cricut, as well as some of the best Cricut fonts you can download for your craft projects, merchandise, and small business ventures. We've got monogram fonts for Cricut, Cricut lettering fonts, and much more.

Popular Fonts on Envato Elements
Find thousands of professional Cricut fonts over on Envato Elements

What Is a Cricut Machine and What Does It Do?

A Cricut machine is a cutting tool—but that is a lot more than it might sound like. You can create anything from kiss cut sticker sheets to greeting cards, gift tags, T-shirts, and more. Depending on your machine and accessories, your Cricut can draw, cut, and score a variety of materials, including various papers, vinyl, cardstock—some units can even work with leather and thin wood. 

download fonts for Cricut
An example of a possible project using the Calose Cute font from Envato Elements.

Create beautiful vinyl decals or create a beautiful, custom cake topper with your Cricut. There are so many possibilities with this versatile and easy-to-use tool. 

It's important to note, however, that the Cricut is about cutting—not printing. So, for example, if you're interested in making something like bullet journal stickers, you'd need to print them out first. Then, let your Cricut take over to cut them for you. Your Cricut machine can make beautifully detailed cuts easier than ever. 

It's an amazing tool for crafters, DIY fans, and independent artists who are looking to create and sell their own handmade merchandise.

cricut script font
Example T-shirt designs using the Wishline Script font from Envato Elements.

What Is a Cricut Font?

Cricut fonts are the fonts included in Cricut Design Space—a free tool that is used to prepare and design your work for use with your Cricut machine. Your Cricut comes with a bunch of Cricut Design Space fonts included, such as Cricut Sans, a versatile sans serif font. Cricut writing fonts and Cricut fonts with layers have additional functionality. For example, check out some of the double layer font Cricut options next time you're in Design Space, under Font Style.

Cricut Design Space

Note that not all Cricut fonts are free. Many of them require a subscription to Cricut Access, a premium program that gives you access to a library of fonts and graphics. It's got some pretty nice offerings, too. It's got some of the best writing fonts for Cricut, if you want the machine to draw solid lines. Keep in mind, however, that you can often mimic the solid writing of some of the best writing fonts for Cricut by choosing a thin font. 

However, your System Fonts can also work as Cricut fonts—fun and functional additions to your Cricut Design Space. This means that, in addition to the Cricut-specific fonts included with Design Space, you can also use other fonts installed on your computer. It's easy to add fonts to Cricut too.

Cricut Design Space
Here's the Catheline Cute Script font within Cricut Design Space—an imported System Font in use. You can easily make Cricut cursive fonts that connect with the Advanced Settings.

This opens up a whole world of possibilities. While Cricut Access gives you access to hundreds of fonts, there are thousands upon thousands out there on the Internet to explore. It also means you're not stuck with the most popular Cricut fonts. You can choose something totally different and unexpected.

Learn How to Upload Fonts to Cricut Design Space

Using your System Fonts in Cricut Design Space is a breeze, once you know where to look and how to do it. Check out this video tutorial that will walk you through how to add fonts to Cricut Design Space, step by step, over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

Download Unlimited Premium Fonts (For Commercial Use!)

I get it—everyone loves free content. However, if you're a power user or you intend to create work that you want to sell, free content can be a real bust. Think about it for a moment: just because something is free does not always mean it's free of copyright or licensing concerns. 

It takes a lot of time and effort to find the perfect free font too. There might be a free price tag, but your time is valuable too. All that searching and the limited options can take a lot of the fun out of the design process.

But hey, we're all working with a limited budget. Downloading a collection of fonts, especially when you're paying per font, can add up pretty quickly. That alternative isn't always within our means.

So, what else is there? Check out Envato Elements.

Envato Elements
Download thousands of fonts on Envato Elements, all for one low fee.

Envato Elements is all about unlimited downloads. That means you pay one low fee, and you get access to thousands of professional assets—all of them licensed for commercial use. That's thousands of fonts to download for one price.

Whether you're looking for Cricut handwriting fonts, the best Cricut cursive fonts, or stylish monogram fonts for Cricut, there's so much to download and try out. At the end of the day, the best Cricut fonts are going to be the ones that best complement your project. This can make buying individual fonts daunting and intimidating—what if you don't like it later? What if, after testing it out, it's just not right? 

Well, with unlimited downloads, you can grab all the fonts you want to test out, without worrying about the price tag.

We're talking about a library of thousands of fonts here. Thousands of fonts to choose from with no extra fees—download to your heart's content! 

Find your next favorite Cricut script font, or test out a few to find your best font for cake topper Cricut projects. With unlimited downloads, you can try them all.

download fonts for Cricut
You can download fonts for Cricut like this one, Cute Kraft, on Envato Elements.

But you also get thousands of graphics, photos, clip art, and more. It's all included. You can even pick up a template for your website, and there's no extra charge. You've got access to a giant library of professional assets.

This is an awesome deal and a time-saving resource for hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professional designers. Take the time out of searching for assets—you have a whole library at your fingertips. Use it for your small business, your crafting projects, DIY, and more.

cricut font
This is an example project created with the Pudel Display font on Envato Elements—you can download graphics too, at no extra cost.

Get 1 Month Free!

Best of all, you now get unlimited free fonts for a whole month, completely free of charge. Use this amazing offer to stock up with the perfect fonts for all your Cricut projects!

Free fonts and more on Envato Elements

To lock in this great deal, just use this link to register. Or enter this code when you sign up:


31 Best Unlimited Download Fonts for Cricut

Before we dig into our list of free fonts for Cricut, let's take a look at some of the premium options you could pick up today. Why limit yourself to common popular fonts for Cricut when you could have a whole professional library?

Free is everyone's favorite price tag, it's true—but if you're interested in creating work to sell, premium content can't be beat. All of these fonts come with commercial licensing included, and they are all included with unlimited downloads. There's no paying per font—you get them all, and you get the peace of mind of knowing they are all appropriate for creating and selling your own merchandise.

Check them out! Or enjoy the design inspiration—maybe these fonts can help you narrow down a style you enjoy.

1. Palace Bold Calligraphy Cricut Font

Palace Bold Calligraphy Cricut Font

This cute font is a great choice when it comes to adding new Cricut design space fonts. It's fun, friendly, and has a lot of personality. 

2. Jelly Bean Cricut Script Font

Jelly Bean Cricut Script Font

This font download is a duo—you get two fonts that pair well together, all in one convenient package. Use them together or separately in your next design project.

3. Wild Hazelnut Cricut Lettering Fonts

Wild Hazelnut Cricut Lettering Fonts

Here's a chunky, varied font that could work well for anything from greeting cards to T-shirt designs. If you're looking for the best Cricut fonts for vinyl, paper, and more, this one has a lot of potential.

4. Eiffell Script Handwritten Cricut Font

Eiffell Script Handwritten Cricut Font

The most popular Cricut fonts often include beautiful handwritten, script fonts. Follow the trend but stand out from the rest with a stylish, hand-drawn font like this one. It even comes with watercolor textures for your printed work.

5. Apple Juice Cute Cricut Font

Apple Juice Cute Cricut Font

Isn't this font cute? Imagine it on a lunch box or maybe on shirts for your next fundraiser or gathering. It's a great fit for kids, school events, and family get-togethers too.

6. Brixton Line Cricut Handwriting Fonts

Brixton Line Cricut Handwriting Fonts

When you try to write with your Cricut, you might notice that most fonts end up like an outline. However, if you try out a really thin font, like this one, you can often simulate the solid line you'd get from traditional Cricut writing fonts.

7. Avaline Ornaments Cricut Writing Fonts

Avaline Ornaments Cricut Writing Fonts

Envato Elements also has decorative fonts, like this awesome collection of ornaments. Add all kinds of flourishes, lines, and wreaths by simply typing a letter.

8. Hello Sweets Cricut Script Font

Hello Sweets Cricut Script Font

If you're on the lookout for cute script fonts for Cricut maker, check this one out. It's easy to imagine this one in gold or a stylish iron-on.

9. Hinsa Cute Cricut Lettering Fonts

Hinsa Cute Cricut Lettering Fonts

Check out this adorable font. It's a really fun but unusual design. It has the potential to work for a wide variety of projects too. Consider giving this one a try.

10. Daisy Girl Cricut Script Font

Daisy Girl Cricut Script Font

Here's another stylish script font. The best script fonts for Cricut are going to depend on your project—how do you like your scripts? This one's a great choice if you like long, pretty strokes.

11. Mateo Cute Cricut Handwriting Fonts

Mateo Cute Cricut Handwriting Fonts

This fun, chunky font could be a great addition to your next project. Its bubble-like shape has plenty of potential for invitations, shirts, and more. This is a great download, especially if you're hunting for the best Cricut fonts for vinyl. 

12. Monieta Elegant Cricut Script Font

Monieta Elegant Cricut Script Font

But maybe you're hunting for the best script fonts for Cricut, instead. If you're a big fan of scripts, give this one a look. Its romantic feel could work for so many projects. 

13. Little Peanut Cute Kids Cricut Font

Little Peanut Cute Kids Cricut Font

Isn't this a cute font? It could easily be the best font for cake topper Cricut projects or maybe for your own custom coloring book pages. 

14. Nadilla Cute Cricut Script Font

Nadilla Cute Cricut Script Font

This font is such a bubbly, fun script. It could be a great fit for a child's project, birthday goodies, and a whole lot more. Give this cute font a try.

15. Bouquet Baseball Cricut Script Font

Bouquet Baseball Cricut Script Font

Doesn't this font have a cool baseball vibe? You could create your own baseball shirts and other merchandise with a font like this one. 

16. Royal Jelly Cute Decorative Cricut Font

Royal Jelly Cute Decorative Cricut Font

It's fun to check out popular fonts for Cricut—but how about more unusual ones, like this font? It has really interesting spirals in the design, giving it a fun look and feel.

17. Ceglist Cricut Script Font

Ceglist Cricut Script Font

This script font is super cute and super versatile. If you're looking for Cricut cursive fonts that connect, this one works well—just make sure to separate your letters in the Advanced Settings. Then you can adjust the alignment.

18. Pumpkins Candles Cricut Handwriting Fonts

Pumpkins Candles Cricut Handwriting Fonts

Remember, if you're looking for the best drawing fonts for Cricut, and you specifically want to use the writing functionality, you can often mimic a filled letter with thin System Fonts, like this one. 

19. King Crayon Cricut Font Cute

King Crayon Cricut Font Cute

Isn't this a quirky font? It has a little bit of a retro vibe, doesn't it? This one could work well on packaging, T-shirts, and a whole lot more. 

20. Kind Heart Pretty Circuit Script Font

Kind Heart Pretty Circuit Script Font

This font is so fun and welcoming. It's a pretty handwriting font, perfect for letters, stationery, and other paper projects. 

21. Wedges Bold Chunky Cricut Font

Wedges Bold Chunky Cricut Font

If you prefer a chunky font, give this one a look. It's rounded and playful, so it could be a great fit for projects created for (or with) children. Imagine it in your classroom.

22. Loman Bold Cricut Script Font

Loman Bold Cricut Script Font

Here's a different take on a script font. The capital letters are really stylish—so if you're looking for the best Cricut font for monogram projects, this one might be worth a try.

23. Dear Emily Cricut Handwriting Fonts

Dear Emily Cricut Handwriting Fonts

Sweet, cute, and a lot of fun—that describes this adorable, handwritten font really well. Whether you're creating invitations, wearables, or something else, this one has a lot of potential.

24. Sunshine Monogram Font (Monogram Fonts for Cricut)

Sunshine Monogram Font Monogram Fonts for Cricut

Envato Elements also has fonts specifically for monograms, just like this one. If you're looking to add to your collection of the best Cricut fonts for monogram projects, check it out.

25. Gathike Calligraphy Cricut Script Font

Gathike Calligraphy Cricut Script Font

Script fonts can add such a classy, pretty look and feel to your projects. Check this one out. It has such lovely, swooping strokes. It could be the perfect addition to your next project.

26. Milk & Shake Cricut Handwriting Fonts

Milk  Shake Cricut Handwriting Fonts

Or maybe you prefer longer strokes. This script font has such a playful vibe. It also includes extras that you can mix, match, and experiment with.

27. Priscillia Pretty Cricut Script Font

Priscillia Pretty Cricut Script Font

If you prefer thicker strokes, but you still love the elegance of a script font, give this one a look. It's inspired by hand lettering with a brush pen.

28. Donatellia Elegant Cricut Handwriting Fonts

Donatellia Elegant Cricut Handwriting Fonts

Here's another thin font that could end up working well for writing, rather than cutting. Keep in mind that writing fonts work a little differently with your Cricut—but you can often mimic the look in System Fonts, if the stroke is really thin.

29. Little Morning Cricut Lettering Fonts

Little Morning Cricut Lettering Fonts

This font is so precious. It has such a friendly feeling, and has an easy association with baked goods and homemade treats. Try this one in your next DIY project. 

30. Emilio Bold Cricut Lettering Fonts

Emilio Bold Cricut Lettering Fonts

Here's a bold font that takes some inspiration from script fonts, but keeps the letters independent. It's strong and could definitely make a bold statement.

31. Hello Love Stylish Cricut Script Font

Hello Love Stylish Cricut Script Font

This is such a classic, pretty font. It's easy to picture this one in a whole host of projects, from paper to vinyl to stickers to leather! 

Free Fonts for Cricut You Can Download Today

Free fonts can be a great choice if you don't plan to make any projects that you want to sell. Remember, many free fonts are not completely free—they may only be free for personal use or have limited options. Make sure you're aware of the font's license before you use it—especially if you plan to sell your creations. You are responsible for knowing and following the license of any font you use and download!

Check out these free fonts you can download and try out today. 

1. Motion Picture Free Font

Motion Picture Free Font Personal Use

This fun script font could be a great fit for personal projects. This one is only free for personal use, so make sure to buy a license if you go commercial.

2. Huruf Miranti Free Font

Huruf Miranti Free Font

This font is in the public domain—so it's fair game. Download, use, and enjoy as you wish. This one is thin, so it might be worth trying for writing.

3. Pacifico Free Script Font

Pacifico Free Script Font

This script font is a popular one—you've probably seen it before on the web and in other projects! It's free to use, even for commercial projects. 

4. Xmas Xpress Free Font

Xmas Xpress Free Font

This bold font has some holiday flair. It could look great on cards, T-shirts, and more! However, this license is for personal usage only—keep that in mind.

5. Brusher Free Font

Brusher Free Font

Here's another free font—it's free, but not necessarily in the public domain. Be aware of copyright restrictions if you plan to use this one commercially.

6. Learning Curve Free Font

Learning Curve Free Font

Isn't this a cute font? It's a great fit for personal projects, as it's free for personal use only. If you want to go further, make sure to look into a license. 

7. Always In My Heart Free Font

Always In My Heart Free Font

Here's another charming script font. It has so much potential. Download it for free for personal use. Otherwise, you'll need to purchase a license.

8. Berkshire Swash Free Font

This bold, stylish font is free to use, and certainly worth downloading. Make sure to check out the extended license for copyright info and restrictions. 

9. Rockin Reco Free Font

Rockin Reco Free Font

If you're looking for a bold, thick font with a lot of emphasis, this is an awesome choice for free fonts for Cricut. It's 100% free, but make sure to check the license for added info. 

10. Always Forever Free Font

Always Forever Free Font

There's just something so charming about handwritten type. That's definitely the case with this lovely font. It's free for personal usage only.

11. Vegan Style Free Font Download

Vegan Style Free Font Download

This font has a slight slant and thicker strokes. It's got a touch of vintage style, doesn't it? It's free for personal use only, so you can try it out today.

12. Countryside Script Font Free

If you like a varied baseline and lots of curly details, check out this free font. It's another one free for personal use, so make sure to note that before you download.

13. Rakoon Free Font

Rakoon Free Font

This chunky script has so much personality. It could look great on a T-shirt, a bag, or a whole host of projects! It's free for personal use only.

14. Shrikhand Free Font

Shrikhand Free Font

Here's another bold font with a retro vibe. This one is free, even for commercial use, but still has licensing limitations that you'll need to check.

15. Milkshake Free Script Font

Milkshake Free Script Font

This free font is such a versatile script. Dress it up or make it casual—it can do both. It's a free download, but it has some licensing limitations. Make sure to review them before you start your project.

16. Lobster Free Display Font

Lobster Free Display Font

Here's a 100% free find—that's why this font might look rather familiar! It's a popular one, and it's free for commercial usage. Enjoy.

17. Bayland Free Script Font

Bayland Free Script Font

What a beautiful retro font! Check out all the beautiful, thick strokes. Test this one out today, as it's free for personal use. If you want to go commercial, make sure to pay and license with the designer.

18. Pleasantly Plump Free Font

Pleasantly Plump Free Font

Bold fonts can be so much fun to work with. This one really stands out, and it's free for both commercial and personal use. Just make sure to check the limitations in the license.

19. Luckiest Guy Free Display Font

Luckiest Guy Free Display Font

Here's another popular freebie. If a font is 100% free, chances are, a lot of people have it and use it. Download and enjoy.

20. Alley Garden Free Font

Alley Garden Free Font

This charming font has a touch of script flair, while keeping the letters apart. It's free for personal usage only.

Which Are Your Favorite Fonts for Cricut Maker, Air 2, or Other Members of the Cricut Family?

There are so many fonts out there to choose from—whether you're a user who needs a commercial license or you're a hobbyist that wants to keep things free. Ultimately, the best Cricut cursive fonts, handwriting fonts, serifs, and even the best drawing fonts for Cricut are going to depend on your project and preferences. 

Remember, if you're a power user or you're interested in selling your work, inform yourself. Make sure you're clear on the terms of use when using free fonts. We are all creative professionals—someone designed that font! Let's treat other artists the way we would want our work treated too.

Happy designing!

Read this article to find links to more free fonts, along with photos, videos, and more. And if you want to find even more fonts, check out these other inspiring font collections:

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