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How to Make SVG Files for Cricut in Illustrator

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Looking up how to make SVG files for Cricut in Illustrator? Then you're in the right place! In this Quick Tip tutorial, we'll be using Adobe Illustrator to create Cricut SVG files. Then we'll go over how to import your new SVG file into Cricut Design Space so you can get a head start on your Cricut project! After that, we'll go over some amazing resources for finding ready-made templates for your Illustrator Cricut projects.

For the purposes of our project, we'll be using these Stained Glass Flowers from Envato Elements. This project file is a great starting point as it's in vector format and comes with an Adobe Illustrator project file. Our end result will be a flower SVG Cricut file we can import into our projects.

Envato Elements Flower Vector for Circut
Check out Envato Elements, a great resource for SVG files for Cricut.

You can also use any illustrator project you're working on, but ensure that your image is using vector objects to really take advantage of the SVG file type.

Follow along with us over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube channel:

What Are SVG Files for Cricut?

So you may be wondering, what is SVG for Cricut and why should I use it? SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a type of graphic file which stores vector data. This means that SVG images for Cricut can be scaled to any size. This is especially handy when using our Cricut Machine as SVGs are just a single file we can import. The SVG will retain all vector layer data.

Why Make SVG Images for Cricut With Illustrator?

Illustrator is a vector art program, so it's an amazing tool for creating scalable art. You can create your own designs, and it's even possible to convert an image to SVG in Illustrator. When you export to SVG from Illustrator, all of your layers will be retained in Cricut Design Space.

1. How to Make an SVG File in Illustrator

Step 1

Open up the project file for your project. We will be using the color version of the flowers.

SVG Cricut Prepare Project in Illustrator

Step 2

We only want to use one of the flowers for our SVG file, so we will have to edit the project file. For this project we want to create an SVG out of the top-left flower. Let's go ahead and delete the icons we don't need.

Using the Move Tool, click on each of the flowers we don't need and press Delete.

SVG Cricut Prepare in Illustrator

Step 3

Now that we have the project with all the elements we want, we can now go ahead and save as an SVG.

Go to File > Save As.

Cricut Illustrator Save As SVG

Step 4

From the format dropdown, select SVG.

Illustrator Save Select SVG

Step 5

Now go ahead and click Save.

Illustrator SVG Save for Cricut

Step 6

This will open the SVG options.

For SVG Profiles, select SVG 1.1.

Illustrator SVG Setting Profile

Step 7

Next, let's move to the font options. If your artwork contains typography, you will want to select Convert to outline. This will ensure that people who view your SVG won't be required to have the font installed.

Select Convert to outline for this option.

Illustrator SVG Setting Font

Step 8

For Image Location, we will want to select Embed. This setting determines how the SVG handles external images. Embedding will ensure that any linked images are included in a single SVG file, which is what we need for Cricut.

Illustrator SVG Setting Image Location

Step 9

These are all the settings we need for the purposes of creating an image for Cricut! Go ahead and click OK.

Illustrator SVG Setting Save

Great work! You have now created a vector project in Adobe Illustrator and learned how to make SVG files for Cricut. Next, let's take a look at how to upload an SVG to Cricut Design Space.

2. How to Upload an SVG to Cricut

Step 1

First, you will need to ensure you have Cricut Design Space. Cricut Design Space is free software which comes with your Cricut machine. You will need this in order to create and cut out your Cricut projects.

Open up Cricut Design Space. Then select New Project from either the top right or bottom left of the screen.

Cricut Illustrator SVG Import New Project

Step 2

Now that the project stage is open, we can upload our flower SVG to the project. To do this, click Upload on the bottom left of the toolbar.

Cricut Illustrator SVG Import Upload

Step 3

From this screen, click on Upload Image.

Cricut Illustrator SVG Import Upload Image

Step 4

Now, from this page, click Browse. From here, you will have to navigate your desktop and locate the SVG file that you saved from Illustrator.

Cricut Illustrator SVG Import Browse

Step 5

The advantage of using the SVG file type is immediately apparent. As you can see, the background is transparent and has already been cut for us.

Go ahead and click Upload.

Cricut Illustrator SVG Import Cut and Upload

Step 6

Now your artwork has been added to your collection of uploads. To add this to our project, we have one final step to take!

Click on the image you want to insert into your project, and select Insert Images.

Cricut Illustrator SVG Import Insert Image

Step 7

Just like that, your Cricut SVG file is now in your Cricut project file! As we saved in the SVG format, you'll notice that not only is the background transparent, but all the object shapes are retained in the layer data. This gives you the freedom to work with your image however you need it for your project. You can combine all the shapes for a single cut, or you can cut all the shapes out individually.

So now you know how to create a flower SVG for Cricut and import it into Cricut Design Space. You can use this same technique to make as many SVG files for Cricut as you need!

SVG Files for Cricut

If you're looking to get a head start on your next Illustrator Cricut project, you may want to check out Envato Elements! Envato Elements has a wide selection of vector illustration projects which you can freely download for one low price. Once you get your subscription, you are free to download and try as many different vector project files as you like!

Check out some of these amazing picks to find out more on how to download SVG files for Cricut!

1. Cricut Flower Template SVG (AI, EPS)

Envato Elements Flower Template SVG

Check out these vector autumn assets! This set is perfect for creating your own Cricut Sunflower SVG. Just open up the Illustrator file and export what you need as an SVG.

2. Cricut Mandala (SVG, AI, EPS)

Envato Elements Mandala SVG

These Cricut Mandala SVG files are perfect when you are looking for an intricate flower design. The Cricut Sunflower SVGs come in a variety of different formats, all of which are compatible with Illustrator and Cricut.

3. Cricut Flower Template (SVG, AI, PSD)

Envato Elements Sunflower SVG

Looking for something clean and crisp? Then check out this Cricut Flower Template in SVG format. It comes with a variety of sunflower SVG files you can import directly into Cricut or create your own Cricut Sunflower SVG.

4. Cricut Butterfly and Birds: SVG Illustrator (AI, EPS)

Envato Elements Butterfly Cricut SVG

Looking to create some Cricut butterfly SVGs? Then check out this collection of butterflies, birds, and flowers in the vector format. They're perfect for creating a Cricut butterfly SVG, Cricut bird SVG, and Cricut flower SVG files.

5. Cricut Inspirational Quotes: Adobe Illustrator SVG (SVG, AI, EPS)

Envato Elements Cricut SVG Quotes

Check out these Cricut Inspirational Quotes SVG files! They come in a variety of formats which are compatible with Cricut right out of the box, or you can create your own in Illustrator.

So now you know how to make your own SVG files for Cricut! What will you do next? You may be looking to brush up your Cricut and Illustrator skills. Check out these amazing tutorials from Envato Tuts+.

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