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What Is Isolation Mode in Illustrator?

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In the following tutorial, you will learn everything you need to know about Illustrator's Isolation Mode.

First, you will learn what isolation mode is in Illustrator. Next, you will learn how to isolate objects in Illustrator, and then how to get out of isolation mode in Illustrator.

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isolation mode illustrationisolation mode illustrationisolation mode illustration

What You'll Learn in This Illustrator Tutorial

  • What is Isolation Mode in Illustrator?
  • How to isolate objects in Illustrator
  • How to get out of Isolation Mode in Illustrator

1. What Is Isolation Mode in Illustrator?

Isolation Mode separates a layer, group, shape, or path from the rest of your design. When Isolation Mode is active, the other elements from your design are dimmed out, and you can be sure that you will not select or move any of those other objects by accident. Isolation Mode can be pretty useful when you wish to focus on a specific element from your design.

what isolation mode illustratorwhat isolation mode illustratorwhat isolation mode illustrator

2. How to Isolate Objects in Illustrator

Step 1

To isolate an element from your design, simply double-click it using the Selection Tool (V). Once it's isolated, you will get a grey bar at the top, right below the document tabs.

isolate object illustratorisolate object illustratorisolate object illustrator

Step 2

Alternatively, you can activate Isolation Mode in Illustrator via the Layers panel (Window > Layers).

This technique can be particularly useful if you wish to isolate a layer. Select it or select an element inside that layer, open the fly-out menu of the Layers panel, and go to Enter Isolation Mode. The Layers panel will update, showing you just the isolated element.

isolate object layers panelisolate object layers panelisolate object layers panel

3. How to Exit Isolation Mode in Illustrator

Step 1

The quickest method that you can use to exit Isolation Mode in Illustrator is by pressing the Esc key.

That grey bar below the document tabs gives you the second method that can be used to exit Isolation Mode in Illustrator. Focus on it, and you'll notice an arrow on the left. Next to this arrow, you can see how much you've drilled down to get to your object and isolate it. In this example, I have an ellipse which lies inside a layer that's called "Bg".

Click that arrow button once, and you'll go up one level to get access to the entire "Bg" layer. You can stick to this isolation level, or you can click that arrow button one more time to completely exit Illustrator's Isolation Mode.

exit isolation modeexit isolation modeexit isolation mode

Step 2

The third method that you can use to exit Isolation Mode in Illustrator is via the Layers panel. All you have to do is open the fly-out menu and go to Exit Isolation Mode.

Check out this tutorial if you wish to continue and learn how to create this cute dog logo design: How to Create a Dog Logo Design in Illustrator.

exit isolation mode layersexit isolation mode layersexit isolation mode layers

Congratulations! You're Done!

Now that you know how to activate and how to exit Isolation Mode in Illustrator, feel free to use these techniques in your future projects.

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