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How to Make a Semicircle in Illustrator

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In the following tutorial, you will learn how to make a perfect semicircle in Illustrator. First, you will learn how to create a perfect circle and then how to turn it into a semicircle in Adobe Illustrator.

Once you've learned how to make semicircles in Illustrator, you can go a step further and put together a pattern. At Envato Elements you will find a massive collection of designs that might inspire you to create your own pattern using semicircles in Adobe Illustrator.

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What You'll Learn in This Adobe Illustrator Half Circle Tutorial

  • How to make a circle in Illustrator
  • How to make a semicircle in Illustrator

How to Make a Circle in Illustrator

In order to create a half circle in Illustrator, you will first need a circle.

Pick the Ellipse Tool (L) and either click on your artboard to open the Ellipse window and enter the size of your circle, or hold down the Shift key as you click and drag to manually draw the perfect circle.

Now that you've got your perfect circle, let's see how you can use it to create a half circle in Illustrator.

perfect circle illustratorperfect circle illustratorperfect circle illustrator

How to Make a Perfect Semicircle in Illustrator

Make sure that your circle is selected and pick the Direct Selection Tool (A). Use it to select one of the anchor points that make up your circle and press the Delete key to easily create a half circle in Illustrator.

perfect semicircle illustratorperfect semicircle illustratorperfect semicircle illustrator

Now that you've learned how to make a semicircle in Illustrator, you might want to close it. You can do this easily by going to Object > Path > Join or using the Control-J keyboard shortcut.

closed semicircle illustratorclosed semicircle illustratorclosed semicircle illustrator

Congratulations! You're Done!

Now that you know how to make a semicircle in Illustrator, feel free to use the technique in your future projects.

You can find some great sources of inspiration at Envato Elements, with interesting solutions to improve your design portfolio.

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