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How to Install Fonts in Affinity Designer

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In Affinity Designer, fonts can be an essential part of design work. Want to know how to add fonts in Affinity Designer? In this tutorial, we'll walk through everything you need to know about Affinity Designer fonts. 

How to Install Fonts in Affinity Designer

Step 1

Let's look at Affinity Designer. Install fonts primarily with your operating system—this applies to both PC and Mac. Affinity Designer fonts will draw upon what you've installed on your computer.

So, if you want to know how to install fonts in Affinity Designer or how to add fonts in Affinity Designer, keep this in mind: you will need to install the fonts on your computer, in order to access them within the software. Affinity Designer fonts draw from your installed system fonts.

Unsure of how to install fonts? Here is a collection of walkthroughs for Windows and Mac:

Step 2

But what about how to install fonts in Affinity Designer for iPad? The same applies here. When working in Affinity Designer, install fonts via your operating system. In this case, your Affinity Designer fonts will all come from your iPad itself.

Unsure of how to install fonts on iPad? Check out this helpful walkthrough:

Step 3

But what if you're unable to find your fonts in Affinity Designer? Here are some tips that can help with this issue:

  • Did you install your fonts while Affinity Designer was open? You may need to restart the software to see your new fonts reflected within the software's font selection.
  • Verify that your fonts are in a valid format and have been installed correctly. Remember, Affinity Designer will use the fonts available on your computer.

Step 4

So, where can you find your Affinity Designer fonts? One key place is the Character panel. You can open the Character panel by going to Window > Text > Character.

From the Character panel, you can select a new font from the dropdown menu. You can also change other aspects of your type, like the size and weight.

This is the location for Affinity Designer 2. If you're using an older version of Affinity Designer, you can find the Character panel via View > Studio > Character.
Affinity Designer fontsAffinity Designer fontsAffinity Designer fonts
Affinity Designer design template from Envato Elements

Step 5

You can also quickly access your Affinity Designer fonts at the top of the software, in the toolbar. For example, when you select any text in your work, check out the top of the software (where the toolbar is located). We can quickly access the font, size, style, and other text attributes. 

Affinity Designer text toolbarAffinity Designer text toolbarAffinity Designer text toolbar
Affinity Designer template from Envato Elements

Now You Know How to Add Fonts in Affinity Designer 

Remember, whether you want to know how to install fonts in Affinity Designer for iPad, Mac, or PC, it's all about your system fonts. When working in Affinity Designer, install fonts to your system, and then use them within the software. It's as simple as that!

Want to learn more about working in Affinity Designer? Check out these free tutorials from Envato Tuts+.

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