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How to Draw a Panda Step by Step

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What You'll Be Creating

Pandas are cute and very easy to draw, because of their plump body and characteristic pattern. In this tutorial I will lead you step by step to help you draw your own giant panda. It will be simple and fun!

What You Will Need

If you're drawing digitally, you have all you need in your program. If you prefer traditional tools, I suggest:

  • Pencil
  • Black marker pen/felt-tip pen

1. How to Sketch a Panda's Body

Step 1

Sketch an oval for the main body.

panda drawing body oval

Step 2

Add a circle for the head.

panda drawing head circle

Step 3

Connect both parts with gentle lines.

panda drawing body shape

Step 4

Draw two slanting lines to sketch the distance between the legs.

panda drawing legs distance

Step 5

Attach the legs to the ends of those lines. Make them slightly curved towards the ground.

panda drawing legs length

2. How to Draw a Panda's Legs

Step 1

Attach ovals to the legs to create a base for the feet.

panda drawing paws shape

Step 2

Draw ovals on them. This will make the joints look thicker.

panda drawing joints shape

Step 3

Outline the limbs. They should be big and fluffy.

panda drawing legs volume

Step 4

Add volume to the arms.

panda drawing arms volume

Step 5

Sketch the line of the shoulders.

panda drawing shoulder line

Step 6

Sketch five claws on every foot.

panda drawing claws lines

3. How to Draw a Panda's Face

Step 1

Draw a cross on the face to find its center. Keep in mind the head is spherical, not as flat as it seems.

panda drawing face cross

Step 2

Draw a circle to create the muzzle.

panda drawing muzzle circle

Step 3

Draw circles on the sides of the muzzle, in the upper part.

panda drawing eyes base

Step 4

Draw smaller circles inside. These will be the actual eyes.

panda drawing eyes shape

Step 5

Draw two bigger circles below. This will help us create the shape of the panda's eye patch.

panda drawing eye patch

Step 6

Draw the nose.

panda drawing nose top
panda drawing nose bottom

Step 7

Draw the smile under the nose.

panda drawing smile

Step 8

Draw two big circles for the cheeks.

panda drawing cheeks

Step 9

Draw the place for the ears.

panda drawing ears place

Step 10

Draw the rounded ears.

panda drawing ears shape

4. How to Finish the Drawing of a Panda

If you're drawing digitally, do this part on a new layer. If you're drawing traditionally, this is the time to take the darker, thicker tool.

Step 1

Outline the legs. Make them smooth on one side and fluffy on the other.

panda drawing fluffy legs

Step 2

Outline the fluffy ears and the face details.

panda drawing fluffy ears

Step 3

Outline the whole head.

panda drawing head shape

Step 4

Outline the rest of the body.

panda drawing fluffy body

Step 5

Outline the claws.

panda drawing claws outline

Step 6

Add some detail to the muzzle.

panda drawing muzzle details

Step 7

Draw the borders of the black-and-white pattern.

panda drawing pattern

Step 8

Darken the patterns. If you want, you can leave white shine dots in the eyes.

panda drawing black and white

So Cute!

That's a beautiful panda! If you liked this tutorial, you may also enjoy these:

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