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How to Draw a Sloth Step by Step

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Sloths are amazing creatures, so different from everything we know. The seem to have a very chill attitude towards life, and they're definitely not lazy—they just don't see the need to hurry! Sloths are also unbelievably cute, so we're going to draw one today. It will be a simple illustration perfect for beginners, and later you can use it to create a colorful vector illustration with Nataliya Dolotko!

1. How to Draw a Sloth's Body

Step 1

Our sloth will be hanging from a tree branch, and its back will be neatly curved. So start the drawing with this clear curve.

sloth body curve

Step 2

To draw a uniform curve of the body, we may feel it with circles. First a big circle...

sloth body shape

... then a smaller one...

sloth body circles

... an even smaller one...

sloth body drawing

... and a similar one on top for the head.

sloth sketch head

Step 3

You can now outline the body.

sloth body sketch

2. How to Draw a Sloth's Legs

Step 1

Draw the limbs that are the closest to us first. To keep the illustration simple, draw them as simple curves.

sloth back leg
sloth arm

Step 2

Draw a tree branch above the sloth. Feel free to use a ruler for this, but it's not necessary.

sloth hanging branch

Step 3

Draw the foot holding the branch.

sloth foot

Step 4

Draw the outline of the leg going from the foot towards the body.

sloth leg curve
sloth leg full

Step 5

Draw the hand—it will be more rounded than the foot.

sloth rounded hand

Step 6

Use the same technique as before to outline the arm.

sloth arm curve
sloth arm complete

Step 7

There's another pair of limbs we need to draw. It should be easy—just mirror the curves:

sloth other leg curve
sloth other arm curve

Step 8

Make the other leg complete the same way as before:

sloth other foot
sloth other leg  shape
sloth other leg complete

Step 9

And another arm, too:

sloth other hand
sloth other arm

Step 10

Finally, add the long claws holding the branch.

sloth claws direction
sloth claws full

3. How to Draw a Sloth's Face

Step 1

Draw the outline of the sloth's flat face.

sloth face shape

Step 2

Add some basic guidelines to see the proportions better.

sloth vertical guide line
sloth horizontal guide line

Step 3

Draw the circle in the lower half—this will be the muzzle.

sloth muzzle

Step 4

Draw the smile across the muzzle.

sloth smile

Step 5

Add some details to the smile.

sloth smile detail

Step 6

Draw the nose.

sloth nose
sloth nose bridge
sloth noseholes

Step 7

Draw the eyes.

sloth eyes shape
sloth eye patches
sloth eyes

Step 8

Draw the dark pattern along the face.

sloth face pattern

Step 9

Draw the cute fringe on the forehead.

sloth face fringe

4. How to Finish the Drawing of a Sloth

We're going to draw the final lines now. If you're drawing traditionally, use a darker tool for it, or place a new sheet of paper over the sketch.

Step 1

Outline parts of the limbs, leaving space for other outlines.

sloth limbs outline

Step 2

Outline the nose.

sloth nose outline

Step 3

Draw the details of the eyes. First, plan the shine dots...

sloth eyes shine

... then fill everything outside of the shine dots...

sloth dark eyes

... and slightly darken the lower dots (they come from reflected light).

sloth reflect light eyes

Step 4

Outline the cute mouth.

sloth cute mouth

Step 5

Add the "mask".

sloth mask

Step 6

Outline the whole face.

sloth face outline
sloth fringe outline

Step 7

Outline the claws. Try to make them all very similar.

sloth claws outline

Step 8

Outline the whole body and the branch.

sloth body outline
sloth branch outline
sloth full outline

Step 9

Finally, thicken some of the lines to make the drawing visually more interesting without any colors or shading.

sloth fancy lines

So Cute!

Good job! You can now take your drawing and turn it into a vector illustration. And if you're interested in other tutorials like this, check one of these:

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