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How to Draw a Cute Bunny Step by Step

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What You'll Be Creating

Do you want to draw something cute and simple? In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a bunny from scratch, step by step. You don't need any reference and you can use any tools you want. This will be simple and fun!

Before You Start

Let's take a look at some bunnies first, shall we? You may know what a bunny looks like, but it's always good to refresh your memory before you start drawing.

1. How to Draw a Bunny Head

Step 1

Draw an oval—this will be the forehead. Draw it very lightly, because it's just a guide line for later. The smaller it is, the smaller the whole drawing will be, and drawing small is a good way to keep the proportions right! Also, you don't need to draw the whole oval with one continuous line—draw it with short, subtle lines, and then connect them.

bunny head oval

Step 2

Draw a circle below. Keep sketching, and don't press too hard!

bunny head muzzle

Step 3

Cross the circle with a "smile". This will help us place the cheeks properly.

bunny smile

Step 4

Draw two circles on the sides—these will be the fluffy cheeks.

bunny cheeks

Step 5

Draw a smaller circle inside the middle circle. This will help us with the chin.

bunny chin

Step 6

Draw two other circles on top. Can you see a bunny smile already?

punny mouth

Step 7

To give the eyes a cartoon cuteness, draw "butterfly wings" where the eyes will be.

bunny eyes sketch
bunny eyes cartoon

Step 8

Draw two narrow ovals inside the "wings".

bunny ayes shape

Step 9

Outline the shape of the head going around the circles.

bunny head shape

Step 10

Draw the cute mouth and nose.

bunny cute smile

2. How to Draw Bunny Ears

Step 1

Draw two ovals on top of the bunny's head. This will be the base of the ears.

bunny ears base

Step 2

Draw two lines from the outer edge of the circles, going towards the central line of the head.

bunny ears length

Step 3

Now turn outside with shorter lines.

bunny ears shape

Step 4

Draw a similar short line at the base of the ears.

bunny ears width

Step 5

Close the shape with subtle curves.

bunny ears done

Step 6

That's not all! Draw small curves at the tips of the ears.

bunny ears rounded

Step 7

Draw a line towards the inner side of the base circles.

bunny ears drawing

3. How to Draw a Bunny Body

Step 1

Add a body to the head. You can choose any shape and size you wish. I decided to use a fat egg shape for a half-realistic, half-cartoon style.

bunny body

Step 2

Draw the oval paws under the body.

bunny paw shape
bunny forepaws
bunny hind paws

Step 3

Draw horizontal lines under the paws.

bunny paws fluffy

Step 4

Draw curves around the paws to make their shape less basic.

bunny paws shape detailed

Step 5

Draw ovals over the paws to create a part of the leg.

bunny legs

Step 6

Draw an oval behind the hind paw to create a foot.

bunny feet

Step 7

Draw a fluffy tail out of a few circles.

bunny tail drawing
how to draw bunny tail
bunny tail tip
bunny tail outline

Step 8

You can a little fluffy ruff around the head to cover the neck.

bunny mane
bunny ruff

Step 9

Additionally, you can draw a curve around the body to better see its 3D form.

bunny body curve

4. How to Finish the Drawing of a Bunny

Step 1

Time to finish the drawing! If you've been drawing digitally, create a new layer for these final lines. If you've been drawing traditionally, either take a darker tool to cover the lightly drawn sketch, or put a new sheet of paper on top to draw the final lines here.

Outline the shape of the eyes.

bunny eyes outline

Step 2

Outline the shine dots inside them.

bunny shine dots eyes

Step 3

Draw smaller shine dots on the opposite side.

bunny cute eyes

Step 4

Fill the eyes with dark shading.

how to draw bunny eyes

Step 5

Subtly darken the smaller shine dots.

bunny aye detail

Step 6

Outline the mouth...

bunny mouth detail

... and the fluffy muzzle.

bunny muzzle detail

Step 7

Don't outline the whole shape around the eyes. Instead, sketch a suggestion of fur without closing the shape.

bunny eyebrows

Step 8

Outline the ears with quick, short lines.

bunny ears fur
bunny ears detailed

Step 9

Outline the whole head, but don't close the shape entirely.

bunny head detailed

Step 10

Outline the rest of the fluff.

bunny fluffy neck
bunny fluffy body
bunny fluffy paws
bunny fluffy tail

Step 11

Add the whiskers!

fluffy bunny

Step 12

Finally, add a darker outline to the body and make some lines thicker for a more interesting look.

bunny darker outline

So Cute!

Congratulations! You have learned how to draw a cute little bunny! If you want to learn more about real rabbits and hares, don't forget to check this tutorial:

And if you want to learn how to draw other cute animals, you may like one of these:

how to draw a cute bunny step by step
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