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How to Create a Travel Magazine Cover

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Final product imageFinal product imageFinal product image
What You'll Be Creating

In the world today, people are constantly looking for a getaway. It doesn't matter if they've been places before or not. Creating a new experience is what it's all about. In this travel magazine front cover tutorial, I'll show you how to prep and format cover images in Adobe InDesign and how to create the best travel magazine cover layouts.

If you rather take a shortcut, then check out this awesome pre-made travel magazine front cover. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can create an exclusive look that will make your content stand out. Envato Elements has hundreds of cool travel magazine cover ideas you can explore!

Quest travel magazine coverQuest travel magazine coverQuest travel magazine cover

Interested in magazine cover design? We've also got these two new tutorials for you:

What You'll Learn in This Travel Magazine Cover Tutorial

  • How to place a travel magazine photo in InDesign
  • How to design a travel magazine cover layout

What You'll Need

1. How to Place a Travel Magazine Photo in InDesign

Step 1

Create a new document in InDesign by going to File > New. Use the dimensions 8.5 in x 11 in, with 0.5 in Margins and 0.125 in Bleed on each side.

Create a new documentCreate a new documentCreate a new document

Step 2

Open the Church in Spain photo in Adobe Photoshop. Change the color mode to CMYK (Image > Mode > CMYK Color) and the Resolution to 300 by going to Image > Image Size. Make sure Resample is unchecked. 

Change color mode and resolutionChange color mode and resolutionChange color mode and resolution

Step 3

Create a new Color Fill adjustment layer and fill it with #000000. Change the Blending Mode to Multiply with an Opacity of 17%File > Save As the file as Spain.tif.

Add a color fillAdd a color fillAdd a color fill

Step 4

Go back to InDesign and make a rectangle that covers the background (including the bleed) using the Rectangle Frame Tool (F). Select the frame you just created and go to File > Place or Command-D and select the Spain.tif file. Resize the image to fit the frame.

Place the church image Place the church image Place the church image

2. How to Design a Travel Magazine Cover Layout

Step 1

Grab the Type Tool (T) and make a text frame for the masthead. Type your magazine name. For this example, I'm using "Quest" in the Trangher font, 190 pt and Paper swatch. Change the yellow swatch in the Swatches panel to C0 M0 Y28 K0. For the word "Magazine" and the date and price of the publication, use these settings:

  • Magazine: Felis Black, 23 pt, 300 Tracking
  • Date and price: Felis Black, 12 pt
Add the mastheadAdd the mastheadAdd the masthead

Step 2

Open the Circle-01.eps file from the hand painted masks folder in Illustrator. Copy (Command-C) and paste (Command-V) this painted circle into InDesign. Change this color swatch to C34 M0 Y0 K0. Use the Type Tool (T) and type "The Europe Issue" using Felis Black, 19 pt and C75 M42 Y21 K80.

The Europe issueThe Europe issueThe Europe issue

Step 3

Add the "Experience Spain" article headline on the left side of the travel magazine cover. Use these settings for the article:

  • Experience: Amithen, 73 pt, C0 M0 Y28 K0
  • Spain: Noir Pro Bold, 30 pt, Paper
  • Subheader: Noir Pro Bold, 14 pt, Paper
Experience Spain textExperience Spain textExperience Spain text

Step 4

Add two additional articles on the right side of the travel magazine front cover using these fonts and sizes:

  • Stay Wild: Felis Black, 55 pt, C0 M0 Y28 K0
  • Off The Grid: Noir Pro Bold, 30 pt, C34 M0 Y0 K0
  • Subheaders: Noir Pro Bold, 14 pt, Paper
Right side articlesRight side articlesRight side articles

Step 5

Use the Type Tool (T) and add the footer text for the last article using the fonts Noir Pro Bold and Felis Black. Grab the Pen Tool (P) and make a divider on either side of the text. Change the Fill to none and the Stroke to 1 pt, Paper swatch.

Places you'll goPlaces you'll goPlaces you'll go

Step 6

Select all of the travel articles because now we're going to add a Drop Shadow (Object > Effects > Drop Shadow). Use these settings:

  • Mode: Multiply
  • Opacity: 80%
  • Distance, X and Y Offset: 0 in
  • Angle: 50°
  • Size: 0.125 in
  • Spread and Noise: 0%
Add a drop shadowAdd a drop shadowAdd a drop shadow

Step 7

Open the 4.png file from the polaroid photo frame folder in Photoshop. Change the document's Color Mode to CMYK by going to Image > Mode > CMYK Color. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) and make a selection around the polaroid, and make a mask by selecting the third icon from the left at the bottom of the Layers panel. We want to get rid of the shadow. Save this file as Polaroid.tif.

Create a polaroidCreate a polaroidCreate a polaroid

Step 8

Place the polaroid into our travel magazine cover InDesign file (File > Place) and rotate the polaroid -17°. Take the Rectangle Tool (M) and create a square that covers the image area of the polaroid.

Polaroid addition to InDesignPolaroid addition to InDesignPolaroid addition to InDesign

Step 9

Open the northern lights photo in Photoshop, convert it to CMYK, and save the file as NorthernLights.tif. Place this file inside the polaroid in the InDesign file. Type "See the Northern Lights!" using the font Amithen, 19 pt, C75 M42 Y21 K80.

Add northern lights photoAdd northern lights photoAdd northern lights photo

Step 10

Open the Circle-04.eps file in Illustrator and copy (Command-C) and paste (Command-V) it into our InDesign file. For the "Win a trip for two" text, use Noir Pro Bold 29 pt and 13 pt

Win a trip blurbWin a trip blurbWin a trip blurb

Awesome! You're Done!

Now that you've just created the perfect budget magazine cover, you need a way to present it to your readers. Placeit is the perfect resource to use for all your mockup needs, including this great image below featuring a model holding a magazine cover mockup.

Magazine mockupMagazine mockupMagazine mockup

5 Best Travel Magazine Covers From Envato Elements

Create budget travel magazines or holiday magazine covers with ease. Simply fill in the headings and personalize the images. These travel magazine cover ideas and templates are perfect for all travel magazines, whether they're luxury, adventure, or somewhere in between. You'll have a custom-made cover in no time using the best travel magazine covers!

1. Travele Magazine Cover (INDD)

Travele Magazine CoverTravele Magazine CoverTravele Magazine Cover

Whether you’re a travel agency, hotel, tour guide, or food blogger, this budget travel magazine template is the ultimate tool for promoting your business and telling your story.

2. Paradise Travel Magazine (INDD)

Paradise travel magazineParadise travel magazineParadise travel magazine

Not sure how to design a travel magazine cover? This template is a great start. Create your own travel magazine by adding your articles and photos within the template. This template and design are easy to customize and will be the perfect getaway for anyone.

3. Travel Magazine (INDD)

Travel magazineTravel magazineTravel magazine

Created by professionals, this travel magazine is perfect for travel agencies, hotels, and more. It's also a great way to get travel enthusiasts in the mood for their next journey.

4. Journey Travel Magazine (INDD, EPS)

Journey travel magazineJourney travel magazineJourney travel magazine

There are lots of travel magazines out there that can take you on a journey, but none of them compare to this one. Whether you've got a city guide in mind or want to show people a new country, this magazine cover is the perfect way to get your message across.

5. Traveling Magazine (INDD)

Traveling magazineTraveling magazineTraveling magazine

Looking for a getaway? Consider this travel magazine template to find the one that's right for you. Simply personalize this template with photos of your own and articles of your choosing.

Explore These Resources and Create Your Own Travel Magazine Covers

Let these travel magazine cover ideas be your getaway. These resources will help you explore the best way to create your own special issue or holiday magazine covers. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed!

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