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How to Create a Stucco Brush in Photoshop

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Final product imageFinal product imageFinal product image
What You'll Be Creating

Stucco is a type of mixture that, when applied to a wall, gives it a nice, rough texture. If you want to recreate the effect of this texture in your digital project, in this tutorial I'll show you how to create a stucco brush in Photoshop—both from a photo and from a stucco texture made from scratch.

And if you want to save time, you can also download a brush set from Envato Elements! One subscription gives you access to millions of creative assets, including this set of stone stamp brushes:

stone texture brush packstone texture brush packstone texture brush pack

What You'll Learn in This Stucco Brush Photoshop Tutorial

  • How to create a Photoshop stucco texture brush
  • How to create a stucco texture in Photoshop
  • How to make a stucco texture brush seamless

What You'll Need

Your stucco Photoshop brush will be most realistic if you make it out of a photo. Here's the one I've used, but you can use your own photo, or a different photo from Envato Elements.

1. How to Create a Stucco Brush in Photoshop

Step 1

Download the stucco texture and open it in Photoshop. Take the Crop Tool (C) and crop the edges slightly—their level of brightness breaks the uniformity of the whole texture.

crop the photocrop the photocrop the photo

Step 2

Go to Edit > Define Brush Preset and give the brush a name.

create new brushcreate new brushcreate new brush

Step 3

The stucco brush Photoshop is done, so you can now apply the same texture to any background. However, if you just apply it straight away, you may get a "dirty" result like this:

dirty texture effectdirty texture effectdirty texture effect

To fix this, change the Blend Mode to Overlay...

change mode to overlaychange mode to overlaychange mode to overlay
overlay mode effectoverlay mode effectoverlay mode effect

... then duplicate the layer (Control-J) and change its Blend Mode to Multiply. Adjust the Opacity to create the level of brightness that looks best on this background.

change mode to multiplychange mode to multiplychange mode to multiply
multiply mode effectmultiply mode effectmultiply mode effect

2. How to Create a Stucco Texture in Photoshop

Step  1

You can also create a stucco Photoshop brush from scratch, without using a photo. Create a New File with these dimensions: 3000 x 3000 px.

create a new filecreate a new filecreate a new file

Step 2

Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise, and add as much noise as possible.

add noiseadd noiseadd noise
noise addednoise addednoise added

Step 3

Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur, and make the noise slightly blurry, so that the individual points are no longer visible.

add gaussian bluradd gaussian bluradd gaussian blur
gaussian blur addedgaussian blur addedgaussian blur added

Step 4

Go to the Channels tab and take the selection from the RGB channel by Control-clicking its thumbnail.

select RGB channelselect RGB channelselect RGB channel
make the selectionmake the selectionmake the selection

Step 5

Invert the selection with Control-Shift-I, create a New Layer, and fill it with black.

fill selection with blackfill selection with blackfill selection with black

Step 6

Create a New Layer below and fill it with white.

fill layer with whitefill layer with whitefill layer with white

Step 7

Double-click Layer 1 and add the following Bevel & Emboss settings:

  • Style: Inner Bevel
  • Technique: Chisel Soft
  • Depth: 1000%
  • Direction: Up
  • Size: 13 px
  • Soften: 5 px
  • Angle: 90
  • Altitude: 30
  • Highlights: Screen, white, 100%
  • Shadows: Multiply, black, 100%

You can use a different Gloss Contour for a different type of stucco texture!

bevel and emboss settingsbevel and emboss settingsbevel and emboss settings
style addedstyle addedstyle added

Step 8

Add a Stroke as well:

  • Size: 1 px
  • Position: Center
  • Blend Mode: Normal
  • Opacity: 67%
  • Fill Type: Color
  • Color: white
stroke settingsstroke settingsstroke settings
stroke addedstroke addedstroke added

Step 9

The stucco texture is done! Now you can just create a brush out of it, like before.

custom stucco brush effectcustom stucco brush effectcustom stucco brush effect

3. How to Create a Seamless Stucco Texture Brush

Step 1

What if you want to paint more freely with your stucco Photoshop brush, without having to worry about the edges? Then you need to create a seamless brush. First, open your stucco texture (the photo or the one we've just created). Then make the texture seamless, for example using the method described in this tutorial:

make the texture seamlessmake the texture seamlessmake the texture seamless

Step 2

This time, instead of creating a brush right away, go to Edit > Define Pattern.

define a patterndefine a patterndefine a pattern

Step 3

Create a New File—make it quite big.

create new filecreate new filecreate new file

Step 4

Open the Brushes panel and go to Dry Media Brushes > Kyle's Ultimate Pastel Palooza.

select a brushselect a brushselect a brush

Step 5

Go to the Brush Settings. Go to the Texture tab and select the stucco texture we've just created. Then adjust the settings until the brush works as you expect it to.

Here are the settings I've used:

  • Scale: 190% (it can be smaller, if you have a bigger area to cover)
  • Brightness: 0
  • Contrast: -25
  • Texture Each Tip: checked
  • Mode: Height
  • Depth: 7%
  • Minimum Depth & Depth Jitter: 0%
adjust brush settingsadjust brush settingsadjust brush settings
brush effectbrush effectbrush effect

Step 6

When you're done, create a new brush by clicking the plus icon on the bottom. Your seamless Photoshop stucco texture brush is all done now! However, keep in mind that this texture has fewer shades of gray than a normal stamp brush, so the effect may look less convincing.

create new brushcreate new brushcreate new brush
stucco brush seamlessstucco brush seamlessstucco brush seamless

Good Job!

Now you know how to create a stucco texture in Photoshop, as well as how to create a stamp or a seamless brush from it.

stucco brush photoshopstucco brush photoshopstucco brush photoshop

Textured Photoshop Brushes Available to Download

Photoshop brushes are really powerful, and they can save you a lot of time—but having to create them first often defeats the purpose. Fortunately, on Envato Elements, you'll find plenty of professional brushes, ready to download and use! Here are a few great options:

Grunge Photoshop Brushes [ABR, PNG]

Grunge Photoshop BrushesGrunge Photoshop BrushesGrunge Photoshop Brushes

If you want to add some chaos to your image, it's very easy to do with grunge brushes. This set contains ten of them, all in high resolution.

20 Grunge Artistic Brushes [ABR, PDF]

20 Grunge Artistic Brushes 20 Grunge Artistic Brushes 20 Grunge Artistic Brushes

Do you need more control over the chaos? These 20 brushes will work great with a graphics tablet—with them, you can turn every stroke into a detailed texture.

Photoshop Scatter & Stipple Brushes [ABR, PNG]

Photoshop Scatter & Stipple BrushesPhotoshop Scatter & Stipple BrushesPhotoshop Scatter & Stipple Brushes

These brushes may look simple, but you'd be surprised what effects you can achieve with them! You can use them to add noise, make a surface look more detailed, or turn smooth surfaces into rough ones.

24 Distressed Texture Brushes [ABR, PSD]

24 Distressed Texture Brushes24 Distressed Texture Brushes24 Distressed Texture Brushes

Realistic photo textures are the best way to quickly add some grunge style to a photo. This set contains as many as 24 brushes based on hand-drafted texture—you just can't go wrong with them!

12 Texture Spray Photoshop Brushes [ABR]

12 Texture Spray Photoshop Brushes12 Texture Spray Photoshop Brushes12 Texture Spray Photoshop Brushes

If you want to quickly make your image less "clean", a simple spray brush may be exactly what you need. This set contains 12 of them, each with a slightly different look, but they all come in a high resolution and are easy to control.

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