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How to Create a Seamless Dirt Texture in Photoshop

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Final product imageFinal product imageFinal product image
What You'll Be Creating

If you want to create a seamless dirt texture out of a photo in Photoshop, in this tutorial I'll show you how to do it step by step. You can also use the same process for any other type of seamless textures!

And if you need soil textures or any other type of textures, you should check out Envato Elements—the perfect place for creative resources of any kind. One subscription gives you access to millions of assets—not only textures, but also photos, videos, and 3D objects! This dirt and soil texture set is one of them:

Dirt and Soil TexturesDirt and Soil TexturesDirt and Soil Textures

What You'll Learn in This Tileable Dirt Texture Tutorial

  • How to make a dirt texture seamless
  • How to create a tileable dirt texture
  • How to make a Photoshop dirt texture
  • How to create a Photoshop pattern
  • How to turn on the pattern preview in Photoshop

What You'll Need

You need a high-resolution dirt texture for this tutorial. Here's the one I've used:

How to Create a Seamless Dirt Texture in Photoshop

Step 1

Open your dirt texture photo in Photoshop. You can use any photo, but high-resolution dirt textures will work best for this purpose.

open dirt texture in photoshopopen dirt texture in photoshopopen dirt texture in photoshop

Step 2

Go to Filter > Other > Offset. This filter allows you to see what the edges of the photo look like when placed side by side. Drag the upper slider to move the left/right edge towards the center, and the lower slider to move the upper/lower edge toward the center. Press OK.

offset the edgesoffset the edgesoffset the edges
The actual values depend on the resolution of your image, so please don't use those for reference
offset filter effectoffset filter effectoffset filter effect
Can you see the cross in the middle? This is exactly what we need to get rid of!

Step 3

Now we need to make that edge disappear! Take the Patch Tool (J) and change its mode to Content-Aware.

change patch tool to content awarechange patch tool to content awarechange patch tool to content aware

Step 4

Draw around a chosen problematic area as if you were using the Lasso Tool. Drag this selection towards the part of the image that would look better in that area. Release the selection once you get there.

select the seamselect the seamselect the seam
remove the seamremove the seamremove the seam
... drag...
seam removedseam removedseam removed
... and release!

Step 5

Repeat this process until you can no longer see any "seams".

repeat removing the seamsrepeat removing the seamsrepeat removing the seams

Step 6

The edges have disappeared, but it doesn't mean that this texture is completely seamless. To make sure it works as a pattern, go to View > Pattern Preview.

how to see whole pattern in photoshophow to see whole pattern in photoshophow to see whole pattern in photoshop

Step 7

As you can see, my dirt texture doesn't look that good yet. There are no sharp borders, but the repetition of the texture is very noticeable in the whole dirt pattern. To fix this problem, use the Patch Tool (J) again. Avoid working across the edges—if you want to fix a part in this area, use the Offset filter to move it away from the edge. This will prevent you from creating new sharp edges.

clean up the patternclean up the patternclean up the pattern

Step 8

Sometimes the texture looks appropriately uneven, but it's the contrast that creates noticeably repeating patterns. To fix this, you can add a Levels adjustment layer and apply it to the chosen areas using the Layer Mask.

add the levels adjustment layeradd the levels adjustment layeradd the levels adjustment layer
change the contrastchange the contrastchange the contrast
The actual values will depend on the type of texture you're using
paint on the layer maskpaint on the layer maskpaint on the layer mask
Lowering the Opacity may help make the effect more subtle
masked areasmasked areasmasked areas
The red areas are the ones I decided to brighten
effect after maskingeffect after maskingeffect after masking

Step 9

When you're done, you can't turn your pattern into a Photoshop dirt texture by pressing Control-Alt-Shift-E (to merge the whole image in a new layer) and going to Edit > Define Pattern.

create new pattern in photoshopcreate new pattern in photoshopcreate new pattern in photoshop
final effectfinal effectfinal effect

Good Job!

Now you know how to create a seamless dirt (or ground) texture! And because the same process can be used for all kinds of seamless textures, now you're a Photoshop expert on all of them!

final seamless dirt texturefinal seamless dirt texturefinal seamless dirt texture

Find Top HD Dirt Textures on Envato Elements

If you need a different type of a dirt ground texture for your project, here are a couple of propositions from Envato Elements' textures library:

Granular Textures (JPG, PNG)

Granular TexturesGranular TexturesGranular Textures

If you need black and white dirt textures, you can use this set—technically, it's not dirt, but it very much looks like it! It contains ten textures in high resolution, each with a unique grunge pattern.

Dust & Grunge Textures (JPG, PNG)

Dust & Grunge TexturesDust & Grunge TexturesDust & Grunge Textures

Speaking of grunge patterns, this set contains ten dirt and grunge textures with various levels of density and details. These dirt textures are black and white and ready to use!

Grunge Textures Vol.1 (EPS, PNG)

Grunge Textures vol.1Grunge Textures vol.1Grunge Textures vol.1

This set contains as many as 25 textures—with dirt, cracks, dust, and all other types of grunge. They come in the EPS format, which means they're vector and can be scaled up to any size!

Grunge Wall Textures (TIF, JPG)

Grunge Wall TexturesGrunge Wall TexturesGrunge Wall Textures

In this set you'll find nine grunge textures in high resolution—extremely detailed and high quality. Add some grit to your photos instantly!

Grunge Wall Textures (AI, EPS, JPG, TIF)

Grunge Wall TexturesGrunge Wall TexturesGrunge Wall Textures

Here's another collection of nine grunge textures, this time in vector format—which means that you can use them for a project of any size!

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