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How to Create a Custom Event Roll-Up Banner

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Read Time: 8 min
Final product imageFinal product imageFinal product image
What You'll Be Creating

There's no better way to welcome your guest to an event and let them know who you and your team are than with an event roll-up banner! So today we will look at the standard roll-up banner size and how to create a custom roll-up banner

You might be asking, "What is a roll-up banner?" Roll-up banners are a critical resource for any group looking to stand out at a trade show or event. However, they can also be used in a shop or place of business to let people know who you are and what you do!

Today we will be looking at how to create a roll-up banner design, and we'll also take a look at what sizes everything should be so that it looks just as crisp and clear in real life as it does in Photoshop.

This design is based on this template available for download: Multipurpose Roll-up Banners.

What You'll Need 

You will need the following resources in order to complete your project:

Find more resources on Envato Elements! For example, why not download some flyers for your event as well?

1. How to Print a Rollup Banner

Step 1

First, let's set up our document. We want to set things up very large, as we will be printing this very large. We will be making a 30 x 70-inch banner today!

We also want to make sure to set our document to a high resolution, otherwise known as our DPI. D will make sure our image will print crisp and clear! The ideal printing DPI is 300!

Document Settings: 

  • Width: 30 in
  • Height: 70 in
  • Resolution: 300

Step 2

When designing a roll-up banner, you will want to keep bleed in mind. The main reason for bleed is to avoid white strips appearing along the edge of your banner when printed and cut.

Create guidelines around the edges of your canvas and then add a 1 inch bleed on the top, bottom left and right-hand sides of our canvas.

How Do You Create Guides?

Hit Control-R to open up the ruler tool, right-click on the ruler to change it to Inchesand then hold Alt and drag on the ruler to create guides.

Remember that all the text should be within these bleed lines.

add guides add guides add guides

2. How to Create a Header and a Footer 

Step 1

Import and place your header image onto your canvas, covering roughly one-third of the canvas. I will be using an image from this Isometric Flat Design image pack.

Step 2

Using the Rectangle Tool, create a white rectangle towards the bottom of the canvas. I have temporarily changed mine to red so you can see it more clearly. 

header image header image header image

Step 3

In a new document, open up image "09" from the linear Geometric Shapes Seamless Patterns pack. 

Invert the layer using Control-I.

texture  texture  texture

Step 4

Go to Edit > Define Pattern to create a new pattern of the image.

Step 5

Go back into your roll-up banner file, and add a Pattern Overlay layer style to the bottom rectangle.

Bring down the Opacity of the pattern to 10%.

footer texture footer texture footer texture

Step 6

Next, we are going to set up our footer information which will consist of a website, telephone number, and email. All will be done in the same style.

Download the free Ionicons icon pack. And pick and choose your icons, changing them to a light blue #4ea2da.

Now, in the font Myriad Pro, type the title of your section—in this case, "Website"—in a font size of around 34.50 pt and a medium-dark gray #505050 color. 

icons and text icons and text icons and text

Step 7

Directly below the section title, add your information—in this case, a website name. 

Use the font Maxwell Sans Small Caps Bold, at around 39 pt in a dark gray #201f1f color.

Go to Window > Character to open up the Character panel. Set the Tracking for both the title and the information to 50.

Group the icon, title, and information so that you can use them as templates for the other sections of the footer. 

information information information

Step 8

Repeat the above steps with all the other information, making sure everything stays centered and aligned. 

add all information add all information add all information

Step 9

Finish up the footer by adding a QR code if you have one!

Group all your footer layers into a group named "Footer."

add QR code add QR code add QR code

3. How to Create a Gradient Side Column

Step 1 

First, create a vertical rectangle on the right-hand side of the canvas using the Rectangle Tool. The color doesn't matter.

create rectangle create rectangle create rectangle

Step 2

Add a Gradient Overlay layer style to the rectangle going from blue #4357a6 to light blue #56c8e5.

add gradient add gradient add gradient

Step 3

Using the Ellipse Tool, create three or four circles towards the top of the blue rectangle, but placing them behind the rectangle layer. Once again, the color doesn't matter. 

create circles create circles create circles

Step 4

Select the rectangle column and all of the circle shapes and then Right-Click > Merge Shapes. 

combine shapes  combine shapes  combine shapes

Step 5

Create some more circles floating around the canvas, almost like bubbles, applying the same blue gradient to each shape. 

add more circles add more circles add more circles

Step 6

Again using the Ionicons icon pack, find icons that represent what your company or business offers and place them in the blue gradient column.

Make sure they are all centered. 

add icons add icons add icons

Step 7  

Below each icon, add a descriptor in Maxwell Sans Small Caps Bold set to white, at a size of around 95 pt and with a Character Spacing of 50.

add icon descriptions add icon descriptions add icon descriptions

Step 8 

Finally, use the Line Tool to create a blue #233f98 divider between each section. Set the Weight to 15 px.

Group each section into a labeled group, and then group the column and everything in it into a group named "Your Services."

create divider create divider create divider

4. How to Create Gradient Text 

Step 1

First, lay down any images you'd like to add to this section. Again I will be using an image from the Isometric Flat Design Concept Landing Page image pack.

Place this below the "Your Services" group. 

add image add image add image

Step 2

Type your slogan using the Maxwell Sans Small Caps Bold font face in large text, at least 155 pt. 

The color doesn't matter.

ad tagline text  ad tagline text  ad tagline text

Step 3

Copy and paste the same Gradient Overlay layer effect that you applied to the column and the circles. 

Group the text and image into a group named "Slogan Text."

add gradient to text add gradient to text add gradient to text

5. How to Create Simple Typography 

Step 1

Beneath the "Slogan Text" group, type out some text describing what you can do for your customer, like "Our support will help you grow your business." 

Now split the phrase in two, placing the first part on top of the second. 

type out sub text type out sub text type out sub text

Step 2

Change the top font to Myriad Pro set to black, with a Size of 67 pt and a Character Spacing of 50.

adjust text adjust text adjust text

Step 3

Change the bottom half of the phrase to Maxwell, again set to black and a Size of 117 pt with a Character Spacing of 50.

Group these two pieces of text, naming the group "Header Text."

bold second line of text bold second line of text bold second line of text

Step 4

Add in some of your company's numbers by using the same method as the footer! 

Make sure to group each section, to keep things from getting too confusing.

add business numbers add business numbers add business numbers

Step 5

Add an accent square to each number using the Rectangle Tool. 

Add a Gradient Overlay layer style to each accent and the larger bold numbers going from blue #4357a6 to light blue #56c8e5

add gradient to numbers  add gradient to numbers  add gradient to numbers

6. How to incorporate Your Logo Into a Design 

Step 1

Add your logo to the top right corner of the roll-up banner. 

place logoplace logoplace logo

Step 2

Using the Rectangle Tool with no fill, but a black Stroke of 50 px, create a square the same size as your logo. Place it slightly lower and to the left, behind the logo. 

create frame create frame create frame

Step 3

Finally, copy and paste the same blue gradient that is on the right-hand column onto the square, and you are done!

add gradient to frame add gradient to frame add gradient to frame

We've Done It!

As always, keep experimenting with different techniques. Don't forget to post your version below, along with any questions, comments, or critiques!

final result final result final result

Creating a custom banner is excellent for those who love to design everything from scratch and tinker with every little detail; however, using templates for these kinds of things is also a great way to go!

From real estate to fashion to medical events, there is going to be a roll-up banner template that is right for you. And the best part? They are all completely customizable! So you can take what you learned here and edit your template in confidence, saving time but still getting a product that is uniquely yours!

Check out some of the templates that Envato has to offer:

Multipurpose Roll-up Banners

Multipurpose Roll-up Banners PSD Template is a clean and unique design, using the latest trendy material design for corporate, multipurpose, business, and marketing online.

Multipurpose Roll-up BannersMultipurpose Roll-up BannersMultipurpose Roll-up Banners

Roll-up Banner for Property Promotion

This layout is suitable for any project purpose. Very easy to use and customize for any kind of business like a hotel, real estate business, online store, and much more.

Roll-up Banner for Property PromotionRoll-up Banner for Property PromotionRoll-up Banner for Property Promotion

Fashion Show Roll-Up Banner

These professional and clean fashion business roll-up banners are fully layered and very easy to customize. They're suitable for fashion shops, events, shows, and anything related to fashion, and they can be used for other businesses as well with minor modifications.

Fashion Show Roll-Up BannerFashion Show Roll-Up BannerFashion Show Roll-Up Banner

Medical Roll-Up Banner

Available in two different design variations, this template gives you the flexibility to launch multiple promotion campaigns, or to present your company's features and services in an original style.

Medical Roll-Up BannerMedical Roll-Up BannerMedical Roll-Up Banner

Gym Roll-up Banner Promotion

A roll-up template perfect for personal trainers, gyms, and fitness instructors! It is completely customizable, including the colors.

Looking to learn more? Why not check out the following tutorials:

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