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How to Create a Party Flyer Background

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What You'll Be Creating

Today, we will be creating a festive party flyer background template using Adobe Photoshop! It's not only quick to put together but highly customizable and can be repurposed and used time and time again!

Let's get started! 

Follow along with this tutorial over on our Envato Tuts+ YouTube Channel:

Want to skip the tutorial and just download some ready-made party flyer templates to create your flyer quickly and easily? Try one of these:

What You'll Need

Based on an existing template available on Envato Elements!

1. How to Create a Sunburst Shape 

To start, we will create a rainbow gradient sunburst effect using simple shapes already found in Adobe Photoshop and Envato Elements!

Step 1

Create a New Document. 

New Document Settings 

  • Size: 1875 x 2625 px
  • Resolution: 300 DPI

Setting your Resolution to 300 DPI is important if you intend to print your flyer; if not, then 72 DPI will work just fine.

Step 2

Place a light gray #d5d5d5 sunburst shape towards the top of the canvas. 

I will be using the sunburst shape found in the Graduation Party Flyer PSD.

Alternatively, you can also use the Registration Target 2 shape found by using the Custom Shape Tool and going to Shape > Settings > Symbols. 

sun burst shape

Step 3

Add a Gradient Overlay layer style to the sunburst, using the default gradient "Transparent Rainbow."

Gradient Overlay Settings

gradient settings

Group the sunburst and background layer into a group named "Base."


2. How to Create a Sheet of Paper

Next, we will create a quick and easy paper effect by adding a straightforward shadow to an otherwise flat white rectangle!

Step 1

Create a white 1496 x 1809 px rectangle, placing it in the middle of the canvas.

white rectangle

Step 2

Duplicate the white rectangle and change its color to black. 

Shrink it slightly, only to around 25 to 50 px smaller. 

Move it down 50 px. 


Step 3

Switching from Free Transform Mode to Warp Mode, within the Move Tool, pull up the middle of the black square by clicking and dragging up. 

shadow bent

Step 4

Add a Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur to the black rectangle. 

Gaussian Blur Settings

  • Radius: 5.8 px

Bring the layer's Opacity down to 25%.

shadow blur

3. How to Create Quick and Colorful Confetti 

To give our template even more color, we are going to add in some confetti using simple shapes!

Step 1

Using the Custom Shape Tool, go into Shape > Settings > Shapes to find a star. You can choose any of the stars you'd like; I will be using the "5 Point Star".

Place a few stars around the outside of the canvas. The color doesn't matter! 

Group all of the stars into a group named "Stars."

add stars

Step 2

Add a Gradient Overlay layer style to the "Stars" group. 

Gradient Overlay Settings

gradient settings

Step 3

Repeat step 2, only this time using the Rectangle Tool to create square-shaped confetti all around the outer canvas. 

Add a Gradient Overlay layer style to the "Square Confetti" group just like step 2, only this time make sure to uncheck Reverse inside the Gradient Overlay Layer Style panel. 

Gradient Overlay Settings

gradient settings

4. How to Create a Ribbon Banner

To finish everything up, we will be creating a ribbon banner along with swirly ribbon streamers, perfect for any birthday or special occasion! 

Step 1

Create a long rectangle; once again, the color doesn't matter. 

Add a golden Gradient Overlay layer style.  

Gradient Overlay Settings

  • Colors: Dark Gold #c3952d and Bright Gold #fbf060
gradient settings

Step 2

Using the Pen Tool set to Shape, create a tag-like shape to add to the end of the rectangle banner. The form can be anything you'd like; I went with a classic "K" figure. Whatever shape you choose, make sure it's around the same height as the rectangle. Hold Shift to create perfectly straight lines with the Pen Tool.

Once you're happy with the shape, add a golden Gradient Overlay layer style.  

Gradient Overlay Settings

  • Colors: Dark Gold #c3952d and Bright Gold #fbf060
gradient settings

Step 3

Duplicate the tag shape and place it on the other end of the banner.  

Check Reverse in the Gradient Overlay layer style panel of the duplicated tag.  

duplicate tag

Step 4

Using the Pen Tool, create two brown #654200 shapes below the banner/tags to form corners.  

I suggest that you create one and then copy it to the opposite side! 

Group all shapes into a group named "Ribbon." 

add corners

Step 5

Using the Pen Tool, create a worm or "S"-like shape. This will be the base of our ribbon confetti.

If you are not accustomed to the Pen Tool, I recommend tracing an existing shape to help you get used to how it works!

Try drawing out the shape first, and then trace over it using the Pen Tool. Or use one of the existing ribbons in the Graduation Party Flyer PSD as a guide. 

create s shape

Step 6

Add a Gradient Overlay layer style to the ribbon piece. 

Gradient Overlay Settings

  • Colors: Dark Gold #c3952d and Bright Gold #fbf060
gradient settings

Step 7

Duplicate the ribbon piece and connect it to the first, flipping it upside down and un-reversing the Gradient Overlay

Change the angle of the gradient as well if needed. 

duplicate shape

Step 8

Repeat step 7, adding a third section of ribbon and further adjusting the gradient as needed. 

Group the three sections into a group named "Confetti Ribbon."

duplicate shape again

Step 9

Copy the "Confetti Ribbon" group and place various ribbons along the outer canvas.

copy and paste

Optional: How to Create Different Color Variations

I want to show you just how easy it is to change the colors for this flyer, making it perfect for any occasion, because sometimes we need something a little more subtle than rainbows!

Step 1

Change the background layer, within the "Base" group, to a medium blue #9ccce5 color. 

change background color

Step 2

Create a White to Black Radial Gradient fill layer.

Set the gradient layer to Overlay. 

create gradient

Step 3

Hide or Remove the Gradient Overlay layer style from the "sunburst" layer. 

Change the sunburst to a light blue #bedcf4 color. 

change sunburst color

And that's only one of the quick and easy color variations this template is capable of!

There You Have It!

A fully editable party flyer background template ready to be used wherever and whenever it's needed. Quick, easy, and only using simple shapes with some quick gradient work!

Still not quick enough for you? Go on and download the Graduation Party Flyer that this tutorial was based on!

As always, keep experimenting with different techniques, and don't forget to post your version below, along with any questions, comments, or critiques!


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