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In this simple walkthrough, you'll learn how to center text in InDesign. We'll start with how to center text in a text box. InDesign makes it simple, if you know where to look. Ready to see how simple it is? Let's begin. 

How to Center Text in InDesign

Step 1

First, make sure you have an InDesign document open. For this demonstration, we'll use this InDesign template from Envato Elements. You can start with any document of your choice. 

You'll need to center text in a box—InDesign uses text boxes to contain the copy in your design. We can use the Selection Tool to select any text box that we'd like to edit. You'll know the text box is selected when you see the resize handles around it.

selection tool indesignselection tool indesignselection tool indesign
InDesign Design Template from Envato Elements

Step 2

Next, let's open the Paragraph panel. You can do so by going to Window > Type & Tables > Paragraph.

At the top of the Paragraph panel, we see a collection of icons that all represent different types of text alignment. You can hover over them to get a description of each. The second from the left is Align Center

indesign paragraph panelindesign paragraph panelindesign paragraph panel

Step 3

With your text box selected, click on Align Center in the Paragraph panel. Just like that, your text will now be centered.

indesign align text to centerindesign align text to centerindesign align text to center

Step 4

We can also use the resize handles on our text box to change the center alignment. Note that the text is centered, but it's relative to the size of the text box.

For example, if I resize the text box to be the width of my document, now the text is centered relative to the entire width. Notice how we center text in the box. InDesign centers the text based on the box's dimensions, not the document itself.

indesign resize text boxindesign resize text boxindesign resize text box

And That's How to Center Text in InDesign

Now you know how to center text in a text box! InDesign makes it simple—just remember to turn to the Paragraph panel. 

Want to learn more InDesign tips and tricks? Check out these free tutorials, right here at Envato Tuts+. There's no better time to keep learning than right now.

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