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How to Underline Text in InDesign

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What You'll Be Creating

Adobe InDesign is a powerful tool that can be used to create amazing publications, layouts, and more. In this tutorial, you will learn how to underline text in InDesign like a pro.

Underlining text in InDesign is great for placing emphasis on a word or phrase. By the end of this tutorial, you'll have learned how to underline type in InDesign, and how to change the weight and type of underline. I'll show you how to do this easily and quickly, with just a few clicks.

What You'll Learn in This Underline Text InDesign Tutorial

  • How to underline font in InDesign
  • How to change underline weights

What You'll Need

1. How to Underline a Font in InDesign

Step 1

Figuring out how to underline in InDesign is fairly simple. To follow our example, open the Lonest Photography Portfolio in InDesign, install the Wensley font, and File > Place the woman sunflower field image. You can also simply use any text of your choice.

Grab the Type Tool (T) and highlight the text you want to underline.

Highlight textHighlight textHighlight text

Step 2

To add underline in InDesign, click Underline in the top toolbar. 

Underline text featureUnderline text featureUnderline text feature

Step 3

Another way to access the Underline feature is by bringing up the Character panel. If you have trouble finding the Character panel, go to Window > Types & Tables > Character. Click the hamburger menu in the top-right corner and select Underline.

Character panel underlineCharacter panel underlineCharacter panel underline

2. How to Change Underline Weights

Step 1

To change the weight of the underline, highlight the text with the Type Tool (T). Click Option-Underline in the top toolbar. The Underline Options box should appear. Change the Weight to 10 pt and the Color to C75 M55 Y68 K54.

Underline options weightUnderline options weightUnderline options weight

Step 2

Let's try out another type of underline. Bring up the Underline Options box again and change the Type to Wavy.

Wavy type underlineWavy type underlineWavy type underline

That's It! You've Learned How to Underline in InDesign

Thanks for following my tutorial on how to underline text in InDesign. Your image should now look similar to the one below. Feel free to play around with all the other types of underlines like dotted, white diamond, or solid. 

Wavy underline Wavy underline Wavy underline

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Now that you've just finished learning about how to underline type in InDesign, check out some of these resources. This set of tutorials will help you dive deeper into the ins and outs of the program. Go from learning how to insert an image in InDesign all the way to creating type on a path. 

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