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30+ Best Company Marketing & Sales Brochure Templates (Design Examples 2023)

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7 Proven Tips for Making Great Company Marketing & Sales Brochures

Now that we’ve covered a variety of diverse marketing brochure templates, we’ll show you some creative and practical tips. Learn how to customize marketing brochures according to your branding needs. 

The following section outlines how you can use your company brochure to make a lasting impression on your potential customers.

1. Get Straight to the Point

You may be tempted to list too many details on your marketing brochure because you don't want to miss any relevant information. However, this will do you more harm than good.

Company Trifold Brochure Vol 03
A good layout can help you stay on track when writing your content. This Company Trifold Brochure is one of the great examples of brochures that'll simplify your content structure.

Too many details can cause information overload. This can also confuse your readers and steer them away from your main points. As much as possible, focus on one main objective for your marketing and sales brochure template and then build your content from there.

2. Know Your Customers

To deliver a powerful message that catches the attention of your target audience, you must really know who your customers are and what they're looking for. Insights about customers will help you determine the purpose of your campaign’s brochure and guide you through the content and design.

For example, if your company sells high-end smart toys for children, you'd likely want to target educated, young to middle-aged parents who can afford the products and advocate the idea of helping children learn while they play with toys. The better you know your audience’s personas, the better you can design graphics and messages that resonate with their problems and desired solutions. 

3. Write an Impressive Headline

No one will continue reading the contents of your company brochure if the headline on the front page doesn't stir the readers' interest. Why bother creating a brochure if your readers will just read the front and then discard it? This is why it's crucial that you captivate your audience right away with an impressive headline.

Brochure  Company Bi-Fold
The headline from this brochure sample template is a perfect example of a captivating headline that'll hook your audience from the very beginning.

An effective headline must capture the interest of your target audience and address their key problems. Many company brochures make the mistake of just putting the company's basic information on the front page.

4. Use Simple Words

Avoid using big words when crafting your company brochure. You don't have to impress your readers with words that are hard to understand.

Simple words are highly recommended because they're easier to digest. The faster your readers can grasp your ideas, the faster you can convert them as well. If your readers don't comprehend your content, you're wasting not just their time but also your money.

5. Don't Forget the Basics

Because your main focus is to stand out, you might omit the basics when creating a company brochure. Make sure that pertinent information like company name, business address, logo, and at least two modes of contact information, preferably email address and phone number, are included.

Business Brochure Examples
Here's one of the best examples of brochures from Envato Elements, with contact information on the back cover.

Aside from the basic company information, it's crucial that you add at least two or three brief sections about the benefits or solutions that your products or services can offer.

People are interested to know how your company can solve their problems or how can you make their lives a lot easier with your offerings. You should outline your benefits in easy-to-read blocks so your readers can digest them faster.

6. Impress With Big Numbers

Numbers don’t lie. Numbers strike people with unrealized truths and do a good job of convincing people to take action. Your marketing brochure is a direct weapon in your go-to-market strategy, so why not add some striking numbers that address the need for your products?

Find a big number that'll surprise your audience. Present it crystal clear on your brochure. Then, put it alongside your products or services as a catalyst for the urgent need for a solution.

7. Add Stunning Photography

It's also recommended to add photos of your products if you've got physical products to offer. Using hero images is also a great way to showcase your services.

For example, if you're a restaurant, at least include photos of your most popular dishes in your company brochure. Using the Brochure Restaurant Tri-Fold template, you can add your own photos to capture your audience easily.

Brochure  Restaurant Tri-Fold
This small company marketing brochure features stunning food images.